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I have been engaged in tourism for many years. Together with my children walked around half of our country. It often happens that we are away from places for weeks, where you can go to a store or a pharmacy. And in the campaigns often there are minor injuries: then the spark from the fire will fly aside, burn the hand, then the spike from any plant will stick into the finger.

Sometimes there are more serious injuries: torn knees, cut fingers, rubbed legs. To prevent the unpleasant consequences of these injuries, I had to constantly carry with me a lot of bottles, tubes with disinfectants, disinfectants, anti-inflammatory, healing preparations. They occupied a lot of places, weighed too. And in the hike, where we carry all our belongings on our own shoulders, every gram is of great importance.

Once the guys from Siberia, whom we met on the way, advised me a new tool - "Eplan". Reviews of tourists about this medicine were the most enthusiastic. According to them, it turned out that only one of these drugs can replace all the tubes and bottles that I carried with me.

Demand is not a problem, so I bought a cream "Eplan": feedback reviews, and try not to interfere. I was pleasantly surprised. The instruction informed, that the spectrum of action of a medicine is extremely wide. The fact is that its composition was invented, then the military was tested to combat chemical burns. Moreover, the annotation reported that with the help of this tool it is possible to handle hands to perform surgical operations in the field.

Today I personally became convinced of the almost magical properties of the drug "Eplan". The reviews were not exaggerated. The medicine does help in a variety of situations. It is used for treatment

  • Burns of very different origin: from solar to chemical and radiation
  • Preventive skin treatment when working with aggressive substances
  • Frostbite, scratches, abrasions, abrasions, etc.
  • Pyoderma, eczema
  • Herpes, warts, papillomas, etc.
  • Diseases of the nose, middle ear
  • Insect bites

Now my backpack has become much easier: "Eplan" has replaced a dozen drugs.

A little later I learned that the remedy is a whole line of remedies. There is a kind of ointment, cream, solution, napkins: medical and antiseptic.

The solution is easiest to process fresh wounds. Antimicrobial and dehydrating, the drug will allow the wound to quickly clear of necrotic tissues, supports it in a moderately moist state, well anesthetizes.

The remedy does not allow the formation of a scab, disinfects the wound. It does not allow the bandage to stick to the wound. At the same time, "Eplan" (reviews of delight, he also deserved for it) does not contain any hormones, analgesics or antibiotics, so he does not add additional toxic substances to the wound. Healing passes faster at times.

My son began to use "Eplan" from acne. His responses were also marked by a large number of enthusiastic epithets. In the instruction it was written that the remedy helps with vulgar acne, red, pink pimples, etc. My son suffered from age-related acne. He began to lubricate them with cream, and after a few days his skin cleared. Now the guy does not wait for these unpleasant manifestations to develop. At the first signs of the appearance of pimples or eels, it lubricates the skin with "Eplan", and in the morning its skin is cleansed.

A few words about when to use what form of medicine.

The solution is sold in vials-droppers. They are advised to handle newly wounded wounds. Napkins are applied under the bandage. Ointment is the most oily, it is usually used for very dry skin, occlusive dressings. Less fat contains cream "Eplan". Reviews of many specialists and people who used it, suggest that it is better to use it for cosmetic purposes.

But all dosage forms are interchangeable, so you should definitely be present in the medicine cabinet of any family.

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