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All about the PTA: what is it, decoding, features

PTA - what is it? The abbreviation stands for "closed beta testing." It is one of the important steps to the release of the project. As a rule, allow for this test a limited number of players. The goal is to identify bugs. More details - in the article.

About the PTA

What is closed beta testing? This event is for a narrow circle of people. As a rule, journalists, gamers, who have long been rabid fanatics of the creations of a certain developer are allowed. That is, those who have a clear curiosity for the game. But immediately it should be said that there may be either exceptions, or a person who received an invitation to the PTA, is on friendly terms with the developers, or just lucky.

In any case, the participants of the event are obliged not to disclose the details of the new project and sign the relevant documentation (in most cases).

It happens that the participants do not fulfill the promised. After all, many online publications promise big fees for such information.

Revelation Online

The game in the genre MMO RPG in Russia is localized by the company Group. The Revelation ZTB started in 2016, popular streamers, famous gaming communities (such as guilds), representatives of gaming magazines and just lucky ones could get there. Developers installed a game queue, which had to stay about 10 minutes before getting into the game.

Such measures were required to ensure the passage of a limited number of people to avoid a server crash.

Keys on the PTA can be:

  • Buy (sold for 250 rubles);
  • Win the competition (for example, draw a comic);
  • Get on a free hand (the amount was strictly limited).

And it was also possible to purchase a set for early access, to be among the first to get into the world of Revelation.

Stages of the CBT

The testing was divided into three stages. Dates were laid out on the official website. The first stage was launched on October 12, 2016. It should be said that in itself beta testing does not aim to get any pleasure from the game. It's just a bug tracking system. Participants were "armed" with programs for video shooting, screenshots and so on - all in order to notify developers as soon as possible of the error found. There was a minimum of locations, and even fewer functionality. A lot of bugs were detected in the cross-browser system within the first stage of the PTA.

What is crossbrowser, it is clear to many - is the correct display and operation of a project in different browsers.

Second phase

That started on November 10. Many expected the event with impatience, because, according to the developers, all the mistakes detected at the first stage were taken into account, the geometry of the levels was carefully worked out, PvE-instincts ("Eclipse Tower" and "Draconium Whirlpool"), PvP locations ("Stone Plateau "And" The Shimmering Valley "). Also there was a raid regime "Underground bastion", in which ten people could take part.

For the first time, players were able to start building their own base, and those who reached level 21 promised quick pumping to the 50th.

The third stage

The final stage of the "Revelayshen" PTA started on December 6, 2016. The participants were able to perform tasks from level 50 and above, they received gold equipment of the same level, a huge number of bronze feathers and many other interesting and useful achivoks.

The PvE mode was supplemented by a variety of events, a new Machinarium card and training camps.

In PvP added daily quests and two new locations: "Snowy peak" and "Islands of a broken star."

For the first time, online weddings between players were announced, as well as a store with a diverse assortment.

The third stage of the Rebelation PTA was final. Ended on December 10, 2016, and developers have smoothly begun to prepare a more significant event.


Ended the PTA. What is open beta testing Revelation, the players learned on December 26, 2016 - ten days after the close of the closed tests.

This type of testing is already a significant step forward. It is a more intensive use of the company's product. There are more players involved, since no special tweaks are required for access - it is enough to download the game client and make sure that the computer meets the system requirements.

This stage of the beta test skeptics describe as a collective obsession with the fans of the game in order to snatch some "yummy" among the first.

In fact, if the game project has survived to the stage of an open beta test - it means very much. After all, often unsuccessful undertakings are curtailed still at closed stages and go to the stage of deep freezing.

Often the start of open tests is called an unofficial release of the game project. The official release worries a few - all because of the "wipe". In other words, this is the reset of all indicators in the official release. Only the most stubborn and game-crazed gamers after that do not beat their heads on the keyboard, cursing developers for wasted time, top-notch weapons and a lot of any good that has sunk into nowhere.

Therefore, "wipes" are not in all projects, and if they are, players receive very useful items, which partially compensates for the growing rage, and sometimes contributes to the elimination of discontent.


The history of the gaming industry knows many cases when a game that successfully passed through all the testing stages, wipe and official release, was still a failed initiative and was closed. An example of this is the project "Era 13" by Oversun Media.

The game talked about post-apocalypse, and the mechanics of combat something like Disciples. The company had every chance of releasing a very high-quality product to the world market, but something went wrong. What exactly - very few people know. It is known that there was not one wipe, but two. After the second, the number of players has increased dramatically, and in less than a month, updates have ceased to be issued and the project has closed.

It is not known whether there was a PTA. What is the OBT of this game, gamers learned already in the process, when at first the chat rooms were clogged with questions about a new attractive project.

In other words, everything is in the hands of developers. A quality and interesting game with an exciting storyline and after three wipes will keep the required number of players. For example, in Lineage gamers just put before the fact that a certain server is closed. But the mass outcome of the players, leading to the closure of the project, was not observed.

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