Anti-inflammatory cream-balm "Spetsmaz": instructions for use

A tool called "Specmaz" is described by the instruction as a preparation intended to improve the condition of the skin and promote its faster healing. It contains special essential oils and extracts that can maintain the health of the epidermis, soften and stimulate regeneration. In addition, the cream-balm "Spetsmaz" (the instruction confirms this) has a weak anti-inflammatory effect. With constant use, this remedy can become an indispensable source of a variety of trace elements and vitamins necessary for the normal functioning of so-called coverslips.

Description of the pharmacology of the agent

To date, the balm in question is the undisputed leader in sales among drugs designed to provide prompt care for all kinds of skin lesions, "backache" in the back and muscle pain. In addition, the cream "Spetsmaz" for joints is excellent. And also this anti-inflammatory and bactericidal preparation excellently heals small cuts, wounds, scratches and abrasions, burns, cracks and worn on the soles of the feet. In addition, this cream-balm effectively removes such unpleasant sensations that remain after insect bites, like burning and itching. Also, a drug called "Spetsmaz" (the instruction also shows it), due to its pronounced antiseptic and protective properties, gently cares for the skin, protecting its cells from damages caused by such negative environmental factors as frost, strong wind or the sun. The use of this means allows you to intensively moisturize and nourish the epidermis, as well as to get rid of irritation. In addition, this balm can give the skin extra elasticity and softness, thanks to an optimally selected set of natural plant extracts and ant alcohol.


Cream "Spetsmaz" (the instruction is in each package) is issued in the form of a dense white mass, intended exclusively for outdoor use, in tubes with a volume of 44 milliliters. The composition of this balm as the active natural ingredients include aloe vera, sage, plantain, Siberian fir, sea buckthorn, tea tree, calendula, eucalyptus and mummies. In addition, in this cream, as already mentioned, must contain formic alcohol.

Features of the action of active components

The beneficial effect of this anti-inflammatory drug is directly due to the properties of its active ingredients. For example, calendula has characteristic antifungal, anti-inflammatory, healing and antiseptic properties. Plantain helps well with wounds, abrasions and bee stings. Sage is characterized by a cooling effect, and sea buckthorn has a pronounced painkiller, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. As for the tea tree and eucalyptus, they have bactericidal properties and are powerful antiseptics. Formic alcohol has an analgesic, penetrating and tonic effect, while Siberian fir has a healing and disinfectant effect on the integumentary tissues. Finally, aloe vera and mummies act as effective anesthetics used to treat a wide variety of skin diseases.

Area of use of cream

Use the antiseptic balm "Spetsmaz" instruction recommends people who want to get rid of cuts, scratches, herpes or light forms of burns. In addition, this anti-inflammatory cream is good for irritating the skin of hands, caused by prolonged contact with detergents and water. After bites of insects, it is also shown to apply softening and cooling cream-balm "Spetsmaz". The reviews also note good results of its use with the aim of eliminating local skin irritation after shaving. In addition, the use of this healing agent for toning and repairing the epidermis is very effective.

Basic contraindications for application

Use of this anti-inflammatory cream company-manufacturer strictly does not recommend in the case of open wounds, ulcerations or wetting ekzi. When purulent rashes also do not put on the skin antiseptic balm "Spetsmaz". The patients' testimonies also testify to the undesirability of its application in the event of the presence of blisters arising as a result of a burn. In addition, categorically one should not choose this healing and bactericidal agent for people suffering from an allergic reaction to any of the natural components that are present in the formulation.

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