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Nowadays people are often exposed to various stresses. In order to cope with them, they sometimes have to take antidepressants. Such drugs are represented on the modern pharmaceutical market very widely, so patients are sometimes lost in choice. They try to pick up more reliable analogs with proven long-term medicine practice. "Fenibut" is a remedy that relieves the symptoms of stress and does not reduce the working capacity. His creation took place in the distant Soviet years, when any new drug was subjected to a picky check. However, modern manufacturers claim that they have long produced more effective means. So it or not, we will try to understand this article.

general characteristics

The drug "Fenibut" is a drug from the group of nootropics. It has a moderate effect of a tranquilizer, as well as stimulates brain activity, improves mental performance, attention and memory, stabilizes blood circulation in the central nervous system. The therapeutic potential of the tranquilizer "Fenibut" gives him the ability to stop fear, anxiety, asthenia and anxiety, to stabilize sleep. This medication is used to treat anxious, neurotic and asthenic conditions, Meniere's disease, alcohol or drug abstinence, insomnia, alcoholic delirium, neuroses, as well as tics, urinary incontinence and stammering in children. In addition, the drug "Fenibut" can be used once to prevent motion sickness and as a premedication before anesthesia.

Form of issue

At the moment, the drug "Fenibut" is produced in two medicinal forms: powders and tablets for oral administration. It is produced by various pharmaceutical factories under the commercial names "Fenibut-ANVI" and "Fenibut". Manufacturers actually produce the same medicine, but under slightly different names. Both Phenibut and Phenibut-ANVI are the same medicinal product that manufacturers registered under slightly different names. In addition, there are simply no other differences between these medicines, because they are manufactured using a single technology that has been used since the Soviet Union.


In the composition of the above medicament, the main active ingredient is aminophenylbutyric acid. As auxiliary components of the "Phenibut" tablet contain the following components:

  • Lactose;

  • potato starch;

  • Low molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidone;

  • Stearic calcium.

In powder "Fenibut" as additional substances are added:

  • Stearic calcium;
  • Lactose;
  • potato starch.

The above preparation is manufactured by various manufacturers, however, the ratio and composition of the auxiliary components is usually identical, since the pharmaceutical plants use the same technology.

Dosage and manufacturers

Tablets "Fenibut" are manufactured in a single dosage - 250 milligrams, and powders - 100 milligrams each. These dosages can be indicated in two different ways - 0.25 g and 0.1 g or 250 mg and 100 mg, which is an indication of the same amount of substance in different units of measurement (grams and milligrams). A medicament "Fenibut" is being created by several pharmaceutical companies in the countries of the former Soviet Union. Nowadays in pharmacies you can find this drug under the labels of the following manufacturers: Belmedpreparaty (Belarus), Organica (Russia), Olainfarm (Latvia), Mir-Farm (Russia), Ozon (Russia). Among the doctors and patients, Latvian medicines are famous for their excellent quality. Quite acceptable medicines are produced by Mir-Pharm LLC and Ozon LLC. The worst quality, according to experts, is the drug "Fenibut" produced in OOO "Organica" and RUE "Belmedpreparaty."

Pharmacological effect

A fairly popular drug among patients is the drug "Fenibut". Instructions, feedback on the use of this tool will be listed below. Now we will talk about the therapeutic effect that this medicine has on the human body. The main active substance of the drug is aminophenylbutyric acid. This substance is a derivative of gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) and phenylethylamine. And GABA is considered a brain metabolite, that is, a substance that CNS structures use to support the activity of brain cells. By its therapeutic effect, GABA refers to nootropics - substances that improve attention, memory and mental performance. And phenylethylamine has tranquilizing properties, that is, it removes anxiety, fear and anxiety. Thus, aminophenylbutyric acid is a nootropic having the properties of a tranquilizer.

Spectrum of therapeutic effect

The unique spectrum of therapeutic effect of the drug "Fenibut" allows using it in the case when the patient needs to get rid of anxiety, however, while highly productive and highly effective work with the strain of all intellectual abilities. This medication is capable of:

  • Relieve internal tension;

  • To stop anxiety, fear and anxiety;

  • Normalize sleep;

  • Improve cerebral circulation;

  • Stimulate the functioning of the brain;

  • Reduce the severity of movement and speech disorders;

  • To remove manifestations of asthenia;

  • Strengthen the motivation and interest in various activities;

  • Eliminate the symptoms of vegetovascular dystonia;

  • Improve mental performance;

  • Improve memory and attention efficiency;

  • Alleviate the depressing effects of alcohol on the central nervous system;

  • Have anticonvulsant action;

  • Prolong the impact of drugs, neuroleptics and hypnotics.

