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Christmas trees of cucumbers on skewers

When holidays come, I want to see on the table not only tasty, but also beautiful dishes, as well as snacks. We offer you interesting dishes, the appearance of which you will like. We will consider how to make Christmas trees from cucumbers.

With apples

To create such a "Christmas tree" you need the following ingredients:

• one apple;
• one long cucumber.
• long stick (as for males);
• One Bulgarian pepper.

Cooking process

1. Cucumber and apple should be thoroughly washed.
2. Cut the cucumber into thin rings diagonally.
3. The apple must be divided into two equal parts.
4. Then it is necessary to prepare a platter dish with a flat bottom. Spread on it one half of the apple. In the middle of the fruit, stick a wooden stick, prepared in advance.
5. In order to give a treat to the form of a Christmas tree, it is necessary to construct a simple design from cucumbers: we slice vegetables with a skewer, we need to do it in a spiral. It is necessary to start with larger pieces, so that the little ones are at the top of the "tree".
6. After the base is ready, we form its top. From the cucumber we cut out a small cone. Then we dress it on top of the whole structure.
7. Now the most pleasant and interesting thing left is to decorate the dish. You need to take the Bulgarian pepper, wash it and remove the seeds. After cutting out of it an asterisk and small stripes, triangles and hearts. Gently put on each cucumber.
It is recommended to make Christmas trees from cucumbers shortly before serving. Vegetables quickly fade, so the original appearance of the product can soon be spoiled.

With pepper

Christmas trees from cucumbers are served on the festive table not very often. Therefore, such a feed will interest not only children, but also an adult.

For this dish you will need:

  • One apple;
  • Two small cucumbers;
  • One Bulgarian pepper;
  • Any salad (gram 300), can be made from crab sticks;
  • Wooden skewers;
  • One lemon.

The cooking process

1. The apple needs to be washed and cut into two equal parts. Half of the fruit is chopped with platelets and sprinkled with a little juice of one lemon (so as not to darken).
2. Prepared a prefabricated salad to put a slide on the bottom of a flat plate. This will serve as a cradle stand for the Christmas tree. It is necessary to stick a wooden skewer in the salad. We string on it previously cut into thin oval slices of cucumbers, alternating them with apple slices.
3. It remains to make jewelry from Bulgarian pepper. Cut out the stripes (they will symbolize the garland) and the star, which is fixed on the top with a toothpick.

Herringbone of mashed potatoes

How to make a herringbone from cucumber? It's simple, if you have all the necessary products at hand.
To do this, you will need:

  • One cucumber;
  • Three tomatoes;
  • Ready mashed potatoes;
  • One chicken egg;
  • Small wooden stick;
  • One cooked carrot.

Preparation of this dish will take a little time. The finished product will be very interesting and attractive.


1. Cucumber should be thoroughly washed. After the vegetable is cut into oval plastics (diagonally) not more than five centimeters long.
2. It is necessary to take a small tray, which is laid out cooked puree from potatoes. We form a small hill.
3. Then insert a wooden stick into it and string on it cucumber plastics.
4. After that, a star is carved from the boiled carrot and the fir-tree is strengthened on the top of the head.
5. Fresh tomatoes are washed and fixed in several places of the dish with a toothpick.
6. The hard-boiled chicken egg is rubbed on a fine grater. They sprinkle a tree on top. It looks like snow on top.

Herringbone cucumber

How to make a Christmas tree from a cucumber for the New Year, when there is not too much time to decorate the treats? On one "tree" it is necessary to take one vegetable. You need to cut the cucumber crosswise, so that a round base is obtained. Then make a longitudinal incision from the top at a slight angle, while watching so that you do not take too much pulp.

Now put the cucumber cut down and mentally divide it into three parts. Then back off 1/3 from the base, cut off the side pieces, making a triangle. Now we have a workpiece. Now you need to cut the twigs - and the Christmas tree will be ready.

On a skewer

A herringbone of cucumbers on a skewer is another option for decorating a New Year's snack. It will take no more than fifteen minutes to cook it. To do this, you will need:

  • One apple;
  • One carrot;
  • Three chicken eggs.


A green apple is washed and cut into 2 halves. We put them on a plate with a flat bottom and stick in them skewers.

Cucumber (can be salted) is washed and cut into mugs. Then it is threaded onto a skewer in the form of a spiral. Of half of the vegetables make an acute vertex. A herringbone of cucumbers on a skewer is decorated with a boiled egg from below.

Then a carved star is cut from a cleaned carrot and fastened with a toothpick on top of the product.

Herringbone of pickled cucumbers

For preparation it is necessary:

  • Two pickled cucumbers;
  • One is fresh;
  • One red bell pepper;
  • Greens of dill;
  • Skewer for the trunk.

Cooking a snack

A star is cut from pepper. From the fresh cucumber cut off the upper part. Above is an incision. There, too, a star is inserted. Then begins the formation of herringbone from pickled cucumbers around a fresh vegetable. From the first circle smoothly pass to the second and so on, so that in the end the lower part was wide, and the upper one - narrow. The product is decorated with sprigs of dill.

A little "green beauty"

Decorative and delicious Christmas tree on a table of cucumbers - an interesting solution. This will require two vegetables. One cut into thin kruglyashki. The other is for semirings.
Put a whole circle on the plate. After it, at an angle of 180 degrees, three halves are laid out.

Then again, you need to put the halves again, but move them so that the twigs of the cucumber tree do not lie on top of each other, but, on the contrary, create lush branches. And so put all the components - on a spiral - to a certain height. Vegetable design should not be very high, otherwise it can collapse. Best of all, if the "tree" will not be more than six tiers.

After the construction of vegetables is completed, the top is created in the form of a cone of cucumber.

From sausage

Now let's look at how the fir-trees are made from cucumbers and sausages. This appetizer is an excellent alternative to the usual slicing.

For preparation it is required:

  • At least three hundred grams of sausage (smoked or semi-smoked);
  • One apple;
  • Wooden skewers;
  • One cucumber.

Cooking a delicious snack of cucumber

In the prepared dishes, the washed half of the apple is laid (preferably green). He pokes his skewer.
Cucumber is cut obliquely into small pieces (oval or round). The sausage is cut in the same way.

The first layer of sausage is laid out on a wooden skewer, after - a layer of cucumbers, and so on to the top of the Christmas tree. The top is cut from a cucumber and decorated with a boiled protein. This will create an imitation of snow flakes. Apple can be covered with olives or the remaining slices from the cucumber.

This Christmas tree will be the decoration of the festive table. The sausage sort should be smoked or semi-smoked, otherwise the appearance of the product will not be so perfect.

A small conclusion

Now you know how to make a Christmas tree from a cucumber step by step. We examined different variants of making a "tree". Make such snacks and please your loved ones.

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