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"Nancy Drew: Treasure of the Royal Tower." Walkthrough

Experienced gamers are aware of what the point'n'ckick quest is, but if you do not know it, then there is no problem with that. After all, in reality, such a genre of games is very easy to determine, the secret is already hidden in the title. You need to point to certain objects, objects and areas on the game screen, and click on them to interact with them. Thus, similar quests are a set of screens on which there is a certain number of points with which the player can interact. Periodically, this process is diluted with riddles that you have to decide in order to move forward. When such a project has a boring gameplay, a strong and fascinating plot, as well as good and not the simplest riddles, then he can claim the title of this masterpiece. The Nancy Drew series, which tells stories from the life of a teen detective, has everything you need for a quality point'n'click quest, so you can safely say that they deserve attention, especially "Nancy Drew: The Treasure of the Royal Tower" . The passage of this episode will be described in this article.


Training - this is where you need to start acquaintance with the game "Nancy Drew: Treasure of the Royal Tower." Passage then seems much easier to you. Naturally, the management here is quite typical for such quests, but you should pay attention to the fact that there are some aspects that are unique here. For example, you should definitely familiarize yourself with what kind of interactions can be made during the game. It depends on what form the game cursor will take when you point it at this or that object. Also worth knowing about the change of day and night: the projects of the series "Nancy Drew" are divided not into parts but into days. In almost every game, you are given seven days to finish the investigation, but the division is conditional, so do not rush, you will in any case have time to complete the investigation in all projects, including "Nancy Drew: The Treasure of the Royal Tower." Passage can be complicated and simplified independently.

Levels of difficulty

Before you start playing "Nancy Drew: The Treasure of the Royal Tower", the passage of which you will definitely carry away, it is necessary to determine what level of difficulty you will play. It is clear that for the most part the game will not change, but the complexity of some puzzles may vary greatly. Also tasks for the time will need to be faster. In general, the complexity will not affect the process as much as in the projects of another genre, but if you still have difficulties with such games, it is recommended to set the lowest level. In the game "Nancy Drew: The Shadow by the Water" also has a choice of difficulty level. Only the very first projects of the series were developed with only one level.


The last point that you should take care of before you start the passage is achievements. As in most computer games (including the projects of this series, such as, for example, "Nancy Drew: The Shadow by the Water"), here the achievement of achievements is not mandatory. However, you will get a lot of pleasure when you are rewarded for your efforts. Achievements are given on the plot, for example, for passing a certain episode (that is, you can not miss them), and also in special cases. For example, you can be given an achievement for having solved a certain riddle more quickly than the designated time, or you have listened to all the conversations in the game. In general, without these achievements you will somehow pass the game, but their receipt will certainly please you. In some projects of the series it was very important, for example, in "Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies." The passage of this game is much more difficult than in most other cases, so you can see for yourself that the achievements will add to your joy.

The first day

As in the game "Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies," the passage in this project begins in your own room. This time you find yourself in a hotel in which you have to unravel another crime. First you need to write a letter, do not forget about the card-key, as well as about the paper with the code. As in other games of the series, you have to memorize a lot, then to use these knowledge in other places. For example, it's worth reading the menu, since later it will come in handy.

After that, you will have several long dialogues: with the manager of the hotel, as well as with Lisa. Naturally, you can skip replicas, but it is recommended to work out all the lines of conversation, since any comment of the interlocutor can contain important information for investigation.

Then you will need to find your box, which is under the combination lock. Enter the code that you took back at the beginning of the table in the room, and take all the things from the box. They will be useful to you.

After that, you will need to go to the professor for another conversation, and then one of the not-so-simple tasks - with switches of electricity - will follow, which must be handled very carefully. Collect all the useful things, including the key from the library, then go to the elevator. It will get stuck, but you can easily get through the hatch in the roof, finish your business and go to your room. In fact, the gameplay is not much different from the game "Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of lies," but the story is, of course, completely different.

Second day

As already mentioned, this project is very similar to one of the games of the series - "Nancy Drew: Labyrinth of Lies." Even the day here begins with the fact that you must check the contents of the chest drawer in your room. This time from there you need to extract the same menu that you read on the first day. Then you will need to transfer this menu to the professor, and also to go to the basement on behalf. There, pull for the lever, take the oil can and spend a few more conversations, from which you learn useful information. This ends your morning adventure. Ahead of you waiting for a lot of important things, so go to bed.

At eight o'clock in the evening you will go to the ventilation shaft, make your way to the library and apply the stolen key to access the important data, more precisely, to the coordinates. After that, in the library you have to solve several tasks, as a result of which you will find a note inside the globe and many other things that will help the investigation.

Then you have to get out of the library, talk to the manager, who will agree to help in the investigation. Go to the first floor and open the manager's locker with the code he told you. Inspect all the objects inside, but go to the medallion last, because once you touch it, get a head and lose consciousness. It would be nice if someone brought Nancy Drew after that, but we have to deal with everything ourselves.

