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What ancient poet wrote "Iliad" and "Odyssey"?

The question of what kind of ancient poet wrote "Iliad" and "Odyssey" has a historical character, because these works are not only the first monuments of ancient Greek literature, but also the first in the literature of Europe.

What ancient poet wrote "Iliad" and "Odyssey"? Who was able to create such grandiose works? They contain
In itself a sufficiently large number of different legends, pretending to be historical. Moreover, these works are of a rather large size, which casts doubt on the authorship of the same person.

Nevertheless, the generally accepted answer to the question: "What ancient poet wrote" Iliad "and" Odyssey "?" - is the assertion that the author is Homer, who was blind from birth.

If we assume that these two works were written by one author, he wrote based on centuries-old folk art. Modern science saw in these works a reflection of various periods of the historical development of Greek culture.

"Iliad" and "Odyssey" was recorded for the first time in the second half of the 6th century BC. However, the material for the poems was created even earlier, at least three centuries before the first recording, because the Homeric poems reflect even earlier periods of Greek culture. That is why among historians and linguists there often arise disputes about the theme of an ancient poet who wrote the Iliad and Odyssey. But the ancient Greek history, except for Homer, does not distinguish equally outstanding and ingenious masters of the literary word. Therefore it is believed that Homer wrote down the poem after all. Not being a witness of the described historical events, he described them based on existing legends and myths.

Which ancient poet wrote the Iliad? Consequences of the Trojan War

The plot of the Homeric poem "Iliad" is based on various events of the Trojan War. For a long time the Greeks waged war in Asia Minor. But it was the period of the war with Troy that took a special place in the hearts of the ancient Greeks. Three began to devote a lot of different literary works.

For quite a long time, the events described in Homer's poems were considered simply fiction, colorful myths and legends that were dressed in magical verses that did not possess any p An essential basis.

Homer. "Iliad" and "Odyssey"

The efforts of many archaeologists, historians and philologists have continued their results. After several attempts, we completely recreated the picture of the life of the ancient Greeks during the pre-Homeric and Homeric times. However, in the poems of Homer, one can find references to a certain iron weapon, which was unfamiliar to Mycenaean culture. Most likely, the epics of the ancient Greeks developed gradually, based on historical events of several eras, and eventually formed in writing in the eighth century BC. But none of the many literary works of antiquity that have reached us, does not have such a strong impact on the further development of human culture, like the Iliad and Odyssey.

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