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Amazonian arapaima: on what to catch a legend?

Arapaima - sounds like the name of another new exotic fruit. A sophisticated inhabitant so simple berries collected by small African children, you will not be surprised. But the pyraruku is another matter. It's like some kind of weapon of Indians or natives. In fact, the Amazonian arapayma or piraruku (its second name) is not a fruit, not a throwing hatchet. Because a giant arapayma is a fish that lives, as you might guess, in South America, and now we'll get to know her better.

Amazonian arapaima - miracle-swallowed

Piraruku is not even fish, but fish, because individuals can reach a length of almost four meters, and weight, according to the Guyanese Indians, reaches two centners! Believe me, the other individuals are not too far away from the record holders. Despite its impressive size, the Amazonian arapaim patrols the upper layer of water in the river, swallowing crustaceans or small fish. But sometimes he avenges the birds for his "brotherhood", and the feathered birds disappear in the mouth of the piraruka. Incidentally, the oral cavity (and further) is covered with a special tissue, a structure close to pulmonary. Emerging from a depth of twenty meters, the piraruku grasps the air, blowing it in with a force, produces a characteristic very loud sound.

Amazonian arapaima: neither in a fairy tale you can say, nor describe with a feather

Despite its notoriety, arapaims are very beautiful fish. The elegant, streamlined form of a powerful body elegantly and quickly moves rectilinearly (sometimes painfully banging his head against the walls of a glass house, which can lead to death). Fish head of unusual shape, decorated with powerful plates. By the way, on the head males have special glands, their secret for some time attracts small arapaimchat (or piraruchat) and does not allow the fish family to disintegrate. The cubs grow very quickly and soon leave their father, ceasing to feel the native smell. Arapaima (photos accompany the article) has a fantastic coloring. The color scheme can remind someone of a fairly common space print (or background). Just imagine: the greenish-blue color of angular scales to the middle of the body smoothly flows into brown, crimson. The regal fin is painted in a bright red color.

On what to catch a piraruku?

The Amazonian arapaima is one of the so-called fossil fishes (like the coelacanth is a mysterious bone fish), not many people have had the honor of seeing arapaima live in natural conditions - in the waters of the Amazon or nearby lakes. Amazonian fishermen know that if they caught a piraruku, then this is the greatest luck, because the coral color of the tender flesh exceeds the taste of the same salmon or trout and costs just fabulous money. In our country there are a lot of daredevils who organize extreme tours to the very heart of the so-called world artery in order to get adrenaline and fish out for life, and even to grandchildren to tell about the best fishing in their life. However, one should realize what kind of titanic efforts are worth the preparation for such an event, because you have to draw a hundred kilograms! But think, is it worth to kill such a beautiful creature just for the opportunity to boast? Better go to the aquarium.

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