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The fastest animal on planet Earth is difficult to determine, someone runs fast, someone quickly crawls and swims, and someone quickly catches their prey, so there are many applicants. You can make a small rating of the fastest.

So, the rating "The Fastest Animal on Earth"


A reptilian animal that has adapted to the woody way of life. The creature received the name because of the ability to change its coloring depending on the habitat and the natural environment. Chameleons can "merge" with branches of trees or foliage. Chameleons live in tropical forests, savannahs, some of their species can be found in desert and steppe areas.

During hunting, the chameleon is immobile, although it can sometimes very slowly creep toward potential prey. Catching insects with your tongue, at the end of which there is a special sucker. In our rating, the chameleon fell for the speed of throwing out its language - 7 milliseconds, which is 2 times faster than the speed of a jet warplane. Within 5 seconds the animal is able to recognize and grab 6-7 insects.

The Black Iguana

Another reptile in our rating. Land lizard, which can reach 1 meter 20 centimeters in length, along with the tail. Adult individuals can have both bright color, and less noticeable, depending on the habitat. The cubs of lizards have a pale color, thus remaining not very noticeable. These animals love arid terrain, but try to stay close to trees, so that in times of danger you can hide in crevices. Iguana can be found on the Pacific beaches and Central America. The diet of reptiles is: small mammals, birds, eggs of birds, crayfish and vegetable food. In the rating the black iguana got as the fastest animal, because on the ground, the reptile can move at a speed of 34, 9 km / h. This speed was registered with the Guinness Book of Records. Almost 40 km / h is the highest speed among lizards and terrestrial reptiles.

Black Mamba

Enough poisonous, dangerous and large snake, which can reach 4.5 meters in length. Adult snakes have a dark brown or black color on top and a lighter bottom. Young specimens are soft greenish shades. Its name is Black Mamba because of the black mouth. The snake has a "bad character", often attacks first and may not wait for the victim, but pursue it. Attacking his victim, the mamba aims at the trunk or head, while the bite inflicts instantly. The venom of such a snake is very toxic and in 100% of cases, if you do not enter the antidote, it leads to a lethal outcome. For one bite black mamba, introduces 100-150 mg of poison, so that it was clearer, the lethal dose for an adult is 12-15 mg. The black aspid, also called this species, is worthy of the name "the fastest animal", since it develops the highest speed of movement, among snakes - 11 km / h, and speed of throw 16 - 19 km / h.


Among cloven-hoofed herbivores, fork-hunting antelope occupies the first place in speed of movement. A small ruminant animal is similar to an antelope or roe deer, grows up to 1 meter 30 centimeters and up to 1 meter on the shoulders, an approximate weight of 50-60 kg. Its name came from the arbor for arched, horns, which can reach up to 30 centimeters in height. The species is widespread in North America and Mexico, Southern Canada. It feels good both in the rocky mountains and in the steppe area. The whorlong is the only member of the family of the hornbeads and is protected. The animal can move at a speed of 65-67 km / hour, while making jumps of 4-6 meters in length. The maximum recorded speed is 88 km / h, but this speed is only possible for short distances.


Cheetah by right, you can give the first place in the speed of running among terrestrial animals. The fastest animal is a feline and predatory animal. A feature of this cat is the inability to hide claws. During the run, the cheetah lands on its claws with its claws released, which gives a better grip on the surface. Other animals from the cat class, hide claws in order to, as quietly as possible, to get close to the victim, cheetah, it's not necessary. Developing speed up to 115km / hour, this wild cat can catch up with any chosen prey. A group of male cheetahs, consisting of 2 individuals, is able to catch up and kill an animal weighing up to 600 kilograms in weight, but prefer small-scale production: gazelles, calves of antelopes, hares and ostriches. The weight of an adult specimen of a cheetah is 50 -55 kilograms. This kind of feline is on the verge of extinction and is protected by law.

This is the fastest animals in the world. Each of them is fast in something, but exactly in what makes it faster than other representatives of its own class and kind.

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