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On how correctly we distribute consumed products during the day and make up our menu, our health depends. Everyone knows that the food should be varied and balanced, therefore, depending on the season and time of day, the amount and composition of food should be regulated. What kind of dishes for dinner can be prepared, and it was tasty, and useful, and most importantly - just ?!

In the evening, it is recommended to take lighter, vegetable food, but for those who like to eat hearty and tasty food, there are many combined recipes that combine caloric products of animal origin with vegetables. For example, as a very delicious dish for dinner, you can make potato moussaka, which can be cooked with the addition of meat or only from one vegetable.

For this you will need potatoes, Bulgarian pepper, eggplant, onion, tomatoes, cheese and minced meat. All vegetables are cleaned and cut into small rings or cubes, salt, then we savor with favorite spices and fry separately until golden brown. Stuff the fries along with onions and tomatoes. Then put all the layers in a mold and pour a small amount of water (about 100 ml.). Top with cheese and bake until ready for 30 minutes. Baked dishes for dinner beautifully decorate the table and add a festive atmosphere.

However, if you prefer low-calorie food in the evening, it is better To diversify the menu with casseroles. They can be cooked from cottage cheese, carrots, pumpkins, adding dried fruits, spices and nuts, you can experiment with different tastes. Cottage cheese produces very useful and light dishes for dinner, quickly cooked cheese cakes, pancakes with cottage cheese, there are also salad recipes with its addition.

The most common dish that can be cooked in a hurry and satisfy every taste is a salad. It is made from what you have in your Refrigerator, while you yourself can come up with its composition and name. Optimum it can include up to five ingredients, minimally three. A product with a pronounced taste will be its basis, for example: carrots, radishes, cabbage, meat, seafood, ham, mushrooms, etc. Adding other ingredients, it is important to emphasize and complement the taste of the leading component, rather than interrupt it. Prepare such simple dishes for dinner is easy, if you are not afraid to trust your intuition and some tips.

It is well emphasized by the taste of meat (products from it) salted cucumber, cheese, mushrooms, both fried and pickled, egg, boiled and fresh vegetables, green peas, onions and other greens. With seafood harmoniously combines corn, cheese, apple, cabbage, tomatoes. Salads from fresh vegetables like garlic and greens. For dressing, you can use mayonnaise or olive oil.

Another option for fast food for dinner is fruit salad. It is a vitamin mix from all available houses of fruits, berries and nuts. All you need is to cut them, pour cream, sour cream, yogurt, and add honey or sugar powder if necessary. Bon Appetit!

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