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Why do children cry when they wake up: causes

Crying a child is always a stress for parents. Especially frightening, when a child cries in a dream or wakes up in the middle of the night with screaming screams. Mom and dad feel helpless at such moments. To destroy all fears, let's understand why children cry when they wake up.

The Importance of Sleep

Sleep is an important component of development for the child, especially in the first year of life. And it is at night that the information received for the day is "absorbed" by the brain, new neural connections are formed. Therefore it is important to understand why a child often wakes up at night and cries. Let's analyze the main reasons.

Sleeping Conditions

A child developing in the womb of the mother is in comfortable conditions, where it is always warm, cozy, and safe. In our world, the baby has to adapt to environmental conditions. The main task of parents is to provide comfort to the baby, especially during sleep. The child can wake up because the room is too hot / dry, the bed linen exudes an irritating scent or needs a change of diaper. Therefore, it is necessary to approach the question of comfortable sleeping conditions responsibly:

  • The air temperature in the room is 18-20 degrees Celsius. Always ventilate the room.
  • Humidity of air is 50-70%. Purchase an air humidifier.
  • Baby bedding is rubbed off with funds without odors and odor. Children are very sensitive to harsh odors.
  • You should try to change diapers as often as possible, about every 4 hours, even at night.


The most common reason for explaining why a child wakes up crying for over a year is hunger. Breast milk is the main food of the baby, it is quickly digested, so there can be very many attachments to the breast. Night is no exception.

The next reason why a child cries in a dream and wakes up is the need for constant tactile contact with the mother. After all, only in the hands of my mother, feeling her smell, the kid feels safe. Do not skimp on the embrace and other manifestations of love. After all, even an adult child needs a mother's tenderness.

Colic is the main thing that comes to mind when talking about crying a child in the first months of life. Until now, doctors have not given a detailed picture of what colic is. It is believed that as a result of the muscle tone, which is present in children up to 3-4 months, the gazikas accumulate in the intestines and provoke pain sensations. This is the reason why a child often wakes up and cries. Relief, as a rule, comes to 6 months, when the gastrointestinal system of the baby is finally formed.

Another common reason why a child wakes up with weeping is a teething. This event may be accompanied by a discharge from the nose and an increase in temperature. To facilitate this period, the baby can be used with the help of children's painkillers in the form of gels for topical application and suspension for oral administration.

Often the reason why children cry when they wake up is a thick dinner. It is hard for babies to fall asleep with a full stomach. Sleep becomes superficial, restless. Therefore, it is better to eat easily digestible foods in the evening, such as kefir, yoghurt, cottage cheese.


Sleep sick child is shallow, intermittent. The kid is often prevented from falling asleep or a sore throat, or a stuffy nose, or a rising temperature. To alleviate the symptoms of the disease and restore good sleep, adequate treatment is needed, which will be prescribed only by the pediatrician.

Psychological reasons

Night sleep of the baby depends on what happened to him in a day. These events can be the reason why the child cries in a dream and sprinkles.

Why does a child cry in a dream and shower? Night sleep of the baby depends on what happened to him during the day. Actively spent time with numerous movements, sports, small breaks for rest can become an explanation to why children cry when they wake up.

This is due to the accumulation of the stress hormone cortisone, which keeps the children's body in tone. It would seem that an actively spent day should provide the child with a sound, sound sleep. But everything turns out the other way around. Therefore, it is important to combine active activities and rest during the day.

Children are very dependent on their parents and not only financially. With their mother and father they have a subtle psychological connection. If in the family scandals, quarrels, in which the child participates, it traumatizes the baby. As a result, the baby wakes up at night with tears and screams. The main recommendation is that children should not participate in parental disassembly. The reason for night tears for older children may be a quarrel between peers.

New sensations, new information, especially in excess, can become the reason why children cry when they wake up. The brain for a night needs to "digest" a large amount of impressions received. As a result of mental activity, sleep becomes intermittent, a child can cry at night. Negatively affect sleep watching TV or playing computer. It is required to exclude this kind of entertainment from the life of the child, especially in the evening.

Also, phobias can cause a child to wake up at night. For example, the most common is the fear of the dark. Here work with a psychologist, providing comfortable conditions for falling asleep (joint sleep or having a night lamp in the room) will help.

Ways to normalize a child's sleep

Every child is different. There is no general solution to the problem of a bad night's sleep. But there are several universal rules, observing which, you can achieve that the child slept at night:

  • Day regimen allows you to organize a child and distribute during the daytime hours of rest and wakefulness, thus not overloading the baby. This is especially important for young children.
  • Rituals allow the baby to go smoothly to sleep. After all, everyone was a child and probably remembers how not to go to sleep. If you start a habit before going to bed, for example, listen to calm music, swim, do a relaxing massage, then this will prepare the child for tear-free packing and ensure a long healthy sleep at night.
  • Exclude in the evening active entertainment and games that excite the child's nervous system.
  • Early stowage. It is proved that the child needs to go to bed before nine o'clock yesterday for a healthy sleep. This will maximize your strength and recharge your energy.
  • A friendly microclimate in the family is a happy child. A happy baby is a good dream.
  • Light evening snack favorably affects healthy baby sleep.


Children's crying is stress not only for the child, but also for the parent. Therefore, to understand the reasons why a child cries when waking up is very important. Loving parents will try to identify the reason for the nightly spills of the baby with tears and help to cope with the problems. If anxiety during sleep becomes systematic, its incidence increases, then it is necessary to consult a neurologist for advice and appropriate treatment.

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