Congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding

Congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding - this is what you have to take care of, if you were invited to such a celebration. Any family in the process of its development goes through certain stages. And every year, lived by people in marriage, is marked by various complexities, events, joys and so on. Celebrating the anniversary of the wedding is a kind of way to pay tribute to the patience and wisdom of the spouses who do everything to make it comfortable for them to be next to each other. In our country it is customary to celebrate such dates, the "newlyweds" are preparing a gala evening, and their loved ones are congratulating them on the anniversary of the wedding.

Anniversaries did not ignore two centuries ago. Only then was it the prerogative of exceptionally rich people, that is, those who had the means to do so. Gradually, this tradition has taken hold, and now almost everyone who has ever been married has celebrated these little family dates.

Each anniversary has its own name, and remembering them all at once is simply unrealistic. Let's talk only about those dates, which can be called jubilees, that is, round dates.

The first anniversary, which, of course, has great value for the couple, is a cotton wedding. It was with this material that life at the beginning of marriage was associated earlier. Relations are bright as a chintz, although they are thin, fragile. The first year is a trial period for strength, many couples are bred during this period. What can be the congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding? Warm words, of course, are mandatory, as are the original toasts. But you can not do without presents either. To the main presentation you need to put a cotton headscarf, and preferably a couple. However, you can soriginalnichat and present children's films from this material for future heirs.

A decade will pass, and the couple will celebrate a pink wedding or a tin wedding. Tin symbolizes the flexibility they had to show in order to preserve the relationship. Congratulations on the wedding anniversary should be backed up with a bouquet of beautiful, lush roses.

The next significant anniversary, which is celebrated by all without exception, is a silver wedding. By the name of this noble metal it can be understood that the spouses have overcome many problems so that their union will become firm and strong. Toasts and congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding should emphasize this. Gifts can be diverse: from silver jewelry to figurines, cutlery, coins from this metal.

40 years in marriage - this is not a joke. Therefore, this anniversary is called a ruby. It is a stone of fire, love, it keeps love and happiness. Spouses usually arrange quite a magnificent celebration. What can be the congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding? Verses, funny skits, stories and memories from the life of the originators of the celebration, original dances or just kind words - all this will be appreciated.

And if finances do not allow you to present as a presentation ornaments from rubies, then the interior items of the appropriate color.

Needless to say, that a golden wedding is a milestone, which is not destined to go to many. To spend together 50 years, you need to have a truly remarkable "malleability" of characters, be able to adequately overcome difficulties and, of course, love. More often for "newlyweds" the celebration is arranged by friends, children or just close people. Congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding should be touching, restrained, because the couple have many years, they are unlikely to appreciate the humor. Certainly, gold or gilded ornaments and interior items - the best option for a gift for such a date.

And then the couple is waiting for many more anniversaries: emerald, diamond, crown and so on. The main thing is that health allows them to be noted.

In any case, the congratulation on the anniversary of the wedding should correspond to the age of the "newlyweds". Elderly people just need that little attention, but those who are in their prime, will be pleased with a fun party, incendiary dances and interesting contests. The main thing is that toasts and congratulations on the anniversary of the wedding are uttered from the heart, with respect to the fact that the couple have loved each other for so long.

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