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What will be the year for the Snake Horse

Years under the patronage of the Horse, promise significant changes and changes for virtually all the horoscopic signs that make up the Zodiacal Circle. This period will become a kind of overvaluation barrier: values and priorities will change. The Year of the Horse awakens both good and bad qualities, it is from this that the vital aspects in general will depend. Contradiction, to some extent inherent in this sign, will also be reflected in people. Let's talk about what the Year of the Horse prepared for the Serpent in different spheres of life.

People born in the year of the Serpent, will most of all feel the fiery temperament of the Horse. Throughout the period you are waiting for fireworks of emotions, hissing, the flow of foam and air bubbles. Of course, it is difficult to cope with such impermanence, but there is nothing to do. What can I advise? Keep emotional stability under control.

Love, relationships

Already at the very beginning of 2014, the Serpent will not begin the most favorable period in a romantic relationship. Impatience and irritation to his partner, who were previously in sleep mode, are now activated. Sputnik of life will simply become for you a "red rag", and you seriously think about the continuation of the relationship.

For the Serpent, the year of the Horse in the love plan will be decisive. Even such a trifle as snoring can become a destructive mechanism. If a partner who lives next door can tolerate all the taunts and groundless accusations, then the couple has a chance for a happy joint old age. Although the Snake is not very upset, breaking off the relationship. With philosophical calm you will consider this fact and, probably, will be right.

Loneliness is a step towards something new, which promises joy and well-being for the Serpent. The year of the Horse beckons with tempting promises and wide horizons, so there is no reason to mourn the former love and go to a halt - this is just a story. Period somehow nervously affect the snakes, they will irritate the closest of friends. The main thing here is not to hiss, not to spit the poison and not to rush to the embrasure.

Do not forget about the rules of decency and moral standards. Remember: the life of a boomerang, and every unpleasant moment will return in a double size. Do not waste your nerves, better tune into a new stage that will bring you unforgettable love adventures - that's what the Chinese horoscope says. Snake in the year of the Horse can meet real love and create a family. Romantic relations will completely overwhelm you and make you forget about the old sympathy. 2014 promises a lot of emotions, so get ready for the turns of fate.

Working moments. Career

In work, not everything is smooth and calm, in general, as in love. You will face injustice and misunderstanding on the part of superiors and colleagues. But we advise not to worry and not to climb on the blaze: tact and delicacy - these are the main assistants in business. The snake in the year of the Horse will work in the sweat of the face and invest all the forces that achieve the set goals. Carefully approach any question, carefully consider all proposals.

It is important to demonstrate to office predators snake cunning and professionalism. Enemies should not see in you a victim and a weak person, do everything coolly, control every step, let everyone know that you are invincible. Cunningly create traps, disguising them, that's the main weapon in the struggle for leadership. Do not descend to insults, gossip and petty squabbles - take care of mental health and reputation.

Keep neutrality, become a gray cardinal, carefully squeezing negligent colleagues among themselves, in order to weaken and remove opponents. Grab the desired and "crawl away." Believe me, earnings are enough for a normal life. In general, this period is good in business terms. Already at the beginning of the year you will feel a surge of energy. In mid-2014, it is possible to increase or a favorable offer. Do not miss the luck bird. All undertakings will bring good results.


In general for the Serpent, the coming year will be successful. It will give confidence and financial stability. The horse will help to increase the working activity, as a result of which you will achieve material prosperity, you can decently earn and spend money in pleasure. But all this can be achieved by making an effort. Laziness is not your advisor. After the workdays come the long-awaited journey and a full rest.

Stars are advised to be more careful with the new questionable proposals. Be guided by logic and reason. If the slightest detail raises doubts, abandon the idea. The most critical period is from September to December. Astrologers recommend not to engage in credit obligations and not to collect debts, otherwise it will end badly. It is better to make large investments in the summer months.


In terms of well-being for the Serpent, the year of the Horse may not be very good. Be attentive to health, in a timely manner, treat the teeth, go through, examine and take the medicines prescribed by specialists. Snakes, which will clearly follow the instructions of the doctor, will be able to protect themselves from disease and illness. In November and December, injuries and fatigue are possible. The emotional state will be shaken. Advice: move more, eat properly, take vitamins and walk in the fresh air.


The period will bring a lot of contradictions and experiences. Give up unnecessary connections, throw out all the garbage, including from the head, aim at positive emotions. Surround yourself with nice people, be less nervous about trifles and give more time to native people. In moments of sadness and longing do not close, do not go into yourself. What will bring the Year of the Horse to the Serpent exactly, is the cardinal changes (change of image, work, beloved person, place of residence) that will lift the mood.

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