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Mass Effect Infiltrator. Mass Effect 3: Overview

Mass Effect is an amazing cosmic universe in which players are told an unusual story of confrontation between humans and aliens, invaders of the cosmos. During 3 major game projects, the heroes of this game encountered dangers, fought with the most unusual enemies and tried to achieve a positive result in any of their missions. A lot of creative work has been created on this universe, several books have been written, and a full-length film is planned in the future. But there is one more project that is connected with this virtual world, but it passed without an advertising boom, and only the fans of the game know about it. This application for mobile devices called Mass Effect Infiltrator, in which you take on the role of mercenary and learn the story that happened at the station "Cerberus" shortly before the events of the third part of the project.

What is this game?

If you look at all parts of the trilogy and compare them with this game, they will seem completely different projects. In Mass Effect, we play for Captain Shepard and save the planet, but here we act as an unknown mercenary who used to be a criminal and did evil, and now he decided to atone for his sins. Mass Effect Infiltrator events will take us to the Cerberus station, which was key in the events of the second part of the trilogy. One mercenary decides to fully correct and arranges the escape of prisoners. Yes, it seems, and not such a bright thing. True, prisoners in the future had to be given to various studies, after which no one ever returned. And now, together with them, the protagonist will try to leave the colony and try to stay alive.

What do we have to do?

Mass Effect Infiltrator is an action from a third party. Yes, there is no pumping, no long dialogues. The game will constantly demand action from you. Your enemies will be the universal guardians of the colony, who are not only strong, but also very smart. I'll have to try hard to overcome them. In addition, during the course of events you will manage the equipment and a small detachment of prisoners, in general, the game will be where to clear up. And do not act thoughtlessly, your enemies are far from stupid and will in every possible way resist you.

Part of the Mass Effect trilogy

From whatever side you look, but Mass Effect Infiltrator is part of the trilogy of space adventures. Yes, here is another main character, the events are focused entirely on a different object, and the goal is not so global, but it's not worth renouncing so much. The most attentive fans understand perfectly, because of what the main character decided to change, what consequences started after the escape of prisoners and what role this event played in the future development of the plot of the main game. Before rushing into discussions, it is worthwhile to get acquainted in detail with the whole story chain of this Universe in order to clearly understand each step accomplished by the main character.

Quite the other side

The game Mass Effect is known for its atmosphere of constant hope and belief in the best. Characters are constantly selected from the most difficult situations, build new plans and manage to find a common language. But in Infiltrator the situation is completely different, here there is the agony of despair, the lack of faith, the darkness around and the ruthless world. The protagonist constantly thinks about death, he understands that the conceived is impossible, but does his job. Prisoners in a panic run, they long to live, they do not care what gets in their way. Despair, madness and total darkness - this is what impels the game. Even Mass Effect 3, with all its moral litigation, lack of hope, can not outdo this project. Shepard, no matter how gloomy, can never bypass Randall Ezno, who for many decades led thousands of people and aliens to a painful death. And now every fan of history will be able to replenish its knowledge of the universe. Finally, we will be told about those terrible events, in which "Cerberus" is involved. It's time to learn the whole truth.

Will there be a continuation?

No matter how much we want it, no matter how the fans ask, but there will be no continuation of this creation. Either the developers lost their inspiration, or all the forces are thrown on the development of the fourth part of the game Mass Effect. But this project has one interesting feature, and it is connected with the preserves. In the Mass Effect trilogy, preservations played a key role, as they created the basis for the continuation of history, taking into account all decisions and events, the epicenter of which was the player himself. Then, according to these data, the storyline of the further parts of the game was built. Infiltrator also has this function, however, the basis for events it suits exclusively for the third part of the trilogy, and then, it is worth noting that not all the plot points will be changed. Thanks to your actions in the colony "Cerberus" you can get an opportunity to call on your side to new allies, as well as to receive valuable information that should not be left out of your hands. Therefore, in order to repulse the attack of aggressive masters of space with great success, it is better to acquire reliable reinforcements at first. Further development of the plot is in your hands, act carefully and count the result of your actions.

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