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How to pay Apple Pay? IPods supporting Apple Pay

It is rumored that in 2010 the US office was visited by USR director Kenneth Weiss. He came there not with empty hands, but with the finished development of secure contactless payments. The idea was presented to the board of directors of companies Apple and Visa. Alas, the matter did not move further than the presentation ...

But Apple would not be Apple if it refused to introduce another mechanism that would allow the company's adepts to spend their blood. Therefore, the company decided that secretly from Weiss will create this system and will not pay him for patent agreements. So, according to Kenneth Weiss himself, the technology of contactless payments was born - Apple Pay. As you already understood, this article will be devoted to this technology. We figure out how to pay with Apple Pay in shops and metro, with which banks the system works and how safe it is to use it.

System requirements

The technology of contactless payment, as in the case of bank cards, works only if there is an NFC chip. Therefore, the payment will require the iPhone 2014 release or newer, since only these models have the necessary technical equipment. If there is an Apple Watch, the 2012 iPhone is coming and is newer.

IPhone supporting Apple Pay:

  • IPhone 5 (when connecting Apple Watch);
  • IPhone 5S (when connecting Apple Watch);
  • IPhone 6 (including the Plus version);
  • IPhone 6S (including the Plus version);
  • IPhone SE (first and second generation);
  • IPhone 7 (including the Plus version).

You can also make purchases using Apple Pay on the Internet:

  • This is suitable for any iPad 2013 release and newer.
  • Any computer Mac 2011 release and newer (when you connect iPhone).
  • MacBook Pro with TouchBar.

Before using Apple Pay, make sure that you have a working Apple ID account.

Banks working with Apple Pay

At a time when technology was introduced in Russia, only one bank, Sberbank, worked with Apple. In the Apple Pay on the iPhone did not work and Visa cards. A month later, all restrictions were lifted, and other banks joined Apple. Now Apple Pay on iPhone is supported by all popular institutions, including Roketbank, Tinkoff Bank, Alfa-Bank and others.

How to connect?

To get started with Apple Pay, you need to add your credit or debit card to the Wallet application (Apple Pay section). Which cards can be added? It should be supported by the bank. It must support PayPass or PayWave. Initially, it was possible to use only MasterCard cards, but over time this restriction was abolished, but there are some banks that still prohibit attaching Visa plastic to Apple Pay.

If the card is suitable, then go directly to adding it to Wallet and connecting contactless payments:

  • Open the program Wallet and click on the button "Add a new card."
  • In the appeared window we enter bank card data (if you plan to use a card already used in iTunes, it will be enough to enter the password from iCloud).
  • After clicking the "Next" button, the bank will begin checking your plastic.
  • Once the card is verified, you can start using Apple Pay.

On MacBook computers with the TouchBar panel, the configuration process is similar. The Wallet menu is in the system settings.

How to pay with Apple Pay in the store and the subway?

So, we have a suitable smartphone. We added a credit card to Wallet. It's time to pay. Before paying at the store, make sure that the terminal supports contactless payments - usually they are marked with a company logo or a PayPass icon. If a suitable terminal is found, then attach a finger to the Touch ID of your iPhone, and keep the smartphone near the terminal - in two to three centimeters. The payment will be automatic and the phone can be removed as soon as the confirmation of the payment is displayed on the screen.

How to pay with Apple Pay in the subway? This issue is especially relevant in July, when a 50% discount is applied for travel on MCC, paid with the help of Apple Pay. To pay for a trip to the metro, you need to keep your finger on the Touch ID sensor and lean your smartphone to the appropriate terminal (usually it is to the right of the others). If you manage to buy a ticket during the promotion, in a few minutes, half of the amount spent will be returned to your account.

To activate Apple Pay on Apple Watch, you need to double-click on the button located on the side of the case. After that, you need to turn the clock back to the terminal and hold it until you feel a slight vibration.

How to pay with Apple Pay online?

