Orange wedding: decoration, photos and ideas

Orange color is characterized by joy, boundless energy, sunshine and playful mood. And a wedding in this color scheme can be ideal if the newlyweds want the celebration to be fun, filled with positive emotions and joy. This variant of the holiday is more suitable for the autumn season. In this review, we will talk about what an orange wedding can be: design, ideas for carrying out the event, outfits and much more will be described later.

What does it symbolize?

Orange color is closely connected with emotional manifestations, with joy, positive, with good mood. In himself, he combines passionate notes of red and fervor of yellow tones. This color symbolizes pleasure and health.

The bride, who opted for the orange theme, likes to communicate, to gather around a lot of people. It can become the soul of any company. The organization of the wedding celebration will bring her joy. In her companion she appreciates the presence of such qualities as excitement and craving for adventure. In a marriage there is definitely no place for boredom and despondency.

Thematic features

There is a huge number of different shades and variations, with which you can decorate the solemn event. This is peach, and sand, and tangerine, and pomegranate, and terracotta, and others.

Orange wedding is considered to be the most original. This style is usually chosen by cheerful and unordinary people, lovers of adventure. It should also be noted that in the cultures of China and Japan this color scheme is a symbol of discretion and purposefulness. Therefore, brides in these countries quite often marry in orange dresses.

There is an opinion that an orange wedding is sure to bring a young couple luck, happiness and love. In addition, thanks to the beneficial effects of color, the bride can long remain youthful.

Design Ideas

There are a huge number of different ideas with which you can decorate the wedding celebration in bright colors. It should be cited as an example of some of them, the most popular ones.

Autumn theme

This thematic focus implies the presence in the room of a variety of wreaths and garlands. There may be bouquets collected from autumn foliage. It is necessary to place in the hall a variety of decor elements of appropriate colors and shades. For example, dried berries or fruits. Invitations can be issued in the form of maple leaves.

But this design has a drawback. This is a limited idea. It is tied to a specific period of the year.

Citrus Idea

For this thematic focus, the presence of lemon, orange and tangerine tones in decor elements, outfits and on the menu is characteristic. In this situation, an orange wedding can take place regardless of whether it's cold outside or not. In winter, the festive event will give warmth, joyful emotions, and in the summer - freshness. Among the many options is an orange wedding.

Beach party

This idea is best embodied in the summer next to some water body. And even better, that there was sand, which can accommodate an arch of orange flowers. On the shore of the pond, festive tables should also be arranged. A romantic mood for both the guests and the young couple will give the sunset.

Indian theme and Halloween style

Newlyweds can wear a bright sari and a traditional costume. In the room must be Hindu attributes, candles with incense. In the menu, according to this idea, you should add dishes with curry sauce.

To hold a wedding in the style of Halloween is quite an unusual idea. In the wedding hall you can place candles and pumpkins, and decor elements in orange, black and white colors. Naturally, this idea will not like everyone, because it is specific, frightening.

With what can you combine?

The orange color will look great with:

  1. White. This color scheme can give a basic shade of soft and soft tones. With her help, you can create a romantic atmosphere, filled with tranquility. White-orange wedding can be almost the most beautiful event.
  2. Beige. This combination contributes to the appearance of a delicate, fragile atmosphere.
  3. Silvery. Wedding in the orange style can be combined and with such color, due to what it will turn out more elegant and refined.
  4. Yellow. This combination is bright, sunny. The option is perfect for winter time.
  5. Green. The decoration, made with such a combination of colors, gives the solemn event an atmosphere of freshness.
  6. The combination of orange and turquoise colors can give the banquet a touch of joy and cheerful mood.

In the event that the wedding is planned to be orange, combining the orange is best with green. For autumn themes, the combination of the primary color with red and purple hues is best.

How to arrange a celebration?

What other subtleties is characterized by an orange wedding? The design should be done taking into account even the smallest at first glance details. Not necessarily that everything was done in the orange style, you can resort to the above-described shades.

In the chosen thematic orientation it is necessary to issue:

  • Invitations to the solemn event;
  • Dresses for both newlyweds and guests;
  • Decoration of the table and decor elements;
  • The festive cortege;
  • Drinks with desserts;
  • Pads on which the rings will be placed.

As the elements of the decor can act live flowers of the above tints. Among them, there are gladiolus, lilies, dahlias, hyacinths, etc. The decoration of the wedding in the orange style will make the room visually lighter, bright and spacious, and also fill it with the light of the sun, with sincere joy.

To decorate the interior, you can use:

  1. Fruits of bright colors.
  2. Candles that must also be bright.
  3. Balloons.
  4. Light, airy matter.
  5. Chinese lanterns.
  6. Napkins.
  7. Ribbons on glasses and bottles with champagne, wine.

