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Rare name of Vasilin. Meaning of the name

This truly beautiful and rare name came to us from Greece. Who is Vasilina? The meaning of the name (from the Greek "basilinna, basilissa" - "the wife of the ruler, the king") is "royal, bearing fate, generously endowing." And the character of this person is appropriate: imperious, leading. However, it can not be called a tyrant. Quite the contrary, fair and loving, wise ruler Vasilina. The meaning of the name also implies strict adherence to recognized foundations and rules.

As a true queen, sometimes it can be capricious. Not always her actions are understandable to others, often she is unpredictable and original. It gravitates to everything beautiful and strives for perfection, it has good taste. Persistent in achieving the goals. Do not waste time and your life in vain. Vasilina was born for a beautiful, luxurious life, does not accept heavy physical work, although hardworking. Such people often achieve success and prosperity, sometimes it is so easy that it seems that nature itself has revealed this secret to them at birth.

But, despite all of the above, Vasilina - the name of a gentle, caressing hearing, and this can not but affect the character of the owner. These ladies are very sensitive, especially in childhood, kind to everyone, are peace-loving, sensitive, trusting. They are easy to offend, because of what they can close and even become unsociable.

In the family of Vasilina - an excellent hostess and mother, loves to bother with children. It is able to easily submit to her husband, if this person is in her eyes a real king. However, it does not stand aside when making decisions. Vasilina chooses a worthy companion for a long time. She must be confident in a person, to engage with him a serious relationship. Not every man can be trusted, but when this happens, can make anyone happy. Happiness for Basilina is an integral part of life, without him she sees no meaning in existence. For a successful marriage to her most suitable: Peter, Edward, Andrew, Vladlen. An alliance with Vladimir, Ivan, Denis and Oleg is possible. With Alexander, Pavel, Fedor, Leonid and Nikolay, relations are unlikely to be good.

And yet Vasilisa is more used to us than Vasilina. The meaning of the name and its origin in these two representatives of the fair sex completely coincide. The name of Vasilisa was common in Ancient Rus. He was revered and loved, not without reason so named heroines of some folk tales: Vasilisa the Beautiful, Vasilisa the Wise. The meaning of Vasilin's name is vividly reflected in the character of his owner. Let us recall the famous women who wore this name.

Saint Vasilisa of Nicomedia, being a nine-year-old child, preached Christianity during the reign of the cruel Roman emperor Diocletian. Despite all the temptations and tortures, she continued to chant her faith even when she was tried to burn alive and feed the lions alive. After much torment, the girl managed to convert Alexander, the ruler of Nicomedia, into Christianity and baptize him. Also known are the saints: Vasilisa of Corinth, Vasilisa of Rome, Vasilisa of Egypt. In ancient Rome, mentioned and another Vasilina - the mother of Emperor Julian II. Of the modern owners of the name are known: the popular astrologer Vasilisa Volodin, the model Vasilisa Frolova and tennis player Vasilisa Bardina.

The bearer of the "royal" name will be successful in creativity: her craving for everything beautiful, good taste and developed imagination will help her to be creative. However, Vasilisa can become an excellent leader, possessing clear leadership qualities, the ability to communicate and meet with different people. And perhaps she will choose the role of a protector of nature and the environment, since such activity really interests her. Or he will devote his life to serving God, which is also quite possible.

In numerology, the number 9 corresponds to the name of Vasilin. The meaning of the name here is further strengthened, demonstrating the strong-willed character, because the number 9 - a symbol of success and excellence.

The stones corresponding to this name are turquoise, onyx, rhodonite.

The names of Vasilina and Vasilisa are: 21.01, 18.02, 10.03, 4.04, 28.04, 29.04, 24.06, 4.07, 20.08, 16.09.

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