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A selection of congratulations on the Day of Medical Worker

Day of the medical worker in Russia every year is marked by a certain number - on the third Sunday of the summer month of June. This holiday is considered to be significant not only for doctors, nurses and medical orderlies, but also for all residents of our country, because our professional lives are directly dependent on the professionalism of health workers.

Ways to celebrate the professional holiday of doctors

In the collective of any medical institution, before the Day of Medical Worker, thorough preparation is carried out. They celebrate this event usually on corporate parties in the walls of entertainment facilities or at home with one of their colleagues. The original will be the holding of various contests for professional subjects, which will be humorous and unobtrusive.

Usually the scenario is thought out by activists from the number of medical colleagues, and they come up with contests themselves, without resorting to the help of a toastmaster. The original way of congratulating a colleague or an acquaintance on the Day of the Medical Worker will be a poem addressed specifically to him. It is desirable that in the rhymed lines, a direct link with the qualifications of the addressee, his activity and the nuances of the work be traced. We present you a selection of rhymed congratulations for general practitioners and nurses.

Than to surprise the therapist on holiday Day of the medical worker

In any district clinic most of all there are general practitioners, and this profession is really the most common. Each of us has familiar people who work in medicine, which is why the rhymed wishes for employees of this field are always relevant. To please the therapist, you can use such an original greeting in a poetic form:

Happy Medical Worker Day
I hasten to congratulate from the heart
Not the painter, the driver, the carpenter,
A therapist with more experience!

Treating people is your job,
This work is not difficult ...
And wish you a hunt,
So that life could be more good with you.

To success was a lot
And everyone recovered!
So as not to be bad for someone,
And first of all - to you!

How to congratulate on the Day of Medical Worker nurse

This holiday takes place in the summer, and you can celebrate it in nature with your beloved colleagues. In addition to doctors, this is also the day of nurses and nurses, whose work within the walls of medical institutions is simply invaluable. If in your environment there is someone familiar with this qualification, she will especially appreciate such an original congratulation:

On your hands, dear,
Health of many people.
We sincerely wish you
To make life more fun,

So that you always smile
And I heard the words of love.
And that happiness is not dusk -
Open the door to him.

Let the Almighty always keep
Golden hands of nurses!
Gives them good and hears,
What they dream about before going to sleep.

Day of a medical worker is a very important holiday, because not only our lives depend on the work of people in this sphere, but also the welfare of the whole country. Celebrate this holiday can be in a narrow circle of friends, and on a noisy corporation with colleagues. Congratulating a familiar health worker, put a lot of warmth and respect in words, because each of them deserves it.

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