Lavender wedding - how many years? What to give to a lavender wedding?

The plant of lavender has an ancient history. According to legend, this flower was presented to Adam and Eve during the expulsion from paradise. He had to alleviate the sorrows and troubles that awaited the first people in the new life.

Lavender was used in ancient Egypt for mummification and religious rituals. It is believed that this plant expels evil spirits from the room in which the lovers are.

The bath with lavender was taken by Roman matrons. A fragrant aroma refreshed and gave strength after a busy day. In Bulgaria, lavender flowers are used to eliminate migraine, a strong palpitation.

Lavender Wedding - a holiday of two loving people. This anniversary is not without reason called the tender fragrant plant. His flowers have long been the emblem of purity, loyalty, love.

The symbol of a lavender wedding

The romantic name of this wedding anniversary is borrowed from a delicate lavender plant. It can be found on the slopes of the southern mountains, and the fragrant aroma of the flower is preserved even in the dried form.

Lavender wedding ... How many years Lived together wives? Why does the wedding anniversary have such a name? 46 years of marriage celebrate couple. This is not a jubilee date, so the celebration is fairly modest.

The flower of lavender is the symbol of the anniversary of the wedding. It embodies the longevity of the relationship of the spouses, who have come a long way together. Behind were the steep slopes of quarrels and conflicts. And ahead - mountain height, covered with fragrant flowers.

Lavender Wedding Is celebrated on the 46th anniversary of marriage. A married couple is no longer young, so it may be difficult to hold an event. Relatives or acquaintances should help spouses to meet this date with dignity.

Psychology of relations to the 46th anniversary

The flower of lavender has long been associated with tenderness, tranquility. Therefore, the relationship in the pair provides wisdom and patience. Spouses who lived 46 years together, left behind tears, squabbles, jealousy. They have reached a new level of love and mutual respect.

Partners no longer idealize each other, forgive their previous grievances and omissions. They do not try to seem better than they really are. We have learned to accept the weaknesses and dignities of another. They together, from year to year, overcome family and social difficulties. They were able to develop a sensitive attitude and attention to the needs of the partner.

At this stage of the relationship there is no heat of passion. The spouses have already realized that support and reliability are much more important for spiritual intimacy. Dignity and quiet joy reign in their hearts.

Conducting the anniversary

Lavender wedding is a holiday of elderly spouses. You can just sit around with your family. Or arrange a picnic in the park area. Spouses on this day can get tired of hassle and guests. Therefore, you can arrange leisure for two - book a table in a cozy cafe, buy tickets to the theater or cinema, arrange a romantic evening on the boat.

The best option for an event can be a banquet room in a restaurant. Visitors to the establishment will not disturb the guests of the holiday. And the culprits of the celebration will not have to cook countless dishes and clean the apartment after the holiday.

Lavender wedding: decoration

The design for the anniversary does not have to consist of the classic color of lavender. This cold shade is perfectly combined with pink, blue, cream, golden, silvery, gray, white tone.

To the ceiling (in the window opening, arch), you can hang Chinese lanterns and ribbons. With chandeliers let down on the line of origami figures. Wedding in lavender color It is made out by flowing fabrics of a lilac shade, a white-pink organza, compositions from twigs of a plant. Garlands, balloons will add a festive mood.

You can decorate the festive table with a bouquet of lavender or field flowers (chamomile, clover, bell), put aromatic candles. Tablecloths, napkins should also be consistent in the appropriate color scheme.

Vases for bouquets can be transparent or made of violet glass. Decor for the anniversary will not be lush and luxurious. Lavender will add refinement, neatness. It, with expressive accents, will create an atmosphere of coziness and trust.

For the design of chairs you can prepare white bows and bunches of lavender. On the glasses tie the purple, green, orange ribbons. Even candlesticks can be wrapped with branches of lavender, lace braid.

Invitations to a lavender wedding

Invitations for guests can also be decorated in a delicate pastel palette. For a bright accent, use drawn or living twigs of lavender. The invitation card is best done from thick paper - it will be convenient to decorate.

The text itself can be issued in a printing shop. And you can write by hand invitations. Sequins and small beads are also interesting elements of decoration. They can be attached to the glue in the corner of the invitation or put a monogram after the text.

Lace glued on paper, will give elegance. They can be framed with the words of an invitation or attached along a postcard. On the front side you can add a photo of the couple. Fantasy and creativity will help create original invitation cards for guests.

What to give for the anniversary?

Wedding in lavender style And suggests the appropriate gifts. The most popular present is aromatic oil (candle, perfume) with the smell of lavender.

You can prepare a panel of flowers of the plant and photographs of the perpetrators of the celebration. Aromatic pillow (or sachet) of herbs will fill the spouse's home with a pleasant soothing aroma.

Jewelry (earrings, rings, cufflinks) with lilac, purple stones will remind you of a lavender wedding.

For the anniversary, you can pick up any present. According to tradition, on this holiday the culprits of the celebration receive gifts for the house. It is important to wrap it in a wrapping paper of pink-lilac shade (or put in a box decorated with bunches of plants).

Gifts of the spouses to each other

Lavender wedding - a great occasion to make a gift to your half. The choice of the presentation depends on the personal preferences of the husband, wife. But this can be a necessary subject, which the wife has long dreamed of.

A bouquet of lavender, a picture with a lavender field, a blanket or bedding with elements of a plant - these are the most popular gifts for the anniversary. Spouses can present each other household items or decor elements - vase, tea set, tablecloth with napkins, plaid, small pillows.

A spouse can give his wife a blue handbag, an elegant stole, beads of purple pearls or an amethyst brooch. And she - present in the form of a presentation purple shirt, knitted sweater, bathrobe or tie.

46 anniversary of the wedding is an important event in the life of the couple. Such a pair is worthy of respect and pride. Elderly spouses, having passed a difficult life, have learned to appreciate each year spent together.

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