Frankfurt Motor Show: a review of new products

The annual Frankfurt Motor Show took place from September 17 to September 27, 2015 and became the 66th exhibition in the German city of Frankfurt am Main. Every year, all the world's manufacturers come to Germany to present their novelties and technologies developed over the past year to the public. Overview of the Frankfurt Motor Show includes a description of new products and talks about the general direction in which the exhibition was held.

Scope of the exhibition

30 thousand square meters. Within the pavilions and 12 thousand square meters. M around - the scope of the showroom really huge. All this area is filled with stands of different automobile concerns, from world giants to beginners. For the entire time of the 66th auto show it was visited by more than 900 thousand people and 12 thousand representatives of the media.

The exhibition takes place in an extremely comfortable atmosphere for visitors. Training of personnel and service has become even better compared to 2014. In addition to automotive manufacturers, the exhibition was attended by such corporations as GOOGLE and Samsung. The companies demonstrated their contribution to the development of digital technologies, which are an integral part of the modern car. The Frankfurt Motor Show was held under the motto of New Mobility World.

The main theme of the dealership

All exhibition days were held in the following areas: Connected Car, Automated Driving, E-Mobility, Urban Mobility and Mobilty Services. Each vector shows the future development of the automotive industry. More and more attention is paid to vehicles with autopilot.

In addition to the main "skeleton" of manufacturers, the Frankfurt Motor Show offers to familiarize with small start-ups in the pavilion of the Startup Zone. Here, beginning or small companies could demonstrate their developments and show the world their vision of the further development of the industry. According to the organizers of the exhibition, with the help of this method you can find talented designers and engineers, as well as open interesting and previously unprecedented technologies to the world. After all, not every start-up company has the means to implement projects, so most of them remain in the shops and on the drawings.

Premieres at the Frankfurt Motor Show

Let's start with the German troika, which hosts the rest of the guests. The company Audi has introduced the public new A4 and Q6. Concern BMW expanded the model range with a new 3-series and a cross-over X1. Also at the exhibition, a new M6 flashed.

The company Mercedes has distinguished itself by originality - they presented a cabriolet on the basis of the luxury sedan S-class. The company novelty was the new A and C-classes, as well as futuristic concept of the future coupe. The Germans from Opel first introduced the Astra in the body of the "station wagon". Volkswagen presented the concept of "Golf" in the GTI version, the new Tiguan. Unexpectedly, the appearance of a capacious multivan from this company. From Porsche, the public received the updated 911 and 911 Carrera. These cars remained the same externally, but their filling was improved.

The Japanese continued to bend their line of unusual designs and electric vehicles. The company Nissan decided to walk on its crossovers and SUVs. The audience was shown the SUV concept, the updated Navara pickup and the Qashqai crossover.

Suzuki limited to one concept of the city hatbek called iK-2. Toyota continues to produce the Prius with an unconventional design for an amateur. Strange as it may seem, there were no more novelties from the concern at the exhibition. Lexus brought their premium GS sedan.

The French from Citroen brought the updated DS 4 and its version of the Sportback. Another French company, Peugeot, presented five models at once: 307 GTI, SPORT, FRACTAL, QUARTZ and the hybrid 308 R. Renault introduced the fourth generation of MEGANE and presented a completely new model - Talisman, which should occupy a niche of the middle class.

Alfa Romeo introduced the model Giulia with a daring design. This car, according to forecasts, should revive the former glory of the Italian brand.

Let's move on to the premiere of luxury brands. Bentley brought to the exhibition, of course, the most exclusive car in the world class SUV. Bentayga has a proprietary design with round front headlights. So large jeep accelerates to hundreds in just 4 seconds. This model will be offered in 4-seat and 5-seat variants. Competitive brand Rolls-Royce introduced a cabriolet based on Ghost called Dawn. Italians from Lamborghini confined themselves to just one roadster Huracan.

Summing up

The International Frankfurt Motor Show turned out to be the richest in premieres over the past few years. The number of innovative technologies is amazing: almost every company has brought at least one electric car or hybrid. This proves that the automotive industry does not stand still. Probably, for the sake of it and hold the annual Frankfurt Motor Show.

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