Two-level ceilings: installation, features and benefits

In the modern world, stretch ceilings, two-level or not, are in great demand and have long since ceased to be a luxury item, accessible only to the most affluent layers of the population. At the moment, absolutely anyone can install this system and enjoy a superb view of the ceiling. In most of the stretch ceilings have a seamless surface. Manufacturers offer their customers a wide range of similar building solutions. In addition, two-level ceilings are the most optimal way to decorate the ceiling in any room. It can be a living room, a bedroom or a bathroom.

Ordinary or two-level ceilings are made from a special material, strong enough and light, called a PVC film. Another undoubted advantage of PVC film is its ability to withstand fire, as well as not to support flame burning.

At present, the installation of two-level stretch ceilings becomes the best indicator of skilled work of specialists who are engaged in decoration and repair of premises. The main features are the following: excellent appearance, resistance to all kinds of dirt, durability and highest strength. All this distinguishes the two-level ceilings from all the others.

The design of two-level tension ceilings makes it possible to mask any imperfections in the surface, such as various chips, cracks and irregularities. In addition, under the flat surface of the ceiling, you can hide all household communications. And heating pipes, and alarm systems, and water supply pipes, as well as ventilation systems.

Two-level ceilings offer the following advantages:

- The widest choice of color solutions.

- You can make a variety of designs.

- Ability to perform absolutely any lighting scheme.

- Water resistant.

- High resistance to ultraviolet rays.

Of course, like everything else, stretch ceilings have their drawbacks:

- Long installation time.

- Relatively high cost.

Modern technologies significantly reduced the installation time, as well as financial costs for it. A large number of firms that produce the installation of the required design, create a significant competition among themselves, which dictates a reduction in the cost of installation work. However, a special influence on the value of the final cost is provided by the stretch ceiling material.

The location of all kinds of light sources on the structure can be absolutely anything, the luminaires can be installed so that the required light effects are achieved. The installation of such structures makes the two-level ceilings unique and purely individual, each of them is a man-made masterpiece.

At installation only high-quality materials which are capable to form designs of any complexity are used.

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