What is the best ointment for allergies? On the skin check!

At least once in a life each person faced such defeat of a skin, as an atopic dermatitis or, more simply, allergic rashes. The causes of the occurrence can be very different. But, like any other disease, it requires treatment, and it is best to use a special ointment from an allergy on the skin.

But before you run to the pharmacy, you should determine what caused this reaction of the body. To cope with this task yourself is quite difficult, so it is better to seek help from an allergist or dermatologist. In addition, it will help to select the right ointment from allergies on the skin, depending on the diagnosis and age of the patient.

Types of ointments

Like many other pharmacies, it is divided into two groups: hormonal and nonhormonal. Non-hormonal drugs are considered the safest, but their effectiveness in most cases is less pronounced. And therefore, to achieve the maximum result of treatment, they have to be used for a long time. The most popular of this type of funds today are the following:

  • Skin-cap;
  • Fenistil;
  • "Elidel";
  • "Advant";
  • "Bepanten."

Any ointment from an allergic rash not only allows you to quickly get rid of dermatitis, but also to make it as safe as possible for the skin. The fact is that these preparations contain special components that not only help to overcome the rash on the skin, but also moisturize the epidermis, contribute to its cooling and the removal of itching.

Hormonal species can be used by a person only according to the doctor's prescription. Because if such an ointment from an allergy on the skin is used incorrectly and in large quantities, it can lead to negative consequences in the form of striae, hair loss, thinning of the epidermis at the site of direct application of the drug. The most popular today are:

  • "Ftorokort", a very effective drug that allows you to get rid of dermatitis in just a few applications. But at the same time very dangerous, especially for pregnant ladies and toddlers.
  • «Elidel».
  • Elokom.
  • "Lorinden."
  • "Flucinar".

All these ointments have proven to be highly effective, which allows you to quickly cure even complex atopic dermatitis. But at the same time they are dangerous, because they contain a high concentration of hormones. Therefore, their use is permitted only with direct medical appointment.

Children's atopic dermatitis

Unfortunately, an allergic rash can occur not only in adults, but even in children, including infants. It should be in such cases ointment for allergies for children to choose individually. In addition, allergists are strongly advised to abandon the use of hormonal drugs, which in most cases, in addition to harm, nothing else will bring the child. For the treatment of children's atopic dermatitis, it is best to use not only anti-allergenic ointments, but also those that can soothe delicate skin, accelerate the regeneration of tissues, and cool the affected areas. It is best for these purposes to use Fenistil, Elcom, Advant, Videstin, or Actovegin. And categorically it is not necessary to use the means containing a high level of hormones or antibiotics. Their use can be very dangerous for the health of a little man.

And despite the fact that it is the skin allergy ointment that is the most effective treatment for atopic dermatitis, in most cases an additional intake of antihistamines is required. But this is already according to the testimony of a doctor who diagnosed and prescribed treatment.

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