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WMID - what is it?

Many users of electronic money ask about WMID. What is this and what remedies? Here we will try to figure this out.

WMID is the identification number of the user in the WebMoney payment system and is assigned after registration in it.

We provide security in the WebMoney system

If you have registered, you can go to the authorization page, enter your personal data and then get to your personal cabinet. To make payments inside the service, you need to create wallets, for each currency one at a time. There are no difficulties here. It is also desirable to add a mobile phone number to your account, it is very useful for protecting money. To do this, go to the "Menu" tab. After adding a phone number, disable the ability to access by password and login, and instead enable access via SMS password.

As you already understood about WMID, this is an identification code, which is assigned after registration on WebMoney. It is represented by a sequence of 12 digits. Each user of the system has a unique WMID. The wallet that you create in the system will be bound to this identifier.

This identifier is not classified information. So you can, without fear, tell it to your partners and customers. And since all your purses are tied to the WMID, every time you tell your wallet number, you will also publish your identification code.

How to learn WMID?

What is this you already know. Now we need to find out another question. Often, users lose their ID, forget, and so on. How do I find this code again? There are some ways for this.

WMID can be found using the key file if you use it when authorizing. The file contains the WMID in the name and has the permission of kwm. For example, 758495396841.kwm.

WMID can also be found in the people to whom you reported it to establish contacts through the system. Your data is saved on the "Correspondents" tab or in the payment history.

The identifier is easy to learn from the client program. It is displayed at the bottom and top of the program. Also in Webmoney Keeper the identification code can be learned from the menu program.

In addition, you can find out the WMID by the purse number to which it is attached.

Blocking the identifier

Quite often, users are faced with a problem when their WMID is blocked by the system. What is the reason? First, the reason may be hiding in violation of the agreement, which is confirmed at registration. Secondly, often users report fictitious data, as a result, with time, when there are discrepancies, WMID is blocked. Well, the third reason - the strict rules of the service categorically prohibit the transfer of WMID to third parties.

In addition, each WMID can accumulate a lot of feedback that comes from users. If there are many negative reviews, you can be blocked. To restore the identifier, you will in any case have to apply to the arbitration system.

As you can see, the identification code is very useful when carrying out transactions in the WebMoney system. It is often said about WMID that this is a vulnerable place, but still they continue to be actively used, besides there are methods to ensure the security of electronic money.

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