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Chronic fatigue is a scourge of the 21st century

All people on earth are tired and it is inevitable. But it happens, so the man's fatigue is completely unjustified. How to explain why he, waking up in the morning, having slept his put eight hours and even more, already feels lethargy and apathy. How can you get tired without doing anything? It turns out that almost every fifth person has a disease that causes fatigue in a person . This is a new symptom of the 21st century, which people, as is customary, put themselves. Chronic fatigue has become fashionable. Many celebrities say that they suffer from this disease. So what is chronic fatigue? And how to fight it?

This is due to the presence of the Epstein Barr virus, which Dr. Cheney discovered along with his graduate student. It is the herpes family virus that is present in the human body. Carrying out further research, it was found out that chronic fatigue is an asthenic condition that can appear after the transfer of viral infections. The most common of these is the herpes virus, which is familiar to everyone and suffers from this virus very many. Only in some, this virus becomes chronic fatigue, while others do not.

Man is shackled. He is pressured from all sides by an incomprehensible burden, there are problems with digestion, pain, sleep disturbance, nervousness, irritability, lethargy, apathy, depression. Factors that cause chronic fatigue syndrome, for example, eating disorders, stress and hassle, give the virus more active. He begins to do his bad work inside the cage and then the person lacks energy. And this problem is only gaining momentum, the more a person interacts with a computer and a phone, while still sitting, leading a sedentary, unhealthy lifestyle. The stronger and faster will develop chronic fatigue. What to do? Fight.

Chronic fatigue, its causes are very diverse and need to be understood:

- Irresponsible attitude towards one's way of life. In fact, very many people negligently refer to their way of life for a number of reasons. Someone has a catastrophic lack of time. And someone simply does not attach importance to this. The consequences of such negligence do not spare anyone.

- Abuse of alcohol, too many people drink coffee and tea, smoking. So spit on your health? Continue in the same spirit. Just know that every cigarette you smoke, drinking a glass, sucks your life force and takes precious moments of life. It's worth it?

- Infectious disease, too much physical and mental stress or vice versa lack thereof. A sedentary lifestyle is a very strong stimulant for the development of chronic fatigue. Movement is life, it is worth remembering this.

- A polluted environment deprives the life energy of all around. It is necessary to raise the immunity and fight it. Drink special supplements and vitamins. Only it is better to consult an immunologist beforehand so that he advises certain drugs, for example L-carotene, a good amino acid for fighting fatigue. It is found in dairy products.

Chronic fatigue, what if she had already captured her? Start to think about your health at last. Start with proper nutrition. Eat only healthy food, no diets and self-torture. Try to eat freshly written. Fresh - sliced salad after 30-40 minutes begins to lose its useful qualities. Try to eat as little as possible warmed food. It reduces the level of energy in your body. More fruits and vegetables - get solar energy. Bad habits - out. Do not let ill-wishers deprive themselves of their will. More positive emotions. Try to be less nervous, even if you really want. From sadness is no use and be healthy!

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