Apple, unlike Google and Samsung, decided not only to imitate the bank card, but went further, introducing functions into websites and applications. To buy something on the Internet or an application using Apple Pay, you need to find the appropriate button - usually it shows the Apple Pay logo and nothing more. Immediately after clicking, the program will prompt you to enter the address for billing and delivery of goods (you need to enter one time, and Wallet will remember this information). At the end, you need to confirm the payment by attaching a finger to the Touch ID sensor.

How to pay with Apple Pay on the iPhone and Mac on sites? Actually, exactly the same. You need to find a button with the Apple Pay logo, click on it, enter your details and confirm payment. In the case of a phone and a tablet, this is done using the Touch ID sensor. In the case of a Mac, you need to attach a finger to the fingerprint scanner on the nearest iPhone that is connected to your computer.


Apple is famous for its attention to information security. The company's operating systems are protected like no other in the world. Naturally, launching its own system of contactless payments, Apple could not ignore such an aspect of its work as security.

Protection of your payments occurs immediately on three levels:

  • The first level is the operating system. The data of your cards stored in Wallet is securely protected within iOS. The system can not be hacked remotely, and if you lose your smartphone, you can activate the "Find iPhone" function and erase all data from the phone even if it is already turned off.
  • The second level is Touch ID. Each payment made through Apple Pay is confirmed with a fingerprint sensor. This means that you do not need to be afraid of pickpockets of the 21st century, walking around with portable payment terminals.
  • The third level is tokenization. When paying in the store, the terminal or application receives not the data of your card, but the generated set of numbers (token), in which the command for the confirmation of payment by the bank is encrypted. The data of your bank cards will remain forever in the iPhone and are not transferred to a third party.

Errors in connection and payment

Many owners of smartphones from Apple have encountered problems in the operation of the payment system. The terminals just do not react to their phones. What could be the problem and how to use Apple Pay if the terminal refuses to accept payment?

  • The first thing you should pay attention to is the region. Check to see if Apple Pay works in your neighborhood.
  • If so, then try to update the software to the latest version. To do this, go to "Settings - General - Software Update".
  • If this also could not, then try to remove the card, go to "Settings - Wallet", find the non-working card and delete it. Then, respectively, add again.
  • You can solve the problem with the region by changing it in your smartphone settings. Some users managed to deceive the system by changing the region of residence to the UK.
  • If nothing of the above described has saved, then there is only one option - a trip to the service center. Probably, in your device the NFC-chip is broken.

Impressions and reviews

The launch of Apple Pay in Russia was accompanied by great resonance. People across the country began to spread out commercials where they buy food using supermarkets in supermarkets and pay for refueling. The payment system made a vivid impression on the population of the country, since in 9 cases out of 10 it worked without fail. Only some sellers were dissatisfied, who took manipulations with the phone for a new kind of fraud.

Paying an invoice in a restaurant or entering the metro with a clock is not only convenient, but also interesting. The new experience that gives Apple Pay, recalls some fantastic novel, where the bracelets turned into something like a multi-passport, combined with a purse. The main thing is that paying with the help of Apple Pay very quickly becomes a habit. Something similar has already been with Touch ID, life without which it no longer seems possible.

Promotions, discounts, new features

On the Apple side, it would be blasphemy to leave such a promising and popular technology without development. And they did not. Interest in payment with the help of Apple Pay is warmed up in every possible way with the help of various actions, discounts and special offers. Those who only added a card to the wallet, faced with unprecedented generosity and could take for free a movie ticket or a juicy hamburger in a popular cafe. Those who did not have time, can now ride MKC at a discount of 50%. This is not the end. Apple really wants you to pay with their smartphones, which means they will not leave partners alone for a long time, buying out special offers for their users.

Great attention is paid to the development of the functional component of Apple Pay. So, iOS 11 will be able to send money to other users. Every iPhone owner will receive a virtual account, which will work in parallel with real bank cards. It is on this account that you can send money using iMessage.

Instead of concluding

What do we have in the dry residue? In fact, all of the above can be described in one word - the future. More and more aspects of our everyday life are realized through smartphones. Now our purse has added to them. Your phone was an excellent player and camera, and now it has become the most reliable purse in the world, from which it is impossible to steal money. Perhaps, this says it all, and there is not a single reason to deny yourself to try out new technology in business today.

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