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How to remove and how to close the "Yandex.jusel"

Currently, Yandex.Money is one of the most popular payment systems and has certain advantages. With her help, you can make a variety of purchases without leaving your home, agree that it is really very convenient, and in addition to purchases, you can also make payments, for example, for using mobile communications, for utilities and so on. However, sometimes there are questions about how to close the purse "Yandex. Money." In fact, there may be many reasons why there is a desire to close the wallet, and one of them is changing the user agreement by the system itself.


Let's now talk about how to close the "Yandex." This is actually no problem, but only a few users know how to do it. To date, there are only a few ways with which you can delete your wallet. Perhaps the easiest way is to contact customer support, but before you write an appeal to the support team, you need to transfer the balance that is on your balance sheet.

Empty account

You can delete "Yandex.jusel" only when your balance is zero or several kopecks. If you do not withdraw your balance, then after removing the purse, this money will no longer be available to you, so it's better to take care of the withdrawal beforehand. By the way, if you have a desire to learn how to close the purse of "Yandex.Money", then immediately I want to note that the entire history of operations will be preserved.

Degree of shutdown

It is necessary to immediately divide the two concepts, or rather, you can lock the purse or completely close it. In the first case, the ban will be set for all outgoing transfers, you can not send money to other participants. In the second situation, as you could already understand, the account will be completely closed, both for receiving funds and for their transfers. For example, if your wallet is completely closed, then, as we have already said, the history of operations still remains, and accordingly, if your wallet is interested in special structures, then they will be able to access all operations without any problems, and your consent is not required. If you are interested in the question of whether it is possible to remove "", then in part it is quite feasible, but not completely. If you are offered special services for the removal of history, you can safely refuse this procedure. This is suggested by scammers for money, passing them on, you will not get anything.


As a rule, in history all transfers and receipts of money resources which passed on this purse are stored. If you want to keep your mailbox, then you probably will be interested in the answer to the question about how to close "" without deleting the mail. In fact, you can simply delete the purse, and the mail will remain in the same state. The system "Yandex.Money" makes it possible to make users filter by operations, and accordingly, you can select replenishments, accounts, payments. These sections can be divided by status and accounts, however, if you used this payment system, then for sure you know how everything goes on there. In fact, the history of operations on the Yandex.Money service is convenient, in addition, you can at any time see the specific operation, even with the one that was conducted more than a month ago. Closure of "Yandex.koshelka" implies a complete disabling of access, you can not receive or send funds, although if necessary at any time you can just activate it again, but the procedure may be delayed. The system "Yandex.Money" completely excludes the possibility of deleting the history, which is necessary first of all for the safety of its customers.


Let's now go directly to the question of how to close the "Yandex." Purse. To begin with, you will need to pass the standard authorization to your mailbox in the Yandex.Mail system. As a rule, if you have a purse in the Yandex system, then you were previously registered in the mail, since without a mail account you can not create a purse. After you successfully passed the authorization, you will be able to find a panel with different services at the top of the page, your task is to find the "Money" button and go to this page. If you switch correctly, then the word Money will be written in the address bar instead of Mail, and then you need to go to your personal settings. After navigating to this page, you will be able to see three main tabs. One of them contains personal data, the second one - payment information on your wallet, and the third one is for adding social profiles.

The given page will open in any case, even if earlier, or rather at the time of registration, you did not fill it, although now there are new rules when registering a purse in the system, so it is already included in this procedure. After you go to the "Personal Data" tab, you will be able to see the "Delete Account" button on the right side of the page. If you have exactly decided to learn how to close "Yandex.nzhelek" and want to do it, then you need to click on this button. After clicking on the "Delete Account" button, a special window will appear in which you will need to enter your password from the mailbox.

Saving a Mailbox

Be sure to remember that you need to delete exactly the account to which you registered your personal wallet. If you plan to use mail in the future, then you do not need to completely delete the account. In this case, it is not possible to completely delete the wallet, if you have a desire to learn how to close the "Yandex.sollek" completely, then you need to delete the mail account. If your mail contact is necessary for work, and you regularly receive letters from your friends on it, then you can just leave this purse, you do not need to delete it. But if you receive letters extremely rarely and can notify your new mailbox, then the old mail can be completely deleted. As you can already understand, everything will depend on your needs.


So, as you could already understand, you can delete the purse of "Yandex" only together with all the account on which it was created. But remember that if you want to delete the history of operations on your wallet, then absolutely no procedure will help you, as this is strictly forbidden on the service.

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