How and what to treat a cut finger

Every man who held a knife in his hands at least once in his life knows what a cut is. In fact, it is not just a small wound that heals quickly enough. Modern medicine has developed a whole classification of cuts, each of which can lead to very unpleasant or even dangerous consequences. So before you learn about the correct processing of various cuts, you need to find out what they are.

Types of cuts

Most often, when handling a knife, a person injures a finger. Sliced or pricked - it's still unpleasant. What are the types of wounds?

1) Crushed. They can be obtained by using an awl or a very thin knife. A characteristic feature of this damage is not only the small diameter of the wound, but also the considerable depth.

2) Narrow. You can get them with cut glass. It is very important in this situation to carefully inspect the damaged surface to find small glass fragments, if any. After all, they can bring very big troubles.

3) Wounds that have torn edges. They are formed when a blunt object strikes. The skin in this case bursts under strong pressure. This type of wounds heals for a long time, as it is difficult to splice torn edges. Often such wounds must be stitched.

Deep cut of a finger

Many people think that this wound is the most common one. But, in addition to discomfort, a finger, cut just like that, can lead to big problems in the functioning of the damaged part of the body. For example, if a person begins to feel limb numbness after a period of time after a cut, you should immediately consult a doctor. After all, such numbness can be evidence of damage to the nerve, which is responsible for sensitivity. What if I cut my finger so badly? It is necessary urgently to sew it, if you do not want to lose sensitivity forever. Another sign that there can be serious problems is too much bleeding that can open after an artery is damaged. Another sign of her damage is when the blood flows in jerks.

Most often with a knife women are dealing in the kitchen. If a woman has severely cut her finger, what should she do to stop the bleeding? You should immediately tie your finger slightly above the cut. For this a tight bandage is suitable. After dressing, you need to raise your arm up. This will slightly reduce the amount of blood entering the limb. After a while, the bleeding should stop.

Cut with torn edges

In the event that the edges of the wound diverge, you need the help of a doctor. A finger, cut so hard, will heal for a long time. At the same time, an almost 100% probability of an ugly wide scar appears. It is necessary to take into account the fact that beautiful hands are the calling card of every woman. Therefore, such consequences are completely unnecessary. Another extremely unpleasant, dangerous to health consequence of such damage is the infection getting into an open wound. How to determine its availability? If after some time, when the finger should stop hurting, the pain, on the contrary, intensified, and the skin around the wound turned red and burns, then the infection is present. And if you severely cut your finger, what to do, so that healed faster and there was no infection? At once it is necessary to tell, that it is not necessary to apply all known means of traditional medicine, and also to clean or remove an inflammation and pus by own strength. It is better to immediately consult a doctor who can properly clean the wound from the pus formed, and also prescribe a healing remedy containing antibiotics.

Myths associated with a cut of a finger

You might think that such myths simply do not exist. But this is not so. For example, what to do if you cut your finger? The person will first lick the wound or shove the damaged part under a stream of cold water. Familiar? And so do not recommend. In fact, despite the depth of the cut, there is simply not a large number of blood vessels in the fingers of a person, so that there is too much loss of blood. But a person, thrusting a finger under a stream of water, hopes very effectively and quickly to stop the blood. In fact, he creates wonderful conditions for an infection to get into the wound, since there can be a large number of various microbes in the aqueduct that are not very useful for health. The same can be said about those who licks a finger. The cut organ does not need to be treated with saliva, since in humans it contains a huge number of microbes. Sterile saliva only in dogs. Therefore, if a woman severely cut her finger, what should she do? Raise your hand up and go for peroxide and cotton wool. With antiseptic ointments, it is not recommended to lubricate the open wound, as they block the access of oxygen to the damaged skin, which can prolong the healing for a long time. Strongly cut a finger with a knife? How to stop blood? Certainly not iodine, since it leads to the death of the cells of the epidermis, which are close to the wound. Iodine burns the skin. Therefore, it should be applied only around the cut.

What to do with a deep cut in the finger

The first thing to remember: do not panic. First you need to stop bleeding. An ideal tool for this is hydrogen peroxide. If the cut is very deep, peroxide should be used as little as possible, since too many air bubbles can lead to clogging of small blood vessels. After the severe bleeding has stopped, it is desirable to treat the skin around the wound with iodine. The main thing is not to overdo it. After first aid is given, a tight bandage must be applied to the finger. But not on the wound itself.

After processing a deep cut, you need to monitor your condition for several days. If there are first signs of inflammation, you need to seek medical help.

Traditional methods of treating a cut finger

If there is a certainty that arteries and nerves were not affected in the cut, then folk methods can be used to accelerate the healing process. For example, aloe leaves very well cope with microbes. The most effective way of using them is lotions. They can be done the day after the cut, when the wound is already a little dry. The procedure itself is carried out this way: take a piece of gauze or cotton wool, which is applied to the juice of aloe. All this is applied to the wound for 10 minutes. After this, an ordinary bandage is applied.

You can make an ointment. 80 grams of bee honey are mixed with 20 grams of fish oil and the same amount of xerobe. All this is mixed and applied to the wound.

The result

It would seem that an ordinary cut of a finger is nonsense, a wound that does not require much attention. But in fact, it's not like that at all. Then how lucky. If the cut turned deep, then the consequences may not be the best. Therefore, do not rely on luck. It is necessary to do everything to avoid infection and serious consequences.

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