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Designer BELA - analog Lego with the best ratio of price and quality

For children, the designer is an interesting and exciting game. It is important for parents that the toy does not harm the child, it should not be toxic. There are many designers on the toy market, but how to choose:

  • qualitative;
  • Tested;
  • Affordable;
  • Not harmful to the health of children?

Everything here is really easy. According to the parents, it is worth paying attention to the designer BELA.

general information

Designer BELA produce in Shanghai, deals with this Chinese company LongTeng Plastic Toys Factory. The company has been on the market since 1988. He has extensive experience in the field of toys. The firm employs a large number of specialists who follow the process of creating and releasing a designer. Designers, engineers every day strive to give children joy, inventing and launching into production new interesting models. Every detail of the designer is thoughtful, of high quality, everything is firmly connected.

The firm guarantees to the buyers:

  • Excellent quality;
  • Affordable prices;
  • Bright and exciting models;
  • Excellent conditions for cooperation with children's stores around the world.

High quality plastic is used in production. It is not toxic, so you can not worry if you did not follow it, and the child pulled a toy into his mouth. However, some parts are small in size and safety must be observed so that the elements of the designer do not get into the respiratory tract.

BELA or Lego?

For those who have already chosen the designer BELA, I would like to say that this is the right solution. After all, with such a toy baby:

  • Plunge into the fascinating world of adventure;
  • Will be able to visit the role of a brave Ninja;
  • Play with your favorite characters;
  • Will become the captain of the rocket.

Everything will depend on what designer parents will buy.

Some mothers are accustomed to hearing the constant recommendations of the designer of "Lego". Because of this, there is a fear of buying something else. It is worth noting that the high quality of the designer BELA corresponds to all the norms of the production of toys. The parts are made of safe ABS plastic. Analog Lego will differ only in price policy. It costs an order of magnitude cheaper than Lego.

Subjects of the designer are different, so each child will find something interesting for himself. Many complain that the designer is too much like his common analog. Indeed, all the themes repeat the well-known brand Lego. But this gives the toy even greater popularity.

In each product there are schemes for assembling toys. Because the kid with the help of parents can easily assemble a new world. There are toys that are especially popular and in demand. Further we will tell about them more in detail.

Designer Ninja BELA

Designer "Bela Ninja" like the kids their colorfulness. They will plunge into the world of adventure. There are many series of this designer, boys will appreciate such a gift from parents or friends.

Each BELA constructor includes 2 to 8 mini-figures. So, having received such a gift, the child will want to call his friends to share the joy of the game with them. The toy provides for a large selection of weapons. You can fight both with each other, and with different mythical characters.

The designer BELA Ninja also differs by the number of parts. You can take for the sample a small toy of 150 elements. And connoisseurs will immediately pay attention to a huge world of 1000 or more details.

Constructor BELA Friends

The perfect designer will most like the girls. In it you can collect a typewriter, a doll, a map, a road sign. Easy going, the kids themselves will cope with this task.

We want to draw your attention to the fact that the box has a restriction on the age of "6+". The thing is that there are many small details:

  • Hand puppets;
  • Accessories for pets;
  • Casters of the car.

Older children will no longer try to try the designer's details on the tooth. And if the child is less than 6 years old, it is worthwhile to collect the designer BELA Friends.

The product contributes to the development of fantasy babies. But this is not its only plus. Collection of details develops small motor skills, which improves the overall condition of babies.

Each of the five girlfriends has a hobby. Mia, for example, is fond of tricks. Therefore, the designer is represented by circus decorations, with which you can simulate a performance with the disappearance of a rabbit.

All details of the designer can be integrated with Lego parts of the same series. This will replace the lost or missing items of expensive toys with less expensive counterparts.

Designer "Bela Mine Craft"

This game is known to everyone and has its own group of fans. You can give the kids from 4 years. Previously, in such a toy it was possible to play only on the computer. Now she is also a designer of BELA. From now on, guys with their own hands can assemble their favorite hero and start the game process.

This designer is offered to buyers in several variations. This can be either small sets or large sets. Everything depends on the age of the child to whom the purchase is intended, on the wishes of the parents and on the material possibilities. Although the designer BELA can afford everything.

The manufacturer decided to tear the kids away from computers. All heroes and buildings are transferred to real life. Each element is detailed for a well-known game. Because the child can easily guess the familiar species, assembling the designer BELA Minecraft.

And the analogue of "Lego" has fakes

Inexpensive designer, too, managed to forge. At a poor-quality goods such flaws:

  • Discrepancy between the description and the content;
  • Poor quality print of faces and faces;
  • Faded colors and discrepancy of colors.

To avoid buying a fake, you should pay attention to:

  • Analog Lego completely repeats the content of the well-known brand "Lego";
  • On unique numbers of articles (for example in BELA friends they are five-valued and begin with a combination of 101);
  • The packaging must contain the company name on a red background.

The BELA brand designer is a real fairy tale for a child, embodied in quality plastic.

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