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Year of the Bull: characteristic. Sign of the Year of the Bull in the Eastern / Chinese calendar

Eastern astrology (Indian, Chinese, Japanese) is based on a twelve-year cycle, each year associated with a particular animal. As the legend says, the Buddha once called to the council of all the beasts of the district. He promised that the most efficient will receive a great reward. At the call were a mouse (aka a rat), a bull (according to other sources, a cow, buffalo, ox), a striped tiger, a purring cat (rabbit, rabbit), a fire-breathing dragon, a snake, a fast-legged horse, a shy goat (sheep), always grimacing Monkey, careful dog, fanged boar (pig). Satisfied Buddha announced that all of them in turn, once in 12 years, will have the opportunity to control time and make the course of events and the history of mankind. So it happened.

Eastern horoscope and natural cycles

If the traditions of Western astrology are based on the celestial coordinate system, then in the East, more attention was paid to the lunar calendar and natural cycles. It is on the connection of man with the surrounding world, harmonious relations with the laws of nature that Japanese and Chinese philosophy and astrology are tied. That is why even the New Year is not tied to these peoples by a certain date and occurs in January and then in February. And the zodiac signs are associated in the eastern tradition with the time of the year when they can show themselves more vividly and more actively. For example, it is believed that the year of the Bull, described below, fully manifests itself in the spring, when the peasants went out to the plowland and cultivated the land with the help of their buffaloes and oxen, and the cows brought offspring at this time. As for the exact coincidence of the western and eastern signs of the Zodiac, astrologers believe that such parallels are possible: Mouse / Aries, Bull / Taurus, Tiger / Leo, Dragon / Aquarius, Snake / Scorpio, etc.

Psychological picture

And now more about what the Year of the Bull represents. Its characteristics contain both strengths and weaknesses. Among the advantages, one can note the special vigor, activity and efficiency of the sign. Buffaloes knowingly associate in the East with physical strength and endurance. They do not take vital energy, perseverance. It can well be felt by everyone who decided to get stuck in order to earn their own apartment, car or get a promotion at work in the year of the Bull. Characteristics of the sign is also indicative of the fact that such people usually set themselves only realistic goals and necessarily achieve everything that they have conceived. The wolf is very caring in terms of money, trying to provide prosperity in the family, making every effort for his financially independent old age. This is the strength of the sign, its positive characteristics. However, there are no minuses either. What kind of dirty trick can the year of the Bull prepare? The character of the animal as a being of a stubborn, uncontrollable, alas, is justified, too. Therefore, the elements can wander in this period, and the outbursts of aggression in society, military conflicts, tensions in personal relationships too. This is a rather contradictory forecast.

Love and relationships

What warns in interpersonal relations Chinese horoscope? The year of the Bull is very, very good for building strong relationships. This animal in the East personifies a strong passion, deep love, devotion and reliability. Maybe the buffalo is not enough for romanticism, but with his chosen one he will be gentle, affectionate, gentle and complaisant. What is still attractive characteristic of those born in the year of the Bull, so this is their permanence. Such people are often odnolyubami, keep loyalty to one partner, but also demand the same from him. And here is found their Achilles' heel. The betrayal of a close person for all "oxen" becomes such a powerful blow that it pushes the ground from under the feet. And to recover from it, it takes years and years. In a word, if you need an excellent family man, if you want a cozy and strong house, look for the wives and husbands of those born "buffalo"! Although without a "but" was not done here. If only the relations in the family cease to suit them, uncontrollable stubbornness goes into play, and the Bulls turn into real house tyrants.

Variety of the sign

As there can not be two identical children in the same family, the year of the Bull (characteristic) of 1985 is similar to, for example, only 1997. Therefore, in Eastern astrology such varieties as Water Buffalo, Wooden, Fiery, Earthy, Metallic . Naturally, each has its own holes, habits. During the reign of the Wooden Bull, a more peaceful ecological situation, and the international situation is also quite prosperous. After all, wood is a natural material, warm, alive. But the Bull Metallic may well turn out to be a creature obstinate and rickety, tough and bold. Keep it in check is difficult, and the years passed under this sign, are very tense.

Souvenir symbols

How often does the souvenir sign of the Bull look? It is released in the form of soft toys - in the cap of Santa or Santa Claus. And also fir ornaments, automobile and telephone key rings. Greeting cards and stamps with images of a cheerful bull or a friendly ladybird are pleasing to the eye with mottled, elegant colors. New Year's symbolism has the most bizarre appearance, the main task of which is to bring to each house an atmosphere of celebration, joy, magic.

Gender point of view

And finally, a few words about the "bulls" -muzhchinakh and "buffalo-women". Representatives of the stronger sex, born in the year of the Ox, can become excellent leaders - moderately strict, principled, caring towards subordinates. It is from this breed that classic workaholics, literally living at work and work, often turn out. They are active, efficient, resolute, collected. In everyday life they sometimes behave too correctly and rectilinearly. And they do not hurry up from their shortcomings. By the principle: "Love us as we are." Equally strong, active and business are buffalo. Although in appearance they are elegant, very feminine, nice, beautiful. Seeing such a lady, a man mistakenly considers her a fragile and defenseless creation. But in vain. Women born in the year of the Bull can successfully not only stand up for themselves, but also protect the interests of others. A huge benefit brings them a natural charm and savvy. Wives, mothers and mistresses of these ladies are the best. Yes, and of themselves, being positive characters, "Buffalo" deserve happiness.

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