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Virgo: stones that match this zodiac sign

The distinctive features of the Dev are intelligence, restraint and consistency. People who are fortunate enough to be born under this sign of the zodiac, always achieve their goals. In their relationships, the mind controls the senses that do not always like the Dev partners. But their unshakable loyalty is usually compensated for by the lack of romance. Virgins are intelligent in their judgments, are precise in their calculations and are resourceful in their work. So what can you say about the stones that fit Virgos?

Which stones are suitable for sign representatives

Representatives of this sign should not choose as too bright stones, but too gloomy. Virgos are recommended to have several talismans that are suitable for a certain mood and for different styles of clothing. In the cold time, the stone of the Virgo sign should be more muted, on warmer - the brighter and more transparent.

Agate is great for Virgo

The best stones for the Virgo are agate stones. To this conclusion astrologers came back in ancient times. Agate helps to decide on new solutions, makes life easier for its owner. Such a stone attracts harmony, encourages the emergence of new friends and relationships. They say that yellow agate protects the house from evil spirits, and it also promotes a creative upsurge. White agate attracts kindness and harmony, women are recommended to wear it in earrings. Agate brown helps the owner in difficult situations, which often falls Virgo. Jasper stones also perfectly fit representatives of this sign

If you need peace of mind, then you should buy jasper

This stone has high strength and is used not only in jewelry, but also in decorative and applied art. Decoration from jasper from red-brown to green will attract calmness and harmony. Jasper protects the house from evil, attracts positive energy.

Ideal for Dev

The ideal stone for the Virgin is crystal. It promotes the development of unlimited abilities in man. No wonder this stone is used in its work by the predictors. Crystal will teach the owner to understand people in a new way and transfer communication to another level.

Vigorous people need opal

A stone that gives unlimited energy is opal milky white. He can become a talisman for the creative representatives of the Virgo sign. Stones of this kind can help people who are used to giving more to society than to take to themselves. It plays a very big role in solving problems and increases concentration when goals are achieved. For people with unstable character, opal wear is not recommended, since it can increase excitement.

Not all stones are equally good for Virgo

But it is worthwhile to understand that not all pebbles fit the sign of the zodiac Virgo. Stones that can not be worn in any case - it's pearls, onyx, mother of pearl, opal and obsidian. Remember: they are not able to bring anything positive to the life of representatives of this sign. Therefore, they should not be worn with them.

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