Dresses for guests and newlyweds

Like an orange wedding, a photo from this celebration, an idea? If you want to arrange the same event, do not forget about the dresses of the newlyweds and guests. It should immediately be noted that the orange dress does not like brides very much. However, the outfit should not be completely bright and colorful.

To match the chosen theme, you can add a few orange elements to the traditional color. With their help, the image will be more playful, bright and cheerful. Among such elements are:

  • makeup;
  • Handbag;
  • bouquet;
  • belt;
  • A variety of jewelry;
  • footwear.

The groom does not have to wear an orange suit. To his traditional side, he can add the following details of a brighter shade:

  • Boutonniere;
  • Scarf;
  • A handkerchief that can be hidden in a pocket;
  • Shirt;
  • tie.

It is advisable to warn guests that they also add orange details to their holiday clothes. It is best to clarify this by issuing invitations to the celebration.

Making a bouquet

The wedding in the orange color, the photo of which is given in this review, is a bright and joyful event. But we must take into account that every detail must correspond to the chosen topic. This is especially true of the bride's bouquet. When designing it, you need to take into account some recommendations.

  1. The bouquet can be only orange, but also include various shades of it.
  2. Usually, gerberas, lilies and chrysanthemums are used to make a bouquet. No less popular are roses and tulips.
  3. Interestingly enough is a bouquet made of autumn leaves, tied with an orange ribbon.
  4. Among other unusual variants, bouquets made of cloth or paper decorated with beads, pebbles and ribbons can be distinguished.

Where to hold a gala event?

The celebration can be held almost anywhere. The best option is the autumn park. In such a situation, to decorate an event, there will not be a need for a special decor, as nature will be the main ornament.

The most popular options include:

  • Restaurant (if the cold season);
  • Place next to the lake (warm season);
  • Open terrace;
  • An ordinary lawn.

How to make a menu and a wedding table?

Orange wedding means that the menu should be designed in accordance with the chosen theme. It is recommended to include more bright components. Among them we can distinguish:

  • Fruit salads;
  • Desserts with fruits such as peaches, apricots and oranges;
  • Salads, where one of the components is a Bulgarian pepper or carrot;
  • Dishes with salmon;
  • Dishes with vegetables of appropriate colors and shades;
  • Jelly with fruit;
  • Orange candies;
  • Peach, apricot and grapefruit juices.

On the table you can put beautiful vases with a variety of fruits (tangerines, apricots, grapefruits, peaches). One of the main decorations of the table is a cake. For its decoration is to use tropical fruits, as well as orange glaze. Desserts, cocktails and cakes should also match the chosen theme.

The main menu should include chicken with curry sauce and meat baked with orange sauce. For decoration of festive tables it is recommended to use orange tablecloths and candles. Using tapes, you should make drinks.

The original version: guests on the table can be put on a small souvenir, which will remind you of the solemn day. It should be packed and bandaged. The main thing is that the decoration of the gift should correspond to the chosen theme.

Important little things

  1. Cards for seating. To make them it is possible in the form of white tablets on which the certain text will be written orange color. You can fasten them to the table by means of orange locks. The card made in the form of a maple leaf will look original.
  2. Pillow for rings. It is best done from brocade fabric or velvet of the appropriate shade. You can use an orange gerbera or half an orange as a holder.
  3. Zadekorirovat need and a book of wishes, using bright ribbons, beads, dried berries, barberry or sea-buckthorn.
  4. Do not forget about the elements for a photo shoot. It is advisable to prepare an umbrella, a veil, a veil, a fan or other objects, things in advance. You can arrange vases with baskets, in which there will be fruits and bright flowers. An interesting idea: you can take a pumpkin and cut the names of the newlyweds on it.
  5. It does not matter which cortege was chosen. It can be a limousine, and maybe a coach. The main thing is that everything corresponds to the theme of the event. Sunny flowers, ribbons, bouquets, figures of newlyweds - all this will only beautify the motorcade. It should be noted that an orange retro car can not become a wedding highlight at all.


What else can include a wedding in orange? Ideas and ways of registration were listed above. But do not forget about entertainment. They must also correspond to the chosen topic. Among the competitions should be:

  • Eating apricots for speed;
  • Cleaning oranges or tangerines;
  • The creation of beautiful fruits from tropical fruits;
  • Carving of faces on pumpkins;
  • Inflation of orange balls.

In fact, competitions and entertainment can come up with a huge variety. Only a few of them have been listed above.


Orange wedding, decoration, photo, the ideas of which were listed above, can become a memorable and original event in the life of newlyweds and guests. But for this it is necessary to try, so that not one of the details gets out of the chosen subject.

We hope that this review helped to understand what the wedding is in orange tones.

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