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How to reduce sugar in the blood folk remedies

Many diseases appear in our body, regardless of whether we want it or not. But with this it is necessary to live, unfortunately ... How to make your life with the disease more comfortable?

One of the most common diseases is diabetes, which differs in two types. Insulin-dependent patients who need insulin injections (type 1), and patients with high blood sugar, who need drugs that reduce sugar levels (type 2) Yes, of course, there are many medications that maintain the condition of a diabetic patient in a relatively normal state ( If you can talk about the normality in this disease). But they not only help, but not in the best way, affect the rest of the organs and systems. Our ancestors, through trial and error, found various methods of treating diabetes with folk remedies that help with disease, without destroying other organs.

How to lower blood sugar if you are diagnosed with this? Only proper nutrition and phototherapy is the only medication with a light form, the main one in the middle course of the disease, and a prerequisite for a severe diabetes.

How to lower blood sugar with phytotherapy? Collections of medicinal plants are quite effective in diabetes, do not require material costs, in comparison with expensive drugs and help the patient.

Decoction of medicinal plants. Bean pods, peppermint leaves, herb grapes - for 25g, bilberry leaves - 50g. Collect the mix. Take 2st. Spoons of this collection, pour boiling water, insist half an hour, and use the third part of the glass, 3-4 times for 25-30 minutes before eating.

How to lower sugar in the blood, resorting to the healers on the windowsill? We know a lot how useful plants that can be contained in the apartment. A golden mustache and aloe are good in this respect.

Infusion of a golden mustache. For this, we take one large leaf of a golden mustache, at least 20 cm or 2 to 10 cm, finely cut with its bone knife, placed in a thermos bottle and poured with a liter of boiling water. We insist a day. The resulting liquid must have a crimson orange color. Filter and squeeze. Eat a quarter of a minute for 40 minutes in the morning, at lunch and in the evening. When leveling the sugar, stop drinking.

How to lower blood sugar in an already insulin-dependent patient? There is a so-called blue iodine, which you can prepare yourself, and which can replace insulin injections. Brew paste from starch. In 150 g of boiling water, we pour in 50 g of water with tea starch diluted there. Brewing the paste, and cooling it to 50 degrees, pour into it 5% iodine, diluted with water, one teaspoon. You can accept it only while it saves the blue color. Eat 2 hours in the morning, lunch and evening before eating. Drink 5 days, then 5 days break. Keep only in the refrigerator. If the blue iodine loses color, we brew a new one.

Products that lower blood sugar must be present in the diet of the patient. Vegetables and fruits, rich in fiber. But from grapes, dates and dried fruits you need to abstain. Walnuts lower blood sugar, this must be remembered. Remarkably lowers the sugar level of onions, baked in the oven. Bread is only coarsely ground. There are also pasta from wholemeal flour. A lot of fats and carbohydrates are also not desirable in the diet of a diabetic.

Reduced sugar, the symptoms of which cause a person some discomfort in their blood, are expressed in weakness, increased palpitation, dizziness, tremor of hands, and also in pronounced fatigue and irritability. The medical name of low blood sugar is hypoglycemia. The reasons may be different, but the main condition to avoid this is to stop raping your body with diets, hunger strikes and excessive stresses.

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