Another remarkable property is the drug "Fenibut": the instruction, reviews about this drug indicate that in patients over 65 years of age it does not cause sedation, but, on the contrary, stimulates a person to vigorous activity.

Instructions for use

The drug "Fenibut" must be taken after eating, swallowing the pill completely, without chewing. In this case, the drug should be washed with water in a volume of 100-200 milliliters. It is not recommended to take tablets before meals, as this can cause severe stomach irritation. Adult patients in the amount of 250-500 milligrams (one or two tablets) are prescribed medicament "Fenibut" three times a day. Dosage of the drug, if necessary, can be increased to 750 milligrams (three tablets) three times a day. For patients under the age of eight, Fenibut tablets are prescribed 20-150 milligrams three times a day, and children aged eight to fourteen years - 250 milligrams three times a day. Since the dosage of the drug for children is small, they are recommended to take it in the form of powders, not tablets. The duration of treatment with this drug, depending on the patient's condition, ranges from two to six weeks. The course of therapy, if necessary, can be repeated, while observing the intervals equal in duration to the course of treatment.


At different costs, you can buy a drug "Fenibut" in pharmacies. The price of the drug depends on the manufacturer, the popularity of the sales network, as well as the number of tablets in the package. For example, for 10 tablets of Belarusian medicine, patients will have to pay from 86 to 110 rubles. For an antidepressant of Russian manufacture a person will need to lay out already from 164 to 380 rubles. However, in this case, the package will contain 20 tablets. The most expensive is the Latvian "Fenibut". The price for it varies between 400-450 rubles for 20 tablets. However many experts recognize the preparation of the Latvian manufacture as the most safe and effective.


On the modern pharmaceutical market there are numerous analogues of "Fenibut". Among them there are synonymous drugs, which contain the same active ingredient as in this medicine: capsules of "Anvifen" and "Noofen". In addition, in the pharmacies you can find generics of the above medicine, which have a similar therapeutic effect, but have other substances in their composition. Analogues of "Fenibut" can be listed for a long time. These include tablets "Adaptol", "Afobazol", "Divaza", "Mebikar", "Mebiks", "Fezanef", "Fenorelaxan", "Elzepam"; Concentrate "Neurophasol"; Nasal drops "Selank", capsules "Stresam", children's tablets for resorption "Tenoten", solutions for injections "Tranquesipam", "Fenazepam" and many others.

"Antiphene" and "Fenibut"

The pharmaceutical market for antidepressants is quite competitive, so there are enough drugs in pharmacies to do the same. For example, the medicine "Anvifen" is a drug synonymous with "Fenibut", since it contains the same active substance. However, the tablets "Fenibut" are produced in Latvia, Belarus and Russia, and "Anvifen" is a 100% domestic drug. On this difference of these drugs ends, because they have the same efficacy, tolerability and even the frequency of side effects. Why do some patients think that Antiphene is better than Phenibut? Of course, much depends on individual preferences, but it's not just that. It turns out that the antidepressant "Fenibut" is released in doses of 100 and 250 milligrams, while the capsules of "Antiphene" are created in the amount of 250 mg, 125 mg, 50 mg, 25 mg, so they are very convenient for use. It turns out that if you need to use the drug in small doses, it is better to choose an antidepressant "Anvifen".


Typically, patients respond positively to the use of the drug "Fenibut". They argue that this medication effectively eliminates various manifestations of neuroses and the consequences of severe stress, removes insomnia, anxiety, irritability, apathy, depression, fears, etc. Many this medicine literally leads to a normal state, pushes anxiety and at the same time Returns efficiency and an adequate perception of reality. Some patients indicate that the drug helped them only with the course application. However, there were cases when the medicine "Fenibut" had an effective effect on the body with short or one-time use with the aim of instant improvement of mental capacity and increase of resistance to stress. In the opinion of many people, this drug is a great help during the time of work on the job, when you need to give all your strength to get the desired result.

However, in addition to positive reviews, there are negative medicines about this medicine. In these, some patients indicate the appearance of excessive peace of mind after using a drug bordering on apathy. Many replace "Fenibut" with "Grandaxin", because they feel weakness, drowsiness, headache, dizziness, nausea, blockage, and even deterioration of vision after using this medication. "Grandaxin", in their opinion, does not cause such side effects. Thus, some patients refuse to take the above drug in favor of other medicines. They believe that the analogs of "Fenibut" are much more effective in dealing with problems of increased irritability and anxiety.

In order to choose the appropriate antidepressant, it is necessary to consult the attending physician. Only he can choose the right drug and assign it to the patient. Remember this and be healthy!

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