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How do you know the age of a domain and what is it generally?

Internet in the life of modern man plays an important role. Every day more than 30% of the world's population browses websites. For more convenient surfing on Internet resources, domains were invented that helped to easily navigate to the desired site, introducing only a couple of words, rather than a long IP address of the server.

Domain is ...

The domain of the site is a combination of numbers, letters and some special characters. The number of characters in the domain should vary from 2 to 63.

Domains are registered with the help of specialized online services. To do this, you only need to provide some personal information and choose a free domain. Also these services help to find out the age of the domain at the website address.

What are the domains?

A domain consists of 2 or more parts, also called levels:

  1. The first level includes symbols that indicate the domain's belonging to a state, the type of organization, etc. Such diversity helps to distinguish which area of activity the resource refers to. Although recently, not always the first-level domain says anything about the site.
  2. The second level of the domain is the unique identifier of the site (name). This level has all the serious Internet resources.
  3. The third level of the domain is used to allocate certain sections of the resource to the "mini-site". For example, the forum site can be displayed using a third-level domain as instead of

You can learn the age of a domain, regardless of the level to which it belongs.

What is the age of the domain and how to define it?

The age of the domain is one of the key moments in the promotion of the Internet resource in the search engines. Search engines determine the level of authority of the site due to the fact that they learn the age of the domain, for how long it has been extended and how often new materials appear. More authoritative resources are displayed above in search results.

You can find out the age of the domain by using any services for their registration. There will be the date of registration, the expiration date of the domain and other useful information.

Before determining how much the age of a domain will be important for an Internet resource, it is necessary to answer the question of what exactly the goals are being pursued by the site.

If the site is intended to be used for a one-time "boom", as, for example, doras, spiologists, traffic are used, the importance of the domain name is minimized, and it is not necessary to pay attention to its age, because their life is not so long-lived.

Also the age of the domain name will not be important for resources intended for personal use. This category is suitable for sites with galleries of family photos, autobiographical pages. Such sites are unlikely to be of interest to anyone and are intended only for personal use.

But in any case, the search engines will find an Internet resource in a short time and include it in their issue.

There are several simple ways with which you can save the site's positions in the event that it was decided to go to another domain:

  • Should register the domain name for the longest period;
  • The domain name is not less important than its age, so it should use words directly related to the subject matter of the site;
  • You can purchase an already purchased domain, which has PR or TIC.

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