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Folding bicycles Shulz: characteristics, features, pluses

Bicycles are becoming more and more popular every year. This is due to the fact that people began to understand what benefit it can bring. Many began to get to the place of work or study with the help of that very bicycle. This, first, cheap, secondly, environmentally friendly, thirdly, a useful form of transport. That's why he is so in demand. But if it's clear with bicycles for recreation and active pastime, then with models for regular trips to work or school, it's not entirely clear. Today we'll talk about such units, which ideally fit the given function. These are the bicycles Shulz.

Bicycle for commuting to work or study

The fact that a person decided to change from a comfortable car seat or minibus to the saddle of his bike is good. You can get to the right place on any type of bike (mountain, highway, city, and so on). But all plans can collapse if side by side there is no normal bike parking. Here and the whole catch. But there is always a way out, in this case it's folding bicycles Shulz.

Why a folder?

It's very simple: folding bicycles, unlike other brethren, can quickly turn into a compact iron block that will occupy quite a bit of space. It can be stored even in your office. This is because such bicycles can be folded in half using a special mount. It is thanks to this feature that the Shulz bicycles can be very useful for those who decided to leave the car or shuttles in favor of daily bike rides.

Also, the folds have many useful characteristics. Unlike many mountain bikes, they are quite light and mobile. And everyone knows that the more a bike weighs, the more forces you need to spend on movement. Therefore, lightness is a very important indicator.

Bicycle Shulz: reviews

Why exactly Schultz? After all, there are many companies for the production of such units. A company that produces bicycles Shulz has already become known around the world. The manufacturer of them is in Taiwan. It is also where factories for the production of the company "Giant" and other famous brands are located.

Shulz bicycles have good characteristics for driving. If before the folds were singlespids (possessed only one gear), then modern models have planetary bushings (speeds are switched directly inside the hub), which help to adjust to a certain tempo of driving or terrain.

Some people think that if it is a folding box, it is a rather weak bicycle with a very fragile frame, which can break under heavy loads. In fact, this is not at all the case. "Schultz" and many other analogues have a good strong frame, which will withstand all that is needed. Yes, maybe they can not compare them with mountain bikes, but they do not concede to the usual urban ones. Therefore, to be afraid that a folding bike can break in half a frame, there is simply no reason. This "myth" has long been debunked.

For a long time the folding bicycles Shulz have already gained popularity, the reviews of which it fully confirm. The company is already on the market for twenty years. And all this time she produced only high-quality products that deserve respect. Many of those who purchased such a bicycle are very satisfied: quickly, conveniently, cheaply.

Popular models of "Schultz"

Probably, every company has some of the most significant bicycles that are very popular. "Schultz" is also no exception. The configuration of some models may vary depending on the year of production, so before purchasing some details you need to clarify with the consultant.

Shulz Easy: Features

This is one of the simplest and at the same time quality bicycles. It has many advantages that are inherent in all the folders. This is one of the cheapest models from the company. By the way, fans of budget bikes should pay attention to it.

"Schulz Ezy" refers to the class of urban bicycles. Therefore, the plug has a stiff fork, there is simply no depreciation. But it is designed for driving on flat roads. The frame itself is made of an alloy of aluminum - it's quite a lightweight material, which, by the way, does not rust. The bicycle weighs about thirteen kilograms, and it folds up simply and quickly. It can even be taken with you to public transport if you need to drive a couple of stops.

Both the front and the rear wheel are equipped with brake brakes. In some models there is a foot. On this model there are twenty-inch wheels - the most popular size among folding bicycles.

Since this is a cheaper option - there is a conventional rear derailleur instead of a planetary bushing. There is one star in front, and there are seven on the back cassette. The switch is as usual on the handlebar.

In addition, there are also wings and trunk, the maximum load on which should not exceed twenty-five kilograms (almost twice as much as the bicycle itself weighs).

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