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From what age can you give children tea with mint and other types

Children of all ages are extremely important to get enough fluids daily. However, if you know about the benefits of pure water, home-made fruit drinks and compotes, and also fresh juices, surely a drink such as tea often causes great doubts. Let's look at the age at which tea can be given to children. In this article, we will discuss different types of drinks and their benefits for a growing organism.

From what age can tea be given to children: portions for newborns

The newborn and infants can only be given tea intended for babies. Age, from which it can be used, is usually written on the packaging. Usually newborn babies are not recommended to have any tea of any kind, and it is necessary to discuss it with the pediatrician.

As a rule, fennel tea is given to babies from 1 month, lime and chamomile can be given from 4 months, but ginger, mint and vitamin drink with fruit and berries should not be given until 5-6 months.

From what age can tea be given to children: norms of use

Babies at the age of 2-3 years are allowed to give non-strong black tea in a single portion of 50 ml not more than four times a week. For children from 3 to 6 years, a single portion of a weak drink increases to 100 ml. For children from 7 years, a single portion can be up to 200 ml. It can be already stronger: a teaspoon of raw material per serving.

The black

As a rule, parents are interested in the opportunity to introduce black tea into the baby's diet, since it is the most common and popular of all varieties of this drink. We have already found out that it is with him that it is necessary first of all to begin to introduce the baby.

Weakly brewed, quality black tea in moderate amounts, without any doubtful flavor additives, will invigorate and tone the child for the whole day, allow him to take part in the general family tea ceremony and give a great mood.


The answer to the question of whether it is worth giving green tea to a child and for how many years to introduce this drink into the diet will be very ambiguous. The indisputable fact is a high content of caffeine and tannin, as well as minimal processing of tea leaves.

Green tea is best introduced into the diet of the baby at the very last turn, in order to avoid possible negative consequences for the body. It can be drunk to children from 10-11 years old, only after consulting a doctor, if there are any contraindications to health, gradually, slightly brewed, and strictly dosage, in small amounts. However, the best time to get acquainted with this drink is the period after puberty, when the child's body has already formed and grown stronger.

With milk

At what age can you give children tea with milk? Supplement tea with milk recommended for children 3-10 years. For a child of 2-3 years, tea is diluted 50 to 50, and for crumbs over three years the amount of milk in the drink is not regulated.

Milk will not give the pigments of tea a negative effect on the baby's enamel, in addition, it will significantly reduce the concentration of harmful substances and compounds, and can neutralize oxalates and tatins.


At what age can tea be given to children with ginger? Ginger tea helps normalize digestion, has a beneficial effect on nausea, runny nose, headache and a variety of colds. Tea with ginger notes the ability to eliminate cough and strengthen immunity.


Supporters of traditional medicine and herbal medicine constantly ask the question of whether it is possible for children to give lime tea.

This tea is undesirable to give to kids just because of a plenty of vitamins and powerful influence on not strong body. Despite the lack of caffeine, with this tea you need to act cautiously: daily use is completely useless, because herbs are powerful allergens. It is best to start giving this tea from a school bench.


At what age can tea with mint be given to children ? Mint tea is an even more dangerous business than a lime one. Undoubtedly, mint has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, and also has the strongest calming effect, but all this is true only for an adult organism.

The effect of mint on the health of children has not been fully studied, in addition, it is this plant that most often causes skin and food allergies for children of all ages. Therefore, when parents decide on the possibility of introducing mint tea into the diet , it is best to consult a pediatrician to avoid possible negative consequences.


At what age can children give karkade tea? Like ordinary black tea, red karkade can be used by children from three years of age or older. According to some experts, you can enter it into the diet much earlier, since this species does not have such a pronounced toning effect.

Karkade tea contains a significant amount of vitamins, which strengthens the immune system of the baby, helping the body to cope better with infectious and cold diseases. In addition, a rich and bright red color of the drink and a pleasant sour taste like children of any age.

However, do not forget that in addition to vitamins in this tea contains a lot of citric acid. Therefore, before introducing karkade into the diet of a child, you need to make sure that it does not cause the strongest allergic reaction. If a child of three years has quietly reacted to a cup of this drink, then you can safely enter it into the diet along with black tea.


At what age can chicory tea be given to children? Since this drink is completely lacking caffeine, and given its harmlessness, chicory is allowed to enter the diet in children after 1 year. As a rule, babies love this drink, diluted with milk.

To chicory, there are almost no contraindications, but in rare cases, the use of this drink can lead to an allergic reaction. Like other new products, this drink should be introduced into the baby's diet gradually and in moderation. In addition, this drink is not recommended to give to children before going to bed, as one of its properties is the expansion of blood vessels and energy increase. The optimal time for taking chicory baby is morning.

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