To facilitate parking, buy sensors parking sensors

Every day, cars are becoming increasingly important in our daily lives. Their number on the roads, in yards and parking lots is growing steadily. All this leads to the fact that finding a parking space, and then putting the car without problems in the found niche, it becomes more difficult. Even if lucky, and the place for the car was found near the destination, then squeeze in there and do not scratch your Or someone else's vehicle is sometimes very problematic. The larger the car, the more difficult it is for the driver. Due to the large dimensions, large areas of space fall into the "dead" zone. And if something is hurt, then here begins the "dance with sabers" ... However, there are technical means, the purpose of which is to facilitate parking. These sensors are parktronics. They are sold complete with a small screen, which is installed near the driver's seat.

The sensors themselves are miniature devices that operate on ultrasound. They send signals that are reflected from the surrounding obstacles. From these data, the distance to the nearest objects is calculated, and The information received is sent to the screen. In order to avoid twisting your head in all directions while parking, trying to monitor the situation in all directions at once, you just need to buy a parking sensor and correctly install it. If you are not sure that you will get it at the proper level - contact the service center. They will easily solve your problem there.

Sensors parktronika (they can be from 2 to 8 pieces) are located most often on the rear bumper. There are models of this device that provide for installation and in front of the car. Then the entire environment is displayed. A little getting used to this form of information, you can easily put the machine even in the most limited space.

How many Parktronics sensors you need to put on your car? Here the principle operates: the more, the better. Of course, a device with a large number of sensors will cost you more, and its installation too, but there will be no "dead" zone. Once spent on buying and installing a parking aid, you will save on repairing your car or someone else's car in case of unsuccessful parking.

If you are bored with parking problems - buy a parking sensor. Reviews of motorists, especially beginners or eternally in a hurry, speak about the efficiency and comfort of this device. But there are some inconveniences and disadvantages. One of the most unpleasant moments is the presence of the very "dead zone" in which obstacles can be invisible. This problem is solved by a sufficient number of sensors and their competent location. Another disadvantage - the sensors of parking sensors "do not see" soft objects that do not have a hard base. This defect is connected with the peculiarities of work - from such objects ultrasonic waves are not reflected. But the soft objects can not harm the machine. Well, the last drawback - in a dense stream of cars or in a traffic jam parktronic will always remind you of the surrounding cars. Therefore, it is desirable to choose a device that makes it possible to turn off the signal or to reduce its volume. The main thing is not to forget to turn it on before parking.

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