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What is the name of Sergei?

What is the name of Sergei? Usually this question does not concern Sergeyev himself, quite indifferent to the meanings of all the names, but their closest female environment. A person with this name usually has a special charm, a peculiar appeal, and therefore enjoys special success with the ladies. Well, let's consider all the variants of the name.

What does the name Sergei mean in terms of history?

The history of the name begins at the time of the prosperity of Rome. Sirius (or Sergius) called the sons of high dignitaries, so Sergei - a highly respected, high and noble in origin man. If you carefully look at the bearers of this name, you can really notice a touch of aristocracy or a special attitude to yourself: each Sergei is confident of his uniqueness. And in this there is a significant part of the truth.

What does the name Sergei mean in terms of horoscopes?

The most famous astrologers are sure that Sergei is a person who loves life in all its manifestations and celebrates being. It is unlikely that there will be such a connoisseur of all pleasures. In it, surprisingly, excessive excitability gets along with intuition, and high intelligence - with sexuality. Sergei - the name of a man who loves everything in the world, but knows the measure and rarely crosses the line. He loves to taste new dishes, but rarely overeats. Loves women, but never gets parallel novels. Completely given to work, but does not sacrifice in the name of career personal life. Sergei loves money, but will not be torn for the sake of their surplus.

What does the name Sergei mean for women?

Sergei's companions can be sure of his constancy as long as he is interested in them. Sergei can not stand criticism, especially unfair, irritated by lack of attention, but rarely show their emotions. Only a woman who spent several years with him side by side is able to understand that it is impossible to understand exactly what character traits Sergey will have today. Sergei himself has a weakness for calm and affectionate women. He is tolerant of the shortcomings of such individuals, treats them with respect and tries in every way to improve their lives. Tenderness and respect for friends, careful choice of friends, the ability to find helpers and like-minded people, love to all sides of life - these are the characteristic features that give people the name of Sergei. Its compatibility with other names is as wide as its character is rich and diverse. Nina and Rimma, Tatiana, Valentina, Elizabeth, Daria can be happy with him. Women with names Galina, Elizaveta, Irina can also count on reciprocity. But Larissam, Vera, Eleanoram and Allam should stay away from Sergei: these names are absolutely incompatible.

What is the name of Sergei in terms of profession?

The versatility of the character allows the Sergey to show his versatility in choosing a profession. Artists, representatives of the press, scientists, military men are all Sergei. They are excellent at both creative work and work that requires attention and concentration. Leaders from them turn out excellent, but subordinates are reliable: developed intuition allows these people to easily adjust to the situation or find the right trade-offs.

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