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How to draw an underwater world: discovering the beauty of the animal and plant world of the ocean floor

If you want to depict the inhabitants of the sea, the flora of this environment, then you need to know how to draw the underwater world in stages. First you will draw a funny fish. Then you can draw a turtle, a cancer, a shark and other inhabitants of the sea and ocean depths.

gold fish

If you want to fish on the canvas, start creating a picture from it. Place it in the profile. Draw a circle - this is a schematic image of the head. Inside it, on the right, draw two small horizontal lines. It is from this start creating an underwater world. The photo will tell you where to draw these segments. In place of the top, mark the round eye, turn the lower line into a smiling mouth, slightly rounding it.

On the left side of the head-circle draw a small horizontal segment, which very soon becomes the body of a goldfish. At its end in both directions there are two semicircular lines symmetrical to each other. Connect them to the third - and the tail of the representative of the underwater kingdom is ready.

Now smoothly connect it with the head, with the top and bottom side, thereby creating the body. Draw a large fin on the top of the head-circle and a smaller fin on the bottom.

Color the fish yellow or gold paint. When it dries, make a dark pencil in several longitudinal dashes on the tail and fins. Now we need to decide how to draw the underwater world next - which particular inhabitant of the sea kingdom will be next.


Begin to depict this waterfowling reptile from the outline of a horizontally located oval. This is the shell of a turtle. Draw its lower part with a wavy line. On the left side of the oval, draw small rear flippers. On the right there should also be a pair of fins, but the size is slightly larger. Between them is her head on a rather thick neck.

Here's how to draw an underwater world, or rather, first its representatives. It remains to complete the image of the turtle. To do this, draw a pencil or a felt-tip pen on it, ovals of irregular shape. On the shell they are larger than on the fins, neck and head. Do not forget to picture her small but sharp eye and make the muzzle at the end a little pointed.

Now cover the shell brown, and the rest of the body - green paint, let it dry and think about how to draw the underwater world. The photo will help you with this.


Let the Hermit crab slowly move along the bottom of the ocean, half-way out of its shell. First, we create the basis of this representative of the underwater kingdom. Draw an oval in the horizontal plane, narrow its left edge - this is the end of the shell. The other side is ajar. To show this, on the right side of the oval, draw a slightly concave line to the left. A curious muzzle of cancer will soon appear from this hole.

In the upper part are two of his round eyes, which are fixed on two muscles. On either side of them are two hermit's mustache. Also from his shell were his large upper and thinner lower claws. It remains to make the shell twisted, tapering down, color it yellow, and the cancer - scarlet paint, leave the eyeballs white, and draw pupils in black pencil, and the picture is ready.


Talking about how to draw an underwater world, you can tell about the image of not only innocuous, but also ferocious its inhabitants.

First draw 2 circles. The first, the larger, is located on the right, and the one that is smaller - on the left. Connect them from above and from below by semicircular lines. The upper curved is the back of the shark. The lower one is slightly concave inwards. This is her stomach.

The left small circle is at the beginning of its tail. Complete this part of the picture by making the tail end split.

Proceed to draw the details of the muzzle. A large circle is the base of the face of the predator. Draw in it a cunning, slightly screwed-up eye. To the left, draw a long, pointed and slightly snub nose of a shark. In the lower part of the muzzle, place the sharp teeth of the predator with a zigzag line.

Draw the upper triangular fin and two pointed ones at the sides. Erase the auxiliary lines. You can not paint a shark - it already looks impressive. This is an example of how to draw an underwater world with a pencil.

We collect the drawing

Now that you know how to portray individual representatives of the ocean kingdom, it remains to tell how to draw the underwater world entirely.

On the principle suggested above, on a sheet of paper, first draw a few fish. They can be of different color and size. At the bottom place the hermit crab. The turtle can deftly escape from the shark.

To the picture of the underwater world was more reliable, place on the bottom of the ocean plants, several corals of a bizarre shape. It is better to first depict the fauna of the underwater world. Then you need to paint the background with blue or blue paint, let it dry. And only then to draw corals and plants, striving for light. Then the drawing will turn out to be realistic and irresistible.

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