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Original gift for a girl in the form of a comic strip

Every self-respecting gentleman wants to give a lady of his heart such a gift, from which she would just be delighted. And as you already guessed, it is unlikely that you will buy such a gift in the store. And if you can buy, then it will be on the site http://signall.ru/ for every taste and color. Well, if the money is tight? The only way out is to make a gift with your own hands. No, it's not at all difficult, quite the opposite, nice.

So, here's to you the idea of one wonderful gift. You make your own comics, some incredible story, or the story of your acquaintance. Draw, paint, decorate, give. The girl is delighted. If you do not know how to draw - it does not matter, the level of your skill here is not the main thing.
So, what will be required:

A) Notepad or notebook, 80-120 sheets. You can do more, but then it's harder to come up with a story.

B) Color pencils, markers or pens. Better markers, tk. They are bright and not very much leave traces on the next page.

B) Colored foil or wrapping paper.

D) Creative and imagination.

So, everything is extremely simple. First, we open the first page and draw up congratulations and wishes to the culprit of the celebration. You do not have to place everything on it, you can stretch the greetings to three or four pages, but it's no longer worth it.

Then the main part begins. Here everyone already has a story. What you come up with depends entirely on you. Perhaps you will start off with your soulmate into an incredible adventure in another universe, or will you save it from the hands of an evil monster? This is the flight of your thought, your idea, so dare. Do not forget about the humor!

And finally, the end. Gloomy end is not worth doing, it can upset your girlfriend (or just a girlfriend), so definitely happy ending. The main thing is to count everything on the pages: you should not at all leave blank pages, and make sure that you have enough to complete. So it's best to first draw the story in more detail, so that there are more frames, since after that you can adjust to the remaining pages.

So, gentlemen, go for it: if you do it right, at least a kiss on the cheek and generous embraces are provided to you. Girls really like these gifts, so your half will definitely appreciate it, will store and remember about it. But only if you make a really high-quality gift and put your soul into it! And do not forget to pack beautifully and imagine! Good luck, gentlemen!

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