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Lessons of Samodelkin for the kindergarten: appliqué in the middle group on the theme "Autumn"

Autumn colored leaves are the most fertile natural material for various kinds of children's crafts, including appliqués. In addition to foliage, in the course are twigs and twigs, fallen acorns, rowan berries and viburnum. Using everything together or combining several types of natural materials, you can create original creative works.

Autumn forest

In kindergarten, art classes for children are very fond of and take part in them with pleasure. Naturally, besides drawing and sculpting, he develops hand motility, aesthetic sense and creative element of all kinds of appliques. In the middle group on the topic "Autumn" you can make crafts using natural materials and elements. How to do it exactly? While on a walk, collect with the children leaves of linden, maple, willow, aspen and other trees, as well as twigs of fir trees (they are often snapped by birds). Returning to the room, sort out the "catch", sort the materials according to grades, sizes, colors. Dry, if they are damp. Think about the plot, which will be applied. In the middle group on the topic "Autumn" you can depict, for example, a forest or a park. Children by this age already have a good knowledge of scissors, glue and pencils, they know how to invent something original. So, on a landscape sheet pencil outline the silhouettes of trees. Draw them. But as a crown use the collected colored leaves, preferably small. Kleite them with cuttings down (cutting the cuttings themselves). Between the leaves arrange tree branches. You will have a mixed, coniferous-deciduous forest or park, what you like best! And it's okay if the first time does not come out just such a beautiful, what was planned, applique. In the middle group on the topic "Autumn" you can make paintings and simpler.

Wolf and wolf

Remember, together with children, fairy tales in which wolves wander through the woods in the autumn. And now take 2-3 maple leaves. Glue the cuttings upwards (cut the sticks themselves). You've got ready-made silhouettes of funny shaggy wolfish muzzles. For greater similarity, cut out the ears, eyes and nose from the paper and adjust to the appropriate places. The bodies can be painted with colors, and a couple of trees can be glued from the leaves. Here is such an unusual picture-appliqué in the middle group on the theme "Autumn" you will succeed!

Hedgehog and birdie

The forces of children aged 5-6 years will also include such "portraits" of animals and birds, as a "stocky hedgehog" and "early bird". Let's start with the first one. The educator should draw a hedgehog face: spout, eyes, mouth. And simply mark the body with a dotted line. Then let you have a collective applique. In the middle group, the children can already distribute their responsibilities: some pick up suitable leaves, others stick them on. The teacher can suggest something, advise. As needles, for example, willow foliage, long and sharp. Complement the composition of several "mushrooms" near the hedgehog, as well as berries of the viburnum, glued to his "thorns." A wonderful application!

In the DOW, the middle group is the age at which children can cope with another interesting picture - the "bird of paradise". It also falls under the category of autumn, because for the bright plumage of the main character, all the multicolored splendor of this time of year is required. First, draw a silhouette, then discuss the details with the children, select the leaves in shape, color, size. As a perch, a twig with berries of mountain ash or viburnum is the best choice. When the work is finished, a feathered beauty will come to life on your leaf, which sat down to enjoy the gifts of autumn. Beautiful story!

Good luck in your work!

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