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The growth of children in 2 years. Growth of a child of 2-3 years: table

All babies grow very fast by leaps and bounds. It seemed that only yesterday you learned about your pregnancy, but today the kid is already struggling to outgrow his parents. Probably all mothers remember how they were tormented by some fears and doubts before the baby's birth, but now, looking at her child, all doubts and fears disappear: all sleepless nights and spent nerves were not in vain.

Each house has a little corner, where everything is marked with dashes, when you measure your children. A new dash appears every month. All parents, without exception, are interested in how the baby grows, because this process is incredibly fast. Next, you will see a table that will tell you the correct growth of your baby.

Height of children in cm to 12 years
Age Boys (sm) Girls (cm)
Newborns 50.43 49.50
1 month 54.53 53.51
2 months 57.71 56.95
3 months 61.30 41.60
4 months 63.79 62.15
5 months 66.92 63.98
6 months 67.95 66.60
7 months 69.56 67.44
8 months 71.17 69.84
9 months 72.84 70.69
10 months 73.91 72.11
11 months 74.90 73.60
12 months 75.78 74.78
1 year 3 months 79.45 76.97
1 year 6 months 81.73 80.80
1 year 9 months 84.51 83.75
2 years 88.27 86.13
2 years 6 months 91.85 91.20
3 years 97.72 95.27
4 years 102.44 100.56
5 years 110.40 109.00
6 years 115.98 115.70
7 years 123.88 123,60
8 years 129.74 129.00
9 years 136.64 136,90
10 years 140.33 140.30
11 years 143.38 144.58
12 years 150.05 152.81

In this article in detail we will consider children at the age of 2, 2,5 and 3 years. To start the norm for children of this category: the growth of children in 2 years is approximately 86 cm. This is an average for girls and boys. The growth of a child of 2.5 years should be about 91 cm, and in 3 it is approximately 96-97 cm.

How are our children growing up?

What is the growth of the child? These are cartilage zones and growth hormone. It is necessary to carefully monitor the development of a child under the age of 18. Why up to 18? Under the influence of sex hormones during puberty, the cartilage zones, which are responsible for the development of the child, ossify. If there are any deviations, you should always consult a doctor, otherwise this will be difficult to cure later. Probably, all parents noticed that the child does not grow equally at each stage of his development, there are certain jumps, especially the baby grows and gains weight in the first months of his life, during this period your child can grow by 25 centimeters. After this stage, babies grow slower, the growth of children in 2 years will increase by about 8-12 centimeters, and after two years it will slow down even more, in three years it grows only by 10. Further your baby will increase by 4 centimeters in a year. At the age of about 4-5 years there are the most striking jumps, but they are caused by the individuality of the organism.

Factors affecting the development and growth of the baby

Factors that affect the development of your baby, a lot - it's a dream, and nutrition, and emotions. In order for your child to actively develop, he needs proper nutrition, physical exercises, healthy sleep, positive and good emotions, good health. A significant role in the development of the child is played by heredity.

With regard to proper nutrition, then pay more attention to dairy products, fresh vegetables and fruits, as they contain protein and calcium, which are responsible for the proper development of your child. To avoid problems with the growth of the child, you need to feed your baby balanced.

Dysplasia in children

Dysplasia in children is directly related to the violation of the hormonal background, genetics, heredity. There are two main problems of growth disorders in children: gigantism and dwarfism.


We will analyze such a problem as gigantism. The child grows very fast and very much exceeds the growth rates? Then there is talk about gigantism, which is caused by the active production of growth hormone. Typically, such disruptions occur during adolescence, but there are cases when this problem is detected at the age of about five years. This disease is diagnosed with the help of an analysis of hormones and MRI.


Now go to the other extreme - dwarfism. Hard as you might guess, this is the opposite of gigantism. It can be identified when a child is much lower than their peers, its development stands in one place and is not going to move forward. This disease manifests itself early, the growth of children in 2 years can already be an indicator of its development. Therefore, be very attentive to children at the age of 2-3 years. If the growth of the child after 2 years has slowed down significantly, and instead of the prescribed 10 centimeters, and your baby is gaining only 2, then this is a good reason to see a doctor. The doctor will prescribe an MRI and an analysis for hormones. Keep an eye on the development of your children, provide the right and healthy food, eat more fruits and vegetables, then you will ensure your child's active development.

Features of child development in 2 years

As stated earlier, the growth of children at 2 years is slightly slower, there should not be much panic about this. Perhaps it is the individual characteristics of his body. But if the child is 2 years of small height, namely below 80 centimeters, then it is worthwhile to see a doctor. It can be dwarfism. The child in this period should be as active as possible, should be able to jump, run, step over obstacles. Children at this age are very moody and emotional, trying to imitate everyone who is close to them. Begins to show his ingenuity, for example, catches a fish nipple, quickly picks up the initiative of the game. If there is a favorite doll and dishes nearby, then the toy will be definitely fed. The vocabulary of the child is not yet very large, but he can call and show practically all parts of the body, utters simple words and phrases. Can fulfill up to three orders of type: bring, put, give. Babies at this age can genuinely experience and sympathize, they can regret, help. At the age of two, the baby already controls his physiological needs, he can partially dress, knows where he lies, can bring his own clothes and shoes himself.

Features of child development in 2.5 years

A child at this age can already know exactly 2-3 colors, sort out objects in a geometric form. In addition, he manifests his imagination, and as for role-playing games, the girl will imitate his mother, and the boy's father, however, while in a singles game. This is the age of why. The child starts to take an interest. Ask questions: where, what and why. It makes simple sentences of 3-4 words.

Features of child development in 3 years

The child, who was 3 years old, will not be interested in the same games that took place when the child was 2 years old. What growth should a three-year-old have? Both boys and girls are about the same height - 96-97 cm. By the age of three, the baby will be happy to jump in height, in length, walk on an inclined board, throw and catch the ball. Unlike children of a smaller age, babies at three years old can already play with their peers and share their toys. During this period, children like role-playing games, they consciously take a role, for example, "mom", "dad" and the like. As for speech development, complex sentences follow , with words that express emotions, feelings of children.

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