Roman Hotel 3 * (Paphos / Cyprus): photos and reviews

Our article will be interesting to those tourists who are planning to recover to Cyprus and are looking for a budget hotel for recreation. Roman Hotel 3 * (Paphos, Cyprus) is a three-star complex in the very center of Paphos. The hotel has an interesting exterior design, consistent in a single style with the interior of the building.

Roman Hotel 3 * (Paphos, Cyprus): description

The hotel has a convenient location. It is built in the central part of Paphos, 400 meters from the beautiful Lighthouse Beach. The seaport is located one kilometer from the hotel. In general, near the hotel are shops, taverns, restaurants, bars, archaeological sites. To reach it is not difficult, the distance to the airport is only 16 kilometers.

The feature of Roman Hotel 3 * (Paphos, Cyprus) is its appearance. Decorated in an antique style, it is filled with the spirit of antiquity. In its decor, the themes of ancient Greek myths slip, the rooms have a thematic design and are decorated with unusual frescoes. Antique furniture, statues, panels, lamps are designed in the same style and create a unique charm of the complex. The hotel is surrounded by a beautiful garden with lush vegetation. On the roof of the hotel there is a swimming pool with a sun terrace.

The hotel was built in 1990 and since then annually hosts a lot of tourists. The last renovation of the complex was in 2013.

Number of rooms

Roman Hotel 3 * (Paphos, Cyprus) is a two-story building. In its arsenal there are 87 rooms:

  1. Family Room (2 adults and 2 children). The apartment area is 24 square meters. The rooms have marble floors. In addition, the apartments are equipped with air conditioning, DVD player, hairdryer, terrace, bathroom with shower and bath, flat-screen TV, iron and fridge.
  2. Single room (16 square meters.).
  3. Two-bedroom apartment (with a large double bed or twin beds).
  4. Triple room (20 sq. M.).
  5. Quadruple room (30 square meters.).

All apartments are similarly equipped. At the same time, each room is individual for internal execution. Above each room worked as a designer.

The hotel offers non-smoking rooms.

Dining at the hotel

Roman Hotel 3 * (Paphos, Cyprus) has on its territory a bar, cafe and restaurant, decorated in the same style. In the restaurant, tourists are offered dishes of national and international cuisine with good assortments of soft drinks, alcohol and cocktails. The food is served as a "buffet". In warm times, tables are covered not only indoors, but also on the open terrace.

Infrastructure of the complex

Roman Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos) invites guests to relax by the spacious pool on the roof of the building, sunbathing on a sunny terrace with umbrellas and sun loungers. Free Wi-Fi is available in public areas. The complex has a conference room, laundry, dry cleaning, 24-hour reception, car rental, parking, gift shop. The hotel can arrange a transfer, although there are no problems with public transport.

The hotel has its own spa, in which you can offer numerous beauty and wellness treatments, activities in the gym and sauna. For children there is a games room, there is a playground with swings, a hall with video games. And in the restaurant for babies you can choose dishes from a special children's menu.


Roman Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos) is located 400 meters from the municipal sandy beach with a gently sloping beach and well-established infrastructure. On the coast there are paid umbrellas and sun loungers.

A bit about the resort ...

Paphos is not just a resort, but an ancient city with many sights. It was taken under the protection of UNESCO in 1980. Currently, it is an elite resort for wealthy tourists. But at the same time the city is not focused on children's recreation. In local hotels there is no children's animation. But at the resort a great variety of all kinds of restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars.

Paphos attracts visitors from all over the world not developed infrastructure, but a rich cultural heritage, its history is no less than 5 thousand years. The city was founded by Agaperon. Here a temple is built in honor of the goddess of love, which now attracts an incredible number of tourists. One of the rulers of Pafos decided to move the city a little closer to the shore, which caused the division into a new and old part.

Currently, Paphos is divided into two parts. The upper is on a hill and is a commercial center. And in the lower part, hotels, cafes and restaurants are built. Local authorities are constantly working to make the city even more interesting for tourists. Now in the city a completely new promenade along the sea is built, walking along which you can admire the beautiful scenery.

How to get to the resort?

We have already said that there is no difficulty in getting to the Roman Boutique Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos). Feedback from tourists is proof of this. There is an airport in Paphos, but not so many planes fly from Russia. But in Larnaca, the choice of flights is much larger. For example, there are direct flights from Moscow (the duration of the flight is about 4 hours), the cost of which starts from 200 euros. The price of tickets to the airport in Paphos is always somehow more expensive. This point is worth considering. And from the airport to the hotel you can easily get by bus. Cyprus has excellent transport links.

To get from Larnaca to Roman Boutique Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos), you can use three different options. The first is to arrange a transfer (it is convenient and not so expensive). Taxi services will cost around 110 euros. The third option is the cheapest, but more tiring and lengthy, as it will have to make transplants.

