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12 Ways to Find the Owner of a Domain or Site

A small article for fans to pour on the Internet and play scouts. ? How do I find out the name of a domain owner ?

конфиденциальна, мы нашли способы её узнать. Despite the fact that this information is confidential, we found ways to find out.

We will discuss these options in our article. Why do you need this? First of all, this is interest. Perhaps you want to find a council for a person who steals articles, ideas, etc. from you from the site. Either you want to hire a person to work, but there are no contacts for communication.

The first method and the most famous one is that we look at the domain information through the registrar of the domain name

Obvious ways

1. Go to the website and drive into the search string the domain information you want to know about. Let's start with the fact that through this service you can find out the email and phone number of the owner with sufficient luck. If the registrar of the domain name decided not to hide the information.

2. We try to contact in an obvious way.

We send the message to the registrar of the domain with the request to give us the contact details of the site owner or to contact him. Either we write to the email specified in, a tempting offer. It is not known whether the correct mail is indicated when registering a domain and with what regularity it is checked by the site owner. You can apply the skills of social engineering, introduce yourself as an investor or administrator of a large site, offer to buy advertising at a bargain price. Having obtained the mail of the former or current website owner, we can rummage on forums and services about selling domains and find information about it. Having found this ad, we learn the list of possible buyers, usually they are displayed. You can also find out the owner of a domain in this way.

Social Engineering

3. Did you recognize the mail? We are looking for other websites in its management.

кому принадлежит домен ? Why do we need to know who owns the domain ? Perhaps on other sites he left information about himself or leads a personal blog. And the data about it can be easily recognized by writing, as indicated in paragraph 2. This can be done on the website.

4. Contact the hoster to find out the domain owner.

Site to help you. информация о владельце домена . The main thing is to justify why you need information about the domain owner . Again, the SI comes into play (social engineering). You can introduce yourself as a company employee who wants to order advertising, or a nice girl who is in love with articles on the site and, therefore, the owner.

Search engine help

5. Information about the creators of the file is public.

"Google" will help us. This search engine can search not only sites, but also files of certain formats: doc, ppt, xls, pdf, rtf, swf. An example of a request to google on doc files from the Lepra website is filetype: doc site: кому принадлежит домен . And find out who owns the domain .

6. File for search engine robots .

We search in a file robot.txt files of type: members, member, uchastniki and all in such spirit. This file contains information about the users of the site. You can get to the pages of participants with photos and personal data. Typically, robot.txt is in the root directory of the site, but exceptions are possible.

7. Searchable pages in the sitemap.xml file.

Unlike the previous file, this is for the Google search engine. There may be differences. For example, there you can find a page with contacts that the administrator intentionally removed from the main page of the site in order to maintain confidentiality. But you can find out the domain owner on this page.

8. Addresses associated with the domain.

There is an interesting service, which, according to its one known principle, computes which mail addresses can be associated with this domain.

9. We search for the sites referring to the domain.

Use any checker of backlinks. Perhaps there are links from profiles in social networks to this site, and one of them will be owned by the owner.

10. There is an interesting service that can identify the owner's address and model of his mobile phone from the photo, if he made this photo from it, is the address of this service.

11. Identification of the owner of the photo with his face.

There is a small chance, provided that the site is small, to find in his pictures a photograph of the owner, perhaps, by inadvertence, he once flooded it, and then forgot to remove it. But "Google" does not forget this, you can search through the pictures that are on the site, with the help of this search engine.

Dig into the code

12. Looking for comments in the source code of the pages.

Go to the site, type Shift + Command + U or click on the right mouse button to select the pop-up menu item "Show page code" or "Show source code". Variations can be different. The main thing is to find the right one. We are looking for js-scripts, perhaps they are written by the owner of the site themselves, his vanity will help us. The person who wrote the script, most likely, will indicate his nickname in such a file. And already by nickname you can find out the owner of the domain.

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