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What icon is an assistant in childbirth?

Sooner or later every woman will have the great honor of becoming a mother. The mystery of the appearance of man to the light is one of the most physiologically complex riddles of the universe. This path lasts 9 months and ends with a natural process - childbirth. Most women experience some fear and excitement over this important event, associating the appearance of the baby with a huge hellish pain and agony. Therefore very often they turn to the saints for help.

What icon is an assistant in childbirth?

Many pregnant women pray to the icon of the Mother of God to facilitate the birth . Even unbelieving women remember her before giving birth, hoping for the favor of the Almighty. An inexplicable fact remains that if you resort to prayer during childbirth, the pain is dulled, and the mother gives birth to strength. Even in the most difficult birth situations, doctors themselves tend to ask for help from the Holy One. The icon of the Mother of God is considered one of those to which pregnant women are most often addressed. It is often called "an icon - an assistant in childbirth." The image of the Mother of God is often hung on the head of the bed on which the mother is lying, or put under a pillow.

Icon - assistant in childbirth. Prayer

The appeal to this icon allows you to emotionally tune in to a favorable process of labor, and also to feel God's help. An interesting fact is that even married couples who resort to unknown reasons can not have children. A lot of facts around the world, confirming the healing help of the icon, helps to attract future parents to pray daily and not lose faith. Simple facts of healing properties can not yet be explained by scientific figures, but one thing becomes clear: worse from prayer, the icon will not be accurate. However, this prayer, like most others, is written in the Old Russian language, with its own language peculiarities and pronunciation rules, which are not always clear. But if the text is problematic to remember, you can pray in your own words, the main thing is that the requests should be from the heart, and the thoughts boiled down to one - the birth of a healthy baby.

Icon of the Mother of God - assisted in labor

Another icon "assistant in childbirth" - is the image of the Virgin. There are several variants of this icon. The first variant is the image of the Virgin, at the level of the solar plexus of which Jesus is depicted in the womb. Another version depicts the Mother of God with her head uncovered and her hands raised to the sky.

In fact, there is no particular difference in the image, the main thing is that the prayer addressed to the Holy One should be sincere, and faith should be present all the time. The image of the Virgin inspires hope in the soul of every person who needs help.

Before giving birth, it is advisable to visit the church and receive communion. Such a procedure helps to strengthen oneself spiritually and to concentrate mental and physical strength in the right direction.

Of course, childbirth is a rather complicated and painful process. But having experienced the torture, a woman can enjoy the most valuable gift in this life - her child. A help in this difficult, but important case icon. Assistant in childbirth will not prevent any pregnant woman.

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