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What is the temperature for a child under one year. The temperature in children after the year

With the appearance in the family of the baby, mom and dad are asking many new questions. So, parents are worried about the regime of the day of crumbs, its nutrition, physical activity and mental development. It would seem that everything is simple. However, quite often, children are prone to disease. In this case, the most common symptom of pathology is the elevation of the mark on the thermometer. This article will describe the temperature of a child under one year. You will learn how to make the measurements correctly, what you need for this. It is also worth mentioning what are the norms of body temperature in a child after a year.

How correctly to measure a temperature to the kid?

The temperature of a child up to a year can be determined with the help of some improvised means. At present, there is a mass of instruments for measuring values. It can be dummy for kids with a special scoreboard. Also very popular are the plates that are glued on the forehead of the crumbs. This is very convenient, since there is no need to keep a thermometer.

Manufacturers of household appliances and medicines produce the latest thermometers. They can be electronic or mercury, as before. Many devices are equipped with a shock-proof system and a flexible tip. Such a device allows you to measure temperature not only in the armpit.

To obtain reliable values, it is necessary to use the instruments for diagnostics correctly. Follow the instructions on the packaging. If you use a classic mercury thermometer, then it must be placed under the child's arm completely. The device rod should run parallel to the forearm. After 5-7 years, you can measure the temperature of a child as well as an adult.

Types of temperatures

The temperature of the child before the year and after may differ depending on where the measurement is made. Most often, it is measured in the armpit. However, the temperature can be determined on the elbow, in the rectum, in the mouth, and so on. In medicine, several types of meanings are distinguished:

  • Body temperature in children under one year of age, in older age, as well as in adults (values range from 35.5 to 37.5 degrees);
  • Low-grade values (from 37.5 to 38 degrees);
  • Weak (from 38 to 38.5 degrees);
  • Febrile temperature, or moderate (up to 39 degrees);
  • Pyretic, or high (up to 41 degrees);
  • Hyperperic fever, or fever (from 41 degrees).

What temperature is the norm for a child up to a year?

Absolutely all babies are born with an underdeveloped nervous system. A consequence of this is the poor performance of the thyroid and hypothalamus. That is why infants have poorly developed thermoregulation. What is the temperature of a child under one year? Doctors say that the temperature readings can be in the range from 36 to 37.5 degrees. Everything depends on the environment and the baby's well-being. Also, you already know that the norm of body temperature in children up to a year differs depending on the place of measurement. Let's consider the basic values.

Values in the armpit in children of the first year of life

In this zone, the body temperature of the baby can range from 36.4 to 37.3 degrees. At the same time, the environment has a great influence. If the baby is on the street in hot weather, then the thermometer level can show a value of 37.6 degrees. When the crumb crys out hysterically, turns red or has colic, the temperature can rise to 38 degrees. At the same time, the baby is completely healthy and does not have viral or bacterial infections. During feeding, the temperature of the baby can range from 37 to 37.2 degrees.

If the child is overcooled, the thermometer values can show the temperature from 35.8 to 36.5. In this case, the baby most often behaves restlessly, crying and trying to keep warm.

Rectal temperature in infants

With this method of measurement, the thermometer values will always be slightly higher. Thus, in a child up to a year, the reading of a thermometer in the range of 36.9 to 37.6 degrees is the norm. Remember that it is necessary to measure before the baby is at rest. It is better to do this during sleep (half an hour after falling asleep).

Rectal temperature may rise after eating, during bowel cleansing, with the activity of the child. In this case, the values of the thermometer can increase to 38 degrees. However, this is not a pathology and is considered the norm.

Oral temperature in newborns

These values in toddlers can range from 36 to 37.1 degrees. Measurements should be done in the hyoid area. In this case, the mouth should be closed. It is worth noting that in children it is difficult to make the right measurement. This is why this method is rarely used.

The temperature in children after the year

After the first year of life, the nervous system and hypothalamus work. Thermoregulation is becoming more correct and can already respond to external sources of exposure. So, with prolonged exposure to the sun, the child's organism starts self-cooling. The temperature of the child in a year and later is in the range from 36.3 to 37 degrees. In this case, the measurement area is of great importance.

Temperature measurement in the armpit

In this area the temperature of the child (1 year and older) is from 36.5 to 36.9 degrees. This condition is valid only if the baby is at rest. Often children have a temperature increase in the evening. Especially often this happens after swimming or active games. However, if the heat keeps and after going to bed, then it can be an inflammatory process.

Reduction of body temperature in children is observed in the morning hours, while the baby is still sleeping. So, the minimum values on the thermometer you can detect in the period from 5 to 7 am. In this case, the level is considered to be from 35.8 to 36.6 degrees.

Oral temperature after one year

For children after a year, this method of measurement is also used quite rarely. However, the baby can already be persuaded to sit quietly and with a closed mouth for several minutes. Normal values are considered to be from 36.4 to 36.8 degrees.

Rectal temperature measurement after year

During this period, the thyroid gland is already working pretty well. The temperature level in this place is almost the same as in an adult. In a quiet state, it is in the range of 36.4 to 37 degrees.

Could there be exceptions?

So, you know what is the norm of body temperature in children up to a year. The table shows the main values for both children and older people. However, many parents are interested in the question of whether there are exceptions. Does it happen that the temperature rises or goes down without cause (in the absence of disease)?

Increased body temperature

As you already know, infants have an increase in body temperature with overheating and stress. During the massage, physical education and food, an increase in the value of the thermometer is also observed.

When teething, the temperature may rise. However, the values of the thermometer should not exceed 37.8 degrees. Otherwise, it may be a pathological process. Many mothers believe that the temperature from 38 to 39 with teething is normal. However, it is not. Most likely, there is a connection of the inflammatory process against the background of a decrease in immunity.

An increase in the value of the thermometer can be observed with active games, especially in the evening. Also after a warm bath it is not necessary to measure the temperature, since there is a high probability of getting overestimated values.

Decreased body temperature

In children, this phenomenon is often observed in the first 24 months of life. During this period, the decrease in the thermometer can be affected by the environment, hypothermia, taking certain drugs and so on.

It is worth noting that a low temperature can be no less dangerous than a high one. If the thermometer shows less than 36 degrees, it is already necessary to worry and see a doctor.

Exceptions to the rules

There are children whose body temperature can range from 35 to 38 degrees without any cause or disease. This is rare, but medicine knows such cases. Before talking about the individual characteristics, it is worthwhile to conduct some tests and make sure that the child is really completely healthy.

Summing up and a small conclusion

So, you now know what the norm of body temperature in a child is up to a year or older. Remember that the measurements should be done correctly and only with a working instrument. Otherwise, the resulting values may be invalid.

Never refer to one-time data. Repeat the measurement after a few minutes if necessary. If the temperature does not fit into the standards, then consult a doctor for examination and diagnosis. Do not engage in self-medication, because not always the diagnosis, delivered by the parents, is true.

Listen to the advice of doctors and do not be ill. Health to you and your children!

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