Hairstyles with bangs for every day

The bang is the unconditional choice of a modern young playful woman who is not afraid of changes in life or in appearance. Hairstyles with a bang are amazed by a variety of forms and variations. In addition, the bangs - a real salvation for the high forehead, as it allows you to visually hide this flaw. Nevertheless, the owner of a narrow face should abandon the bangs, since it will unnecessarily weigh it.

When deciding to trim a bang, it should be remembered that it requires daily washing and styling. In order for the hairstyle with the bang to look neat, it must be laid with a round brush, directing the jet of air down. To achieve smoothness and obedience, it is advisable to use special means, for example, serum for smoothness or antistatic for hair.

Hairstyles with bangs look good on hair of different lengths, as well as with different haircuts. The fringe can be of any length and shape - bold short, classical length or elongated, covering eyebrows; Straight or oblique, as well as with milled ends. Short looks good with square or short hair, and the long one harmoniously combines with long and straight hair. However, at the peak of popularity now is a straight, thick bangs in combination with curly locks - this option is ideal for creating Greek hairstyles.

The most common haircuts and hairstyles with bangs - quads, bean and page. Despite this, the bangs are able to revive, give the "zest" to absolutely any haircut. Short options are the choice of bold, extravagant women who like to be in the spotlight. It should be remembered that such a bang requires regular haircut, it must be perfectly straight, so without ironing for straightening hair in this case can not do. Short bangs look best on dark or even black hair. The long one is more suitable for light or long hair. Choosing the shape of a bang, you need to consult a stylist. After all, a competent choice will not only help to hide shortcomings and emphasize the dignity on the face, but also give a huge scope for fantasy to create a hairstyle with a bang in accordance with the mood.

The bangs in any case will not be a hindrance in creating trendy Greek hairstyles. The Greek hairstyle with a bang looks not less original, rather than without it. To create such a styling is best not suitable for a wide, but a narrow bandage. To fasten the bandage it is necessary along the growth line of the bangs, which will emphasize the originality of the image. The Greek haircut itself is done as usual - two strands are taken on each side, twisted into neat strings and pass through the bandage with their ends down. Further, all the hair is divided into three or more parts (depending on the density of the hair), similarly twist and fasten the bandage. If the bangs are long, you can try combing it on one side and carefully fixing the tips behind the edge of the bandage. The straight fringe looks more strict, and the combed side gives the image a special tenderness, femininity and romanticism.

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