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How to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet from the card "Savings Bank" in various ways with detailed instructions

In modern times, payment for various goods and services is popular with electronic wallets, including Kiwi. In the world there are different options for making payments in favor of this payment system. Consider how to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet from the card "Savings Bank".

Options for making money

Variations to make money in favor of electronic purse "Kiwi" are many.

From a bank card:

  • Bank card (no commission of 3 thousand rubles.);
  • Through ATMs of banks (without commission);
  • With the help of an Internet bank (no commission).

In cash:

  • Use the terminal "Kiwi" (commission is absent for payment over 501 rubles);
  • Through partner offices (no commission);
  • Through third-party terminals (no commission).

Other methods:

  • Transfer from your mobile account (there is a small commission, depending on the operator);
  • You can apply for an online loan;
  • By bank transfer (no commission).

In this case, the absence of a commission will be from the Kiwi side of the wallet, while banks may charge their fees for making transfers and payments.

Among the methods there is payment by card. Consider how to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet from the card "Savings Bank".

Replenishment through the site

Consider how to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet through the card "Sberbank" with the help of bank transfer. Go to the official website in your account. Then do the following:

  1. Select "Refill".
  2. Further from any bank card.
  3. Enter the data from the card (number and code on the back).
  4. You will be sent an SMS-code to your phone number, enter it.
  5. Your operation is completed.

Recently, banks are trying to protect their customers from electronic scammers, so to replenish the "Kiwi" purse from the card, "Sberbank", you will additionally need to call the call center of the bank and confirm the operation by naming your code word.

Via a mobile bank

You can not only pay for your online wallet with the help of the Kiwi website, but with the help of the mobile bank Sberbank. This service is getting more and more popular and expanding its functionality.

Consider how to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet through the card "Savings Bank", using the mobile application of the bank.

You must first activate this service, if it was not included in the package when signing an agreement with Sberbank. You can connect it in any terminal or branch of the bank. To do this, insert your card into the ATM, select "Mobile Banking Connection", enter the phone number and tariff for which the service will be provided. Press "Confirm" and after 24 hours you can use it.

To transfer money to the Kiwi account, do the following.

Send SMS to subscriber 900, and in the message, write the following: QIWI 9 ********* 500, where the amount at the end is the amount of money that you plan to spend.

This is one of the fastest ways, because the money will come almost instantly. Thus, to replenish the "Kiwi" purse from the card "Sberbank" with the mobile bank service is very convenient and fast. For this you do not even need to go online.

With the help of "Sberbank" online

"Sberbank" cares about its customers, so in addition to mobile paid application, he suggests to connect free online service on the official website, where you can make various payments and transfers, including in favor of electronic purses.

In the same way, it is possible to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet with a credit card "Sberbank". To do this, you should:

  • To be authorized in the system "Sberbank Online";
  • Select a section with payments;
  • Payment of electronic wallets;
  • To find "Kiwi";
  • Specify the purse number and transfer amount;
  • Confirm with SMS code.

In this way, money will also quickly flow to the account. But here you need confirmation in the call center.

Creating a template in "Sberbank Online"

In order to not enter all the data and do not perform any actions to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet from the "Sberbank" card every time, online-banking system provides the creation of templates.

For this you need to make one payment. After it is executed, go to the "Operation History", find your translation and click "Create Template". Then you will also need to enter the code from the SMS message. But in the future, payment will be much easier.

How to replenish the "Kiwi" wallet from the card "Savings Bank" After creating a template in an online service? Very simple. Go to the online cabinet and select the "Templates" menu from the side where you open the desired operation and click "Retry". And the amount of payment can be changed until the moment of confirmation by SMS.

Recommendations for users of "Kiwi"

Thus, answering the question whether it is possible to replenish the "Kiwi" purse with the "Sberbank" card, you got the answer that you can, even in different ways. The fastest of which is mobile banking and "Sberbank" -online.

To quickly make the input and output of money in the electronic wallet service, it is recommended to tie the card to your account. Then replenish the "Kiwi" purse from the card "Savings Bank" will quickly and without entering additional data and from the site of electronic money.

If for some reason you have not managed to pay, you can always use the bank's terminal or other payment service. For example, you can transfer funds to a mobile number, and from it already transfer to an electronic wallet. For this operation it is necessary to use the mobile bank or "Sberbank Online". In the second case, you should do the following:

  • Go to the LC;
  • Go to "Payments and transfers";
  • Click on the desired operator;
  • Enter the number and click "Confirm";
  • Enter the code from the SMS message, and your payment is accepted for execution.

If you have any problems with the services of the bank itself, you should contact Sberbank's technical support by phone.

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