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What to do if the nail on the leg departs?

Every person is pleased if his nails look beautiful and well-groomed. But there are situations when the nail on the leg or arm is moving away, and the person does not understand what it is connected with. There may be several reasons. This may be the consequences of injury, wearing tight shoes, nail dystrophy and fungus. In the first two cases, the nail itself will gradually come off, it needs only to be gently pruned, to wear loose and comfortable shoes, to observe the rules of hygiene. In case of dystrophy, it is necessary to stimulate microcirculation and take the appropriate vitamins. The doctor will help in solving this problem.

But if the nail on the leg or arm comes away as a result of the fungus, this disease requires a more thorough and serious approach. First, you need to understand how you can pick up such an infection as a fungus. People who visit the swimming pool, sauna, gymnasium are at risk. The fact is that the fungus is very fond of damp places, there it quickly clings to the bare foot and begins to develop. To protect yourself in such public places, you should not walk barefoot, and before visiting use for the prevention of antifungal sprays.

You can also get infected from sick relatives or visiting infected people using their hygiene items or shoes. Especially susceptible to infection with people with low immunity, having circulatory disorders in the extremities or deformation of the foot. Increase the risk of infection with smoking, alcohol, prolonged use of antibiotics, overwork, malnutrition. If you notice that you have a nail on your leg - you need to immediately seek advice from a dermatologist, maybe you have a fungus.

Fungus does not appear immediately on the nails. First he hits the foot. It starts itching, peeling, then small bubbles appear, filled with liquid. They break, the feet become wet, the skin itches and itches. If you do not immediately begin to treat the fungus, it goes from feet to nails. When you notice that the nail has turned yellow, grow dull, and then you see that the nail on the leg is moving away is a fungus that has already begun to destroy the nail bed.

We must act urgently. You can go to the doctor, and he will appoint the appropriate treatment, you can treat with the use of folk remedies, the benefit of effective advice for this set. If the process is not too much started and only 1-2 nails are affected, you can use special varnishes. They are applied from 1 to 2 times during the week, that is, with a busy working day and lack of time - this is an ideal option. If you see that the nail on the leg is coming off and you have a little more time, you can apply more reliable means.

Traditional medicine advises: make a soda solution (for three liters of moderately hot water add a tablespoon of soda) and soar in it with legs with affected nails. Then wipe the feet dry, grease the wadded disk with celandine oil, top the bandage, put on socks. Take off after half an hour. Do this at least twice a day. Gradually, the nail is improved, the softened areas are carefully cut off. You can also treat with a mushroom. Cut a small piece of mushroom and pribintovat to the nail on a clean washed leg. Hold all night. The next morning the nail will soften, cut neatly and do the procedure until complete cure.

What else advises folk medicine in case the nail departs from the finger? Keep feet in strong coffee brewing, wine vinegar, in a solution of salt and soda, apply mint, crushed with salt, grease with salicylic ointment. Also, water tincture of tar of wild apricots, decoction of milkweed, garlic gruel, applications of fir oil, lotions from the leaves of St. John's wort or birch are also good. There are many recipes, you can use any, most importantly - keep your feet clean, disinfect shoes, do not let your feet sweat. In case of sweating, make baths from decoction of oak bark.

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