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How to choose the right footwear for running?

Every day running is becoming an increasingly popular type of training. They are engaged in sportsmen who want to support themselves in a tonus. But ordinary people do not mind running. And this situation pleases. If every single individual takes care of his health, then the entire nation will at one point become healthier. If you decide to perform jogging every day, it is very important to competently approach the selection of equipment. Therefore, this review will talk about how to choose the right footwear for running.

Causes that can affect your decision regarding jogs

If there is no particular reason, it is possible to tackle running, having a strong enough motivation. Statistics show that many people throw such kind of training. Why is this happening?

There is no proper motivation. For example, a man began to run in the morning. What for? If he does not understand himself and does not understand the true reasons for such a desire, then one day he will not be able to force himself to go out and run a few circles around the stadium. Therefore, before you start your training, you need to think seriously about goals. They can be any. For example, a girl can go jogging in order to lose weight.

The results are rather slow. Often there are situations when a person sees a goal in front of him. However, after a certain time, he simply begins to realize that the goal is not even going to come nearer. Accordingly, the hands fall, and the desire to do anything further disappears.

It is important to choose the right clothes ( running shoes , tracksuit). This is a very specific reason, if neglected, there may not be results from the runs. With clothes, problems should arise. The main thing is to put on what is convenient. In this case, things should be clean. But running shoes can cause some problems. If you make your choice wrong, then there will be not quite pleasant pain in the muscles. The probability of injury will increase. And your legs will get tired much more. Clearly, this kind of problem can affect the psychological state. The next day a person can just change his mind. What should be the running shoes? How to choose it correctly? This is exactly what will be discussed later.

Begin with lacing

Do you choose running shoes? Start with the lacing. It is necessary to re-bind in own way. And even if you at this time will feel uncomfortable and uncomfortable in the store, then everything will pay off afterwards. This process will help you to understand whether shoes are suitable or not. What need to do?

  1. We take out the laces from the upper holes.
  2. We lace up the shoes again. Do not get high density.
  3. Trying to get your foot out of the sneaker. Happened? This sports running shoes suits you. However, it should be understood that sneakers should not be too loose.

The main thing is not to make a mistake with the size

The second action is to select a certain size. It is necessary to lace up the sneakers on the foot completely. After that, the lace will need to be returned to all the holes from which you got it. The result of such a procedure will be that the sneaker will fully adhere to the limb. If the shoes after completing all the above procedures are not enough, then do not immediately go to choose another pair. Try to re-attach the other way. A lot depends on the chosen lacing style.

Shoe width plays an important role

The next step is to make a choice in favor of the correct width of the sneakers. This is a very important point. And you need to consider it if you need the best running shoes. In what situation can the width of the sneakers be considered ideal? If you can move your toes from side to side. They do not have to cling to the insole at the same time.

It should be understood that in the area of the sock the sneaker should be at least 7 millimeters of free space. With the help of this you will feel more relaxed, comfortable, as during the jogs there is an increase in foot due to loads. This is especially true in the evenings.

Particular attention should be paid to the fold line

Do you need the right footwear for running? During the purchase, you should pay attention to the fold line. First of all, you have to remove the sneaker from the foot, take it in hand and put it on the floor. After that, we put the toe on the floor and press on the heel. It is necessary to assess where the fold is formed. If the sneakers are produced correctly, then it will fully correspond to the foot. In other words, the bend will not be in the central, but in the toe part, since the leg bends in the region of the fingers.

If the crease is not formed correctly, or the sneakers of one pair are bent in completely different places, then flatfoot may appear. This is very dangerous for children. If the shoes will bend very, very tight, then after a while the legs will begin to ache.

Foot adjustments with insoles

What else should I pay my attention to? Think about whether you need insoles, corrective stops. If there is a flatfoot, then they will serve as additional support. Accordingly, running will become more convenient and easier. Children's sneakers must be equipped with removable insoles.

What should be shoes for running in the winter?

What should I consider when choosing shoes for running in the winter? When choosing sneakers in this situation, you need to pay attention to some important aspects. They are as follows:

  1. Shoes should not be soaking.
  2. Sneakers are required to withstand the effects of aggressive reagents.
  3. They should not slip.
  4. Shoes must be equipped with special reflective elements. This is due to the fact that it gets dark early enough. Accordingly, you need to make sure that you are seen from afar.

In winter, the sidewalks are sprinkled with reagents. Accordingly, porridge is formed. If you go to the place of jogs far, then such mud will not be avoided. Therefore, we must make a choice in favor of those sneakers that are made of water-repellent material. In order for shoes to not slip, it is equipped with spikes or protector. This should also be taken into account when buying sneakers.

When should I buy shoes?

It does not matter how the choice of shoes for jogging takes place. Women's or men's, whether they are waterproof, orthopedic or not, etc. These factors certainly play a role. But it is most important to buy shoes in the evenings. What is the reason for this? The thing is that it is in the evening that the leg swells after daily exercise. It becomes larger in size. And if you buy shoes in the evening, you can avoid mistakes with its size.

We must thoroughly approach the choice of size. Do not buy the model that was originally too small for you. Some athletes may be shy about the size of their legs. Most often, this embarrassment is typical for girls. Accordingly, they get sneakers for size smaller. However, this can not lead to anything good. It should be understood that the health of the feet is more important than their beauty. And if you buy small shoes, then regular jogging and even simple walking will go too painfully.

Additional criteria to be considered

Attention should be paid to the shock absorbers - whether they are there or not. With the help of them you can save your legs from getting injuries while making runs.

What other selection criteria should I know? Much will depend on the thickness of the socks for shoes. If you buy sneakers, without considering this factor, then they can then start to put pressure on your fingers. Therefore, when choosing shoes for a variety of seasons, you need to bring socks that you plan to wear on time jogs.

To test the purchased shoes should be for a start in the home. It is necessary to be like in sneakers for a while. If the discomfort did not feel, the choice of shoes was made correctly. Otherwise, we must try to exchange it for another, more convenient.


In this review, we examined some of the rather important aspects that you need to pay attention to in the event that you purchase shoes for jogging. All of them play a rather important role, and do not pay no attention to them. It will not lead to anything good. Now you know which shoe is best for running. We hope that this review will help you make the right choice. Successful training!

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