Beaches of the resort

The beaches of Paphos have completely different cover: stone and sand. Sunsets in the sea are not always convenient, especially near rocky coasts. The quality of the coast is completely independent of the level of your chosen hotel. A three-star hotel can be located on a better beach than a five-star hotel. The fact that the resort was originally focused on the British and Germans, who prefer to relax by the pool, rather than go to sea. When choosing a hotel, you should definitely pay attention to this nuance.

It is believed that the best beach in Paphos is located in the bay of Coral Bay, and in the bay of Lara you can admire the most beautiful coastline on the whole island, here is also a reserve of green sea turtles.

Sights of Paphos

Paphos is rich in cultural heritage, there is an incredible number of attractions. In the old part of the city during the excavations was discovered a large number of mosaics, created long before our era. In those days, they decorated not only the temples, but also the houses of the nobility. In Paphos, a museum was created, where you can see the best mosaic canvases. In addition, in the city you can see the ancient theater "Odeon", the ruins of an ancient castle, the complex "royal graves". Another worth visiting is the fishing village of Latchi, the Akamas nature reserve, the monastery of Panay-Chryorouiatissa and Ayios-Neofitos.

Next to Paphos are the baths of Aphrodite, as the myth assures, it was here that the goddess came out from the sea foam on the coast. However, in real life this place is completely unattractive.

Most of the monuments of Paphos (the catacombs of St. Solomon, the column of the Apostle Paul, the mosaics of the House of Dionysus and others) are listed in UNESCO's list of values.

Paphos is famous not only for its beaches and excursions, but also for its unique nature. In the middle of the city there is a pine forest, its medicinal air for many centuries makes it possible to cure diseases. And on the outskirts of Paphos there is a beautiful park, inhabited by hundreds of species of birds and even exotic animals. Alleys of the park are buried in greenery, walking along them you can admire its inhabitants.

There is a water park in Paphos, which is worth visiting with children. No less interesting is the aquarium, in which 72 aquariums are inhabited by Mediterranean and tropical fish, and a bird park with pink flamingos, toucans, parrots, cranes and other birds.

Hotel Roman Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos): reviews

Speaking about the hotel, I want to discuss the feedback of tourists who visited it. Hotel Roman Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos) has a very advantageous location. You can walk to the beach at a slow pace in five minutes, next to a huge shopping center, where you can find anything you like. Nearby there is also an archaeological museum, other sights need to walk or drive up public transport.

The hotel itself has an unusual design, all the interiors are in a single Greek style. Rooms and lounges are painted with themes on antique themes. The hotel apartments are beautiful and clean, they are equipped with good furniture. The maids are cleaned daily, and they do it very qualitatively. Towels are changed daily. Free Internet is available only in public places, if you want, you can pay 1 EUR per day and then you can use Wi-Fi in the room.

The hotel is very attentive and nice staff. All reception workers speak Russian, so you can always explain. Waiters in the restaurant serve quickly and efficiently. In case of problems in the room, you can turn to the reception, after which the repair is done quickly enough. The hotel's employees are focused on making the guests' stay as comfortable as possible.

Particular attention is paid to meals in the Roman Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos). Reviews of tourists speak about its worthy level. According to some tourists, the food at the hotel corresponds to even four stars. For breakfast, the restaurant serves several types of yoghurt and cereal, milk, toast, jams, cereals, fried mushrooms, scrambled eggs, sausages, bacon, scrambled eggs, fresh fruits and vegetables.

For lunch and dinner, you can eat pork, chicken, fish, snacks, salads, shrimps and other seafood. There is always a huge variety of dishes on the buffet. For children, you can choose more diet food. Active tourists prefer to take only breakfasts and dinners, as they travel a lot. In general, it is much more profitable to take three meals a day, because the food is good and quality. And dinners in neighboring cafes and restaurants will cost much more than in a hotel.

The hotel is located near a nice sandy beach. However, the seabed is rocky. On the coast bridges are built, along which you can go to the depth, bypassing the stones. On the beach there is no congestion even in season. In Paphos there is a completely sandy beach - Coral Bay, which can be reached by bus (611). On it sun loungers and umbrellas are paid, the cost is 7,5 euros.

The hotel has a local guide, which can buy tickets for tours. Near the beach there is an agency that also offers all kinds of trips, the prices for tours in it are lower than in the hotel. Near the hotel are all the main attractions of the city: the tombs, catacombs, archaeological museum, etc., which can be inspected on their own, they can be reached on foot. According to tourists, it is interesting to visit a jeep safari, which leaves a terrific impression. In order to see all the fun, perhaps, not enough for one trip.

The hotel is surrounded by a small garden and is buried in greenery, although the area is small but very well maintained and beautiful. Here you can make beautiful photos. In the territory there is a beautiful swimming pool, to which even those holidaymakers who do not like artificial reservoirs will not remain indifferent, but prefer the open sea.

Instead of an afterword

Summing up the conversation about the hotel Roman Hotel 3 * (Cyprus, Paphos), reviewed in the article, I want to note that the hotel is a good option for budget holidays in a fairly expensive resort, as evidenced by the many positive reviews of tourists.

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