Day Three

When you wake up, you will have to understand what happened. In the heat of passion this episode is very similar to the game "Nancy Drew: The Ghost of the Manor", but still it is very different even in its direction. You need to talk with almost all familiar characters, trying to explain and understand what is happening.

Now you need to find out who attacked you and why. For this it is necessary to continue collecting evidence. You can do it in the garden, the path to which one of the characters described during the conversation described. You need to collect all the possible information, then go back to the hotel and go up to the professor. You will be given a task to be solved. If you do, the professor will agree to talk with you the next day. That suits you, so you can send Nancy Drew to bed. The mystery, of course, is still far from unraveling, but you are getting closer with each step.

Day four

In the game "Nancy Drew: The Phantom Thornton" you needed many tasks to do at night. There are not so many of them here. The conversation with the professor is one of them. The matter is that the conversation will take place at three o'clock in the morning, and you need to learn as much useful information as possible. After that, the professor will provide you with a key to his number, and you will be able to thoroughly search the premises, which will give you enough important data. After completing the inspection, you can go to your room and have a little sleep before continuing the action.

On this day, you just have to talk with Lisa and turn on the cable car. To do this, you have to tinker around in the basement, since the task is not as simple as it might seem at first. As a result, you will find yourself in a small alteration, from which Dexter arrives in time. Well, for one day of adventure is enough, so you can go to your room and go to bed without forgetting to set the alarm. Here in this vein you will pass "Nancy Drew". The shadow of danger will always lie in wait around the corner, but if you show enough reaction and savvy, you do not even have to pereprohodit certain episodes of the game.

Day five

Gradually nearing the end of the game, "Nancy Drew" passage. The ghost this time will definitely not be guilty, you can already calmly understand that it's all about the person, but you still have to find out who the criminal is. So do not waste time and start looking for clues and solving puzzles. Immediately we can say that the fifth day is the most difficult and saturated in terms of such tasks. Here you have to solve several complex puzzles. First, go to the semicircular hall, where under the portrait you can insert in the hole all your medallions, remembering the result in the form of symbols. After that, immediately visit the library, where you saw the same portrait. You now have to solve a complex puzzle using the received symbols. A secret door opens into the tower. There is another mystery waiting for you, after solving which you from the secret cell will be able to pick up the diary. It must be read. But you can not do this yet, because it is written in French. You do not understand this language, so you will not be able to find out exactly what is written in it. This could help the Frenchman Jacques, but he will not want to talk to you, because it was because of you that his medallion disappeared. Therefore, it is necessary to postpone this task and go to sleep. In the morning you will be able to deal with both the diary and other evidence.

Day Six

There are only two days left before the end of the "Nancy Drew". The lock on the last door will be removed, the last riddle is solved, and you will learn all the secrets that this hotel hides. But so far you have much to do. True, it should be immediately said that the sixth day will not be as saturated as the previous ones. Instead of Jacques, you need to go to the professor to get a translation of the diary. Naturally, immediately it will not work, so you again need to negotiate the next day.

When you settle all matters with the professor, you will need to move on to other problems. In fact, you do not even have to solve any puzzles. You just need to go to your room to rest before the most important day of the investigation. But along the way you will meet a group of characters, with whom you should also talk, listening carefully to the answers, because now every indication, every clue and clue will be worth its weight in gold. After the conversation you will need to go to bed. Why so early? The fact is that the seventh day will be very long for you, especially given that it will be necessary to wake up at three o'clock in the morning.

Day Seven

When you wake up, you need to go to the hall to the professor to conduct another conversation. Once again getting access to the room, you can go in and pick up the translation of the diary, in which you will get almost all the missing keys. Also you will be able to learn a special cipher, which again will come in handy later. Now you need to go back to the tower, which will bring you the contents of the diary. Naturally, on the way again you have to solve puzzles, and at the entrance to the library again turn off the alarm. But you already did it, so you should not have any problems.

In the tower you are waiting for the last riddle, which is an order of magnitude more complicated than all the previous ones. However, you have absolutely everything for its successful solution: medallions, diary text, secret symbols cipher and savvy. Having found out in the portrait a key, combine all together, having formed a way of opening of a secret door. It is there that the criminal is hidden, from which you first have to escape, since the forces are definitely not equal. But you can click the button on the wall, thereby cutting off the path to the attacker. Now nothing depends on you - the police will do everything. You just have to watch the final video, from which you will understand all the details that remained hidden.

Thus, another case is revealed, which gives you a lot of pleasure. Naturally, this is not as easy as describing the text, but given that you have the game directly before your eyes, you can always navigate quickly. In the end, you can still go through the game, because it can not be attributed to the most complex of the existing ones. And you always have the opportunity to reduce complexity, if you can not cope with riddles.

Successful game and new victories in the investigation of crimes together with Nancy Drew!

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