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Transfiguration of the Lord temple in Bogorodsky, its history and miracles

In the north-east of the capital there is a unique building: the Transfiguration of the Lord temple in Bogorodsky. This is the only church in Moscow with openwork carvings cornices, carved posts, lace casing on the windows, smart porches, domes.

The temple is a wooden miracle of the century before last and was consecrated on August 17, 1880 with the blessing of Metropolitan of Moscow Makarios.

The construction of the temple

At first the Transfiguration of the Lord the temple in Bogorodsky had no parable of its own, but was attributed to the temple of the Prophet Elijah. The services were performed by the Elijah clergymen. In the summer, the services went every day, and in winter only on holidays, as the main parishioners of the temple were considered summer residents.

In 1887 in Bogorodsky was built factory "Bogatyr", producing rubber shoes: galoshes, boots, bots. In the village hundreds of workers moved with their families, and the temple could no longer accommodate all pilgrims. We decided to attach two side aisles to it. The Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God was placed in the right side-chapel of the church, which was consecrated in her honor in 1897, and a year later the left was consecrated in honor of the Prophet Elijah and St. Alexius, Metropolitan of Moscow.

Priest Alexis Dobroserdov

The first rector of the church was Archpriest Kolychev Alexander Tikhonovich, and in 1902, the young deacon Alexei Ivanovich Dobroserdov entered the service, who later had to play a huge role in the history of the church by the will of God.

Alexy Ivanovich since 1917 became the rector of the church and served in it for 47 years. Father Alexis was very zealous priest and strictly followed the Divine Service Charter. In the cruel years of the God-struggles, Father never took off his cassocks and fearlessly blessed all those approaching him.

Theophilic years

Transfiguration of the Lord temple in Bogorodsky managed to defend only thanks to the authority of Father Alexy and his ability to unite people. In the difficult years of the beginning of the twentieth century, when people were expecting death or exile only because they were believers, the Soviet government in Bogorodsk could not close the church. A crowd of thousands of factory workers surrounded the temple and did not allow the God-fighters. People spent many days from morning till night on duty at the temple to inform the workers at the first danger, since they, in their turn, categorically declared: if the Transfiguration of the Lord in Bogorodsky is closed, then none of them will go to work. Fearing a strike at such a large factory, the CEC chairman canceled the decision to close the church.

During the Second World War, the windows of the temple were darkened under fascist bombardment, and the church itself was constantly praying for the people, for the country. From the prayer it became much easier and calmer not to the soul.

After the victory, in 1945, the church council began to work on building a house for the rector. Later the father left a will that this building after his and mother's death would remain for the needs of the church.

Now the church of the Resurrection deanery, or the deanery of the Moscow diocese of the Russian Orthodox Church, includes the church of the Transfiguration of Our Lord in Bogorodsky.

Fire in the Temple

In 1954, on August 14, shortly before the feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord, a miracle happened, which will forever remain in the history of the temple. The night before the holiday in the temple there was a fire. The taxi driver, passing by, noticed a flame breaking out from under the dome, and summoned firemen. When the firemen extinguished the fire, a sad picture opened before them: everything around was burned out, the iconostasis, icons, even the panic were burnt, but ...

Tikhvin icon of the Mother of God and the icon of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker remained unscathed. All around was blazing with fire, and these two big icons were not even touched by flames. On the same day Patriarch Alexy the First visited the church and promised to help in the restoration of the church in every possible way.

Restoring the Temple

Soon from Peredelkino were brought gilded iconostases, which, surprisingly, came to all three chapels of the temple. Obviously, the icon of the holy martyr Trifon was donated at that time. Now the church stores a lot of icons written after the fire or received as a gift. Among them - the icon of the Mother of God "Skoroposlushnitsa", the icon of the Prophet Elijah, the icon of Matronushka with a part of the relics and the icon of Seraphim of Sarov with a particle of relics and so on.

Every day in the church there is a divine service. The temples of the Moscow Diocese are not only the place of meeting of believers and serving the Lord God, but also living monuments of the history of the Russian Orthodox people, which you need to know and cherish.

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