Insurance of athletes for training and competitions

Since any sporting activity is associated with certain types of risk, most athletes prefer to enlist the support of various insurance companies. It is believed that this is a necessary precautionary measure, which makes it possible to protect the health and life of lovers of professional as well as extreme sports. And to such an algorithm of action resort not only to single sportsmen, but also whole groups, teams. How is the insurance of athletes?

Is the insurance process mandatory?

It is believed that insurance is a voluntary condition. Currently, the process of life insurance for people involved in sports is a must. And this applies not only to professional athletes, but also to novice lovers.

According to experts, no one will allow you or a child without a policy. In this case, accident insurance (athletes Or amateurs) allows to protect not only the owners of the insurance, but also the persons responsible for their training.

For example, during a lesson in the gym, a bar dropped on your leg and your leg hurt. As a result, you have a cast and claims to the instructors or the owners of the hall regarding safety. If there is a policy, this problem will be solved by the insurance company. By the way, this rule operates within the framework of the Federal Law "On Compulsory Insurance".

Which institutions require a policy?

According to the law, most educational institutions require the performance of insurance for athletes or amateurs. Such educational institutions include not only sports centers and complexes, but also sections, clubs, camps, training bases, schools, clubs and others. Representatives of these organizations can themselves dictate the conditions for payment of policies required for admission to employment.

What are the insurance for athletes?

In general, policies for amateurs-athletes and professionals can be divided into the following types:

  • Life insurance of athletes;
  • Accident insurance;
  • Training (a kind of guarantee during the preparatory training process);
  • Professional (reinsurance for the duration of competitions, marathons and other events).

In a word, the type of insurance depends on the level of the student's preparation and the variety of the sport.

With what is the requirement for mandatory registration of the policy?

Obligatory insurance of athletes is a precautionary measure that can not only compensate the cost of treatment of the victim, but even pay the cost of the recovery process. For example, during one of the hockey matches, the striker of the well-known Russian team received a serious punch from the puck. As a result, he went to the hospital. But since before he was insured against an accident, the insurance covered the costs of treatment and rehabilitation.

Policies that help to insure athletes and amateurs during training, provide an opportunity to cover their participation in sports fees, trips. Moreover, they contain additional options that make it possible to insure the safety of their documents, personal belongings, inventory, and forms. With their help, you can also ensure full civil liability.

What are the main sports in need of a policy?

There is a special list of sports that require mandatory insurance. These include, for example, academic rowing, acrobatics, aikido classes and other forms of martial arts. Ballroom dancing, running, basketball, football, biathlon, bodybuilding, bowling and others can also be entered here.

What should the policy be: requirements

In order for you, a child or a group to be admitted to employment, you need insurance. However, not everyone can come. It is believed that it must meet certain requirements. For example, insurance of athletes for training is performed on a special form of the insurer. On it, as a rule, the requisites of the organization are indicated and there is a wet seal.

Before the beginning of the classes you need to present a printed or ready policy. It must contain the following data:

  • The initial initials of the student (name);
  • Number and year of birth;
  • Period of insurance;
  • validity;
  • Type of physical activity (fitness, gym, boxing);
  • Fixed contract number;
  • Amount of insurance compensation.

Details on coverage and amount

Further, the insurance itself must fully cover the entire period of the proposed training. If the final date of the training is not indicated (for example, it is supposed to participate in several competitions, training camps, etc.), then the policy should be formalized with a margin. In this case, it is better to do it for a year.

If we talk about the amount of insurance, then it should be chosen according to their financial capabilities and wishes. But here you need to understand that the larger the amount of insurance, the higher possible compensation. For the same reason, the life and health of the athlete should be insured for the maximum amount.

What risks can be covered?

The issued insurance will be able to give the following types of guarantees:

  • At the onset of temporary incapacity for work;
  • From a possible disability;
  • In the case of an unexpected lethal outcome.

In particular, the insurance of athletes for training and competition makes it possible to get 1-100% of the initial amount of the policy upon the onset of temporary incapacity for work. In this case, each case is considered separately. And the amount of compensation is determined in accordance with the standard table of payments.

If there was an accident leading to disability, the amount of compensation will fluctuate within 60-90% of the cost of insurance. And the more serious the trauma of the insured person is, the higher will be the compensation.

When the death of an amateur or professional sportsman occurs, the insurer undertakes to pay 100% compensation to the relatives of the deceased. That's what insurance for athletes is for .

On what parameters does the price depend?

The cost of insurance directly depends on the kind of sport that the insured person is engaged in. The second important factor affecting the price is age. For example, it can range from 18 to 65 years. And the third criterion is the amount by which the individual was insured.

It is noteworthy that one policy can include 3-4 kinds of sport. For example, if health insurance is supposed for athletes combining training in swimming and free-style wrestling. In a word, this approach is relevant for those who plan to attend several sports sections at once. However, it should be noted that the amount of sports inscribed in the policy will in no way affect its value. In this case, the most traumatic among them will be evaluated.

When is group insurance issued?

In many insurance companies, there is an opportunity to make out and group policies. This option is suitable for people who plan to engage in the same type of physical activity, for example, rowing. An obligatory condition for registration of such insurance is the fact that lovers or professionals belong to the same age category. Moreover, the number of people in the group can not exceed 30 people.

Within what territory does it operate?

The insurance policy often operates within the Russian Federation. This applies to all educational institutions. Formed insurance must be taken by the leaders of all sports sections and circles. If you want this rule to apply to other countries, you should additionally arrange insurance covering medical expenses abroad.

How to quickly arrange?

Registration of insurance for competitions and training is possible both at a personal visit to the office of the company, and online. It is noteworthy that in the second case the whole process will take no more than 5-7 minutes. To calculate the cost of the policy, as a rule, the online calculator operates on the websites of insurers. An example of calculating the price of insurance can be seen in the picture below.

How to act when an insured event occurs?

First of all, you need to calm down and do not panic. At the second stage, you should without fail call the hotline and report the incident. If there is a trauma that requires urgent hospitalization, you should prepare a policy (presented when registering the patient's documents) and ask the medical personnel to report the incident to the insurance company.

Then the representative of the company will contact you, who should briefly describe the situation, indicate the contract number and other personal data for identification.

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