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What will help to choose the right size of a bicycle?

One of the most pleasant types of recreation, and often ways of maintaining oneself in proper physical form is cycling. And yet, without taking into account some important factors, you can either not get from the bike ride any pleasure, or even cause some harm to your health. One such indicator is the size of the bicycle. Than it will be picked up more precisely, the more pleasant it will be to drive each time.

Dimensions matter

For most people uninitiated in these questions, bicycles are divided into several types: small, larger and for adults. Of course, not everything is so simple. The size of the bicycle should be determined primarily by its type. To which species does it belong? Is it a bike, a hybrid or a mountain bike, that is a bicycle adapted for driving on mountains and impassability? Each of these types can be represented by a whole model series, in which there are different bikes from each other in size. And the number of sizes among the racing models and altogether can be more than ten. Why do all these nuances matter so much? How accurate the size of the bike will be, so much less will its owner have problems with the spine, knees and muscles of the neck. Even if the daily mileage is only about 30 km, the discomfort when driving on a vehicle not by growth will be very palpable.

Correct Growth

Those who seriously and with respect for their two-wheeled transport, usually carefully monitor its condition, they may even decide to purchase a special bicycle boot, various additional details that distinguish it from all others. And yet, first of all, attention should be given to the rostovka. So often called the size of the bicycle frame. More precisely, here we mean the length of the seatpost, which goes vertically down towards the pedals. Regarding its dimensions, the size of the bicycle frame is determined . The height of a person must correspond to the height specified by the design. Standing evenly while keeping the bicycle between your legs, you need to determine the approximate distance between the inguinal area and the upper part of the frame. It should be at least 7-10 cm. This is necessary, given that sometimes you need to jump off the saddle. Also the size of the bicycle should be correlated with the owner's complexion. The model with a smaller size is more suitable for full people, since in this case it will be much easier to both climb in and out of it. And on the contrary, this option will bring hardship to tall and lean people. They will suit a bike with a normal or high growth. As for the length of the frame, its choice will depend on how often and for how long it is supposed to ride a bicycle. For small walks around the city, it is better to choose a model with a short construction, for example a sytibike, which provides a practically vertical landing. For those who regularly cross great distances or plan to engage in cycling, you need a bicycle with a long frame, which allows you to carry the load on the spine while riding. This does not allow you to quickly get tired of your hands, and therefore, you want to spend a long time and often ride your favorite bike. In any case, the sensations themselves after the first trip can prompt whether to continue the search or the desired model